Ingratitude of the ruling elite

Trump surrounded himself with Billionaire business people, some of whom had dubious qualifications for their positions. Example secretary of state for education who does not believe in state education....but that the USA should go back to the blissful 18th century, where most children's families could not afford basic education, and what little basic education there was in the 'Enlightened West' at that time, was mainly focused on boys of relatively privileged background.
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The state provided no annual systemtic budgets for education, and limited itself to maybe the expenditure of 10% of GDP to budget ratio.
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AND yet history has proven that the greatest human achievement and civilisation has been when the government intervened to push for the development of the state, and the emphasis of government assisted works for the working and middle class....in the 20th century....despite the terrible destructive wars of WWI and WWII imposed by the ruling elite bankers.
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Pure capitalism--buckle-up, pull yourself up by pulling your own bootstraps.
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The Enlightened Age where African slavery was at its height, and Western colonialism was in full swing with huge global based plantations, as precursor to the modern multinationl...and the elections of public officials the preserve of a few privileged men, with landed interest and not necessarily with any merchantile background even.....with names that started with LORD, BARON, DUKE or EARLS.
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Squeeze the working class, and middle class until they become serfs, with the aid of $10 trillion federal spending cuts, most of which involve federal spending which are critical to the working class and middle class.
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But spend trillions on the 'rebuilding the military' which of course helps the corrupt MIC, and preps the country for more war abroad....'If you have a hammer....'....and 'FOCUSES' the attention of the nation away from the government and its radical mercantile era policies. 
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I am sure that not all the billionaires in Trumps cabinet think like this. I'm sure that most of the billionaires in the USA of 540 became billionaires legally with the perfect workings of the free market, and not through neferous means.
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Trump also surrounds himself with Deep State generals.....the Deep State which is at the center of the mess in the USA, where since the Clintons in the early 1990's the Deep State has groomed Presidents to represent/Front their unofficial illegal power with great luminaries such as the Clintons, Bush junior and of course Barack Obama, the child of two serving CIA field agents. Then of course there is 9/11 carried out by the CIA and Deep State, and the 'progressive' evolution of a police state that serves the billionaires in the USA.
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Trump is ofcourse a billionaire with $10 billion, groomed by a mob lawyer gay CIA agent in Jewish New York...Roy Cohn.....and linked to extremist likudnik Israel. Building his wealth with real estate and shady casino's. There is nothing in his 70 years of living the life of a high flying Reilly, and OTT playboy, AND CIRCLE OF FRIENDS AND DEEDS, which suggest public service or concern for the advancement of the USA as a successful country......for most of his life he was a 'LIBERAL ZIONIST' and a DEMOCRAT who was the best friends of the Clintons with Billionaire Epstein in the Virgin Islands on the Lolita Express.
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Celtic Trump can do a bait and switch with the people.
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He is not obligated to appoint ONE SINGLE POPULIST FIGURE OF/FROM THE MASSES THAT ELECTED HIM into his elitist administration. Not even a minor official token figure who will never make the headlines on a daily basis like Celtic Trump.......like head of national parks and highways.
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In the ALL TRUMP SHOW....he has not recognised one single alternative media outlet. He briefly courted Alex Jones Info wars and a few others.....but since then after election nary a word for them.
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But it is the Alternative media that galvanised the issues and the campaign in his favour, and his Presidency.
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The alternative media were the Mermedians who guaranteed his election as well he knows.....as well as his chief strategist Steve Banon from the alternative media, originally.

But in the White House Press Briefings.....not one single alternative media is represented....not one.

Devious Jew ingratitude.   



White House press briefing room “Skype seats” filled, Intellihub, other alt media, denied


These so-called Skype seats were first announced by White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on Jan. 23 and according to official White House terminology, the seat warmers will be considered “inaugural panelists.” Additionally, one of the requirements to be an inaugural panelist is that the person has to live over 50 miles away from Washington D.C. in able to gain press access via the Internet.

Fox News
 “Natalie Herbick of FOX 8 in Cleveland, talk radio host Lars Larson, WPRI Rhode Island’s Kimberly Kalunian and Jeff Jobe of Kentucky’s Jobe Publishing” were named.
However, the new announcement of the panelists has some in the alternative media world scratching their heads and wondering what gives. How could mainstream figureheads and agencies be deemed more worthy or credible than alternative figureheads or agencies?
Intellihub’s Lexi Morgan reported in Feb. of 2015
What is CNN?
We had a great News Conference at Trump Tower today. A couple of FAKE NEWS organizations were there but the people truly get what's going on
When you see the free fall of @BuzzFeed you realize why they have to focus on click bait pic.twitter.com/wTM93b9P0t
I congratulate you on becoming the 45th President of the United States and I am truly looking forward to you and your wonderful team making America great again.
I know you are busy so I will keep this short.
I would really love for myself (Intellihub.com) to be included in daily press briefings as the mainstream media can no longer fully be trusted to get real information out to the masses IMHO.
Intellihub covered your presidential run positively the entire time — and just so you know, on a sidenote, when I was 19-years-old (39 now) I predicted that you would one day become the POTUS.
I hope you will consider letting me attend daily briefings and I truly appreciate everything you do.
Just in case you are not aware of my work, I have included a brief bio below:
Shepard Ambellas is an opinion journalist and the founder and editor-in-chief of Intellihub News & Politics (Intellihub.com). Shepard is also known for producing Shade: The Motion Picture (2013) and appearing on Travel Channel’s America Declassified (2013). Shepard is a regular contributor to Infowars. Read more from Shep’s World. Get the Podcast. Follow Shep on Facebook and Twitter.
Thank you for your time.
Best Regards,
Shepard Ambellas

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