Kerfuffle---much a do about nothing

From Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

a state of noisy, confused activity: EXAMPLE...... 'predictably, the royal scandal caused quite a kerfuffle on Fleet Street'.


adoalarums and excursionsballyhooblatherblusterbobberybotherbustleclatterclutter [chiefly dialect], coilcorroboree [Australian], disturbancedo [chiefly dialect], foofarawfunfurorfurorefusshelter-skelterhoo-ha (also hoo-hah), hooplahubble-bubblehubbubhullabaloohurlyhurly-burlyhurricanehurryhurry-scurry (or hurry-skurry), commotion [chiefly British], moilpandemoniumpotherrowruckusructionrumpusshindysplore [Scottish], squallstewstirstormto-dotumultturmoiluproarwelterwhirlwilliwawzoo

Related Words 

cacophonyclamordinhowlhue and crynoiseoutcryracketroardisorderunrestupheavaleruptionflare-upflurryflutteroutbreakoutburstbrawlfracasfrayhasslemelee (also mêlée), scuffleditherfeverfretlathertizzy

Etimology: Has Scottish/Gaelic origins(wikitionary)

Probably from Scots curfuffle, equivalent to ker- +‎ fuffle, or related to Irish cior thual (char athwart: confusion, disorder). Similar to modern Welsh cythrwfl (uproar, trouble, agitation)

It is a British term primarily....which is not used very much now a days, but I imagine that Donald Trumps family on his Scottish mothers side may have used it in private conversation within family circles....and therefore 'Covfefe' is possibly a corruption short hand term of Kerfuffle???

ie: The Media "Covfefe' regarding his son-in-law:

His inner circle also use the term Cuck......which is a corruption shorthand term for Cuckold. A Cuck in alt-right circles is a Beta male weakling who submits to the will of others, and is in their terms a description of 'Liberal' 'Progressive males' in the USA, and the source of the USA's decline as a GREAT power, and white male authority within USA society generally.(from their world view this is what is fundamentally wrong with the USA and its 'decline')

President Trump shoving aside the head of Montenegro at the NATO heads meeting probably is an expression of his Alpha male assertiveness against the Cucks, and that as with the term 'Covfefe' he is communicating to his base in their specific language, in the USA.

Of course in an administration filled with NEVER Trumpers, swamp insiders, billionaires who have given Trump some shekels, Obummer hold-overs and Deep State Generals....AND NOT ONE SINGLE TRUE TRUMPER.....then I suppose it is somewhat convenient and cheap and easy to make grand gestures to the base which elected him into office, BUT are excluded totally from his administration.

Then it is cheaper to invite truckers to Washington where Trump can photo-op on driving a truck in front of the Whitehouse, or Tillerson jamming with millions of bikers.

Empty gestures by the showman to his base, where he communicates to the masses using his specific language. The liberal progressives are excluded, who do not understand him, and don't need to understand him either.

But alas such tricks/gimmicks can only work for so long with his base, whom he needs to get re-elected.

But let me talk about President Jared Kushner, and the possible source of the 'Covfefe' Trump was alluding to:

1. Envy: It is the most powerful human emotion which motivates people to undertake actions around the world. Modern capitalist society is predicated on 'envy' 'keeping up with the Jones'. Jared Kushner married to Ivanka Trump with some beautiful children are the perfect beautiful happy couple, successful rich young couple( and I am told both of them are not into Pizzagate child sacrifice---though Ivanka has been photographed with butterflies in her more nubile younger days, and she did pose as a paedo-Lolita to her father again previously.........but posey photo-ops often mean very little unless you are into show business). 

In capitalist America this should generate enormous envy against them, given all that they have. To top it all both are based in the Whitehouse, and allegedly they both run key government policy from organising Trumps first foreign tour to establishing strategic back channels with Russia. It seems in addition to having all else, they also enjoy power and privilege vis a vi the POTUS, which did not have to be screened through Capital Hill in the first place. Of course logically Trump should not surrender to the jealous Covfefe against his son-in-law, since there are no grounds based on mere envy for him to go.

Though clear double standards exist in that Trump surrendered against the Covfefe against General Flynn establishing very much the same lines of communications with the Russian, as has Kushner. The difference is that Flynn had an official administration position, Kushner with MORE POWER than Flynn, does not....so no position to resign from for Kushner. Further it will appear as supreme CUCK beta-male weakness if Trump were to give up on his son-in-law due to the 'Covfefe' from the progressive liberal Cucks. ......acting on behalf of the Deep State and Soros.

2. Soros: Of greater consequence is Kushners 'covert collaboration' with the Nazi scrotum face Soros. Soros is Hilary's main mentor, and has sponsored many radical movements in the USA, which are diametrically opposed (in some cases violently) to Republican doctrine and rule. Kushner's own family is traditionally democrat, as are most Jews in NY, and this is a real issue that will challenge the ideological purity and policy direction of the Trump administration. This ideological schism between what Trump elaborated during the election and the reason he was voted in, and what Kushner stands for will become more apparent as time progresses. (i) Mollycoddling Saudi Arabia for petro-dollars and 'deals' organised by Kushner (ii) The attack on Syria pushed by Kushner  (the latter causing a massive blowback from the Trump base) (iii) Kushner as 'Peace envoy to the Middle East' as an orthadox Jew with very close links to Israel.

3. 'Art of the Deal': It would appear to some that as time progresses and more people get to see Trump's policies unfold that the primary MO of Trump was to enrich himself and his family through back channel deals with his son-in-law, President Kushner (Hence the visit to Saudi Arabia for his very first foreign holiday, as the Saudis are well known for conferring lavish back hand gifts to foreign leaders). That ALL his election promises to drain the swamp and bring back jobs were mere flowery political rhetoric and feints to get himself elected, and the 'bait and switch' central figure for Trump is President Kushner. This deception with the American people will cost Trump dearly, even after he ceases to be President, as peoples hopes have been raised too high, as have national emotions of what people must expect from their politicians both by SOROS, and Trump himself. Political cynicism, doublespeak and playing the sucker will not go down to well....as a few events in America have demonstrated, and specifically the reason why the Clintons/Bush/Obummer administrations have instituted creeping marshal law into the country to manage this real possibility. 

With the silent background spectre of President Jared Kushner, it appears to some like a greasy Third World spik banana republic in your face nepotism and kleptocracy.

4. Bigger than the President: The Democrats and close family members (brother and wife), Robert Kennedy and Hilary played minor roles to their President, JFK and Bill Clinton. It would appear that President Kushner in the first 134 days is playing an even greater role to the President than the above two. What is his qualification for all this POWER besides being the prodigal son-in-law? As I recall it was the alternative media such as this blog and more high profile ones in the USA which won him the elections........not his son-in-laws new found electoral brilliance. Where is the electoral brilliance now, if it ever existed? Is Kushner being groomed for future Presidency? Did Americans elect HIM to run the country, and formulate its strategic direction? 

Were ordinary American voters presented with the FACT openly and honestly that President Kushner would be the real back seat driver? AND if the American voter knew of this fact, would they have voted for Trump in the first place? Is this not classic CUCK DECEPTION. 
Image result for kushner with flap jackets

5. No clear position in the administration, and no communication with the public (accountability). President Kushner is sometimes described as an advisor and sometimes as the main manager of his key policies at home and abroad, balancing and calming his administration against the more extremist elements in the administration. But which is he? What is he? He has no official role and therefore within the administrative authority of Trumps presidency there is no mechanism to REPORT and INFORM capital hill of his work, or any mechanism by which capital hill or the media could hold him accountable. This is unconstitutional, and akin to Rasputin at the Kremlin. 

Here is this young man, who is eerily silent to the world.....what does his voice sound like? At the core of American Presidential power. For all we know he could start WWIII (Hyperbole) and the American people through capital hill and the media would not know why, when, where, who started it........save for Soros and certain Israelis.

6. Shady real Estate deals come to light: The Kushner's main family business is Real Estate. It is decidedly Jew shady with allegations that the families fortune is based on dodgy loans from shady characters within the USA and shady entities outside of the country ("You give money and I will serve you .....Capicse Barone")....laundered money from the Russian, Jewish and Italian mafia.....AND of greater interest for Republicans, large quantities of money from Scrotum face Nazi collaborator Soros.

Then there are various stories from poor unfortunate tenants of the Kushners that state that they are classic Jew predatory landlords who don't give a fuck about the plight of the less fortunate amongst us----which thus belies his clean cut fresh, 'nice Guy' image put forward by the MSM. And there HQ building in NY is numbered 666---satanism? Jew satanism?

Could be shrugged off as legally inconsequential "kerfefe".....but, in the long term I think not.

The more President Kushner runs America, the more questions will be asked about him.....and his shady past.

Instead of looking at his family for real support, maybe Trump should consider and put his faith in REAL Trumpers in his administration.

Of course in an administration filled with NEVER Trumpers, swamp insiders, billionaires who have given Trump some shekels, Obummer hold-overs and Deep State Generals......all of them will be hoping Trump fails with their actions and policies.

For Example Alex Jones as the new Communications Director, and Roger Stone his deputy would make a great team inside the Whitehouse. Stone would use his 50 years experience in REAL politics to temper the RAW energy of Alex Jones.

One thing is for sure, these two won't betray the Trump Presidency, but rather act as the essential connection between President Trump and his base in the USA, whom Trump needs to win the 2020 elections.

The communication to the base has been lackluster because the administration is filled with NEVER Trumpers, swamp insiders, billionaires who have given Trump some shekels, Obummer hold-overs and Deep State Generals......all of them will be hoping Trump fails with their actions and policies. 

Nor will Alex Jones and Roger Stone be distracted with their sensitive communications work groping around for deals like Hilary with the State Department at her disposal. THEY WILL FOCUS ON COMMUNICATING ALL THE GOOD WORK THAT TRUMP HAS DONE, AND WILL DO TO HIS BASE EFFECTIVELY AND UNASHAMEDLY.