It is important for Jews to stick up for Russia, to counter the Neocon Jews who are against Russia

A progressive Jewish Hollywood Moghul has critically sacrificed his precious time to try and better understand Russia, and prevent WWIII.

He is the political conscience of America.

He is doing what the USA's $25 billion State Department could not do, due to a hand full of Jewish Neocons, barking from the back seats for their think tanks.

What he is doing is far more important than it may first appear.

And of course he is right...Israel meddles far more in USA politics than Russia ever could dream of, due to the critical work of the Sayim and dual national Israelis. 


Oliver Stone: 'Israel Meddled Far More in US Election Than Russia'

A lackluster performance from one of Russia's most influential friends
Oscar Plat at Russia Insider

Oliver Stone, one of America's most admired and successful directors had a chance to promote his extended interviews with Vladimir Putin on one of America's top forums, Stephen Colbert's 'Late Night' on CBS, on Monday evening.

The interviews are currently availableon Showtime, a major American TV network.

It was a rare opportunity for someone of Stone's stature to deliver a K/O to Colbert for the relentless Russia demonizing and baiting Colbert and his network have been engaging in for years now, and to make a spirited case that it is an outrage and disgrace.  Stone is well-versed in the debate, and has written about this with great style and energy.  He is clearly among those who believe Russia is right and the neocon US media is wrong.
But instead of this, Stone delivered a waffly, weak performance, almost as if his heart wasn't in it, as if he couldn't be bothered.  It was such a lame performance, you can almost see Colbert's disappointment - he seems to have been looking forward to a verbal duel.
It's worth listening to the 7 minute interview to get a read of the current state of extreme Russophobia among American liberals, who make up most of Colbert's audience:
To CBS's shame, they edited out Stone's best comment of the evening.  The New York Post's page 6 reports that:
Stone said words to the effect of: “Israel had far more involvement in the US election than Russia.”
The “Platoon” director further challenged Colbert by saying, “Why don’t you ask me about that?” — but we’re told that the host shot back, “I’ll ask you about that when you make a documentary about Israel!”
Apparently this sort of thinking, which is profoundly true, is more than Colbert and his neocon masters think the American public should be allowed to hear.

Stone, 70 years old, who is half Jewish, was perhaps having a bad evening.  Creative types are moody, and maybe he just wasn't in the mood to give Colbert the thrashing he so richly deserves.  Maybe he wasn't feeling well.  Or maybe it was a condition for coming on the show.  We'll never know.
Regardless, the interviews are excellent and a badly-needed antidote to the demonization of Russia currently dominating most of American media.  So kudos to Mr. Stone for that, and next time, sir, give them hell.

If you don't want to pay for Showtime, you can watch the interviews on Youtube on various small channels like this one, but hurry up and watch, or download them, because they will probably be quickly taken down for copyright infringement by Showtime.