Get rid of ALL Obummer imposed sanctions against Russia.....start with a clean slate.

Reagan and Bush senior, as Presidents, promised to the Russians that NATO would never goose step East into Russia and its back yard. 

Subsequent Presidents since have broken this promise to the Russians.

CIA/IMF/WB advisers in Moscow destroyed Russia using the utterly corrupt kleptocracy of the Kremlin in Yeltsin, who became a defacto Washington puppet of the worst kind.
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Russia was looted, and general lawlessness prevailed. Young Russian men aspired to be mafia with tattoo's and BMW cars, and women dressed like prostitutes. There was depopulation, despite ethnic Russians pouring in from the former CIS.

Russia by 1999 was a failed Third World State, ready to collapse further, run by criminal oligarchs and civil war with NATO funded Islamist terrorists.

The Obummer administration attempted color coded revolution in Russia, with the backing of Soros et al, and the State Department and the CIA.....against Putin.

In 2014 a pro-Russian government was overthrown illegally, in Kiev Ukraine, and an illegal one installed in its place through the force of arms, and illegal insurrection using armed thugs and rent a mobs, run by the State Department and CIA.

But this was no ordinary illegal coup, because it was designed to create waves in neighboring Russia with a view to destabilizing the Putin government in Moscow. Anything to do with Russia was banned in the new Ukraine. Some extremist politicians spoke darkly of eliminating ALL Russians from the soil of Ukraine. An atmosphere of extreme hostility was created, using armed thugs and private armies and extra-judicial killings. People were naturally fearful....2 million Ukrainians took flight to Russia as refugees.....though never reported in the Western press. Still other Ukrainians tried to flee to the West. In Odessa people were burned alive in government buildings, merely for protesting their rights against the illegal government in Kiev.

In the Donbass East and Lugansk, filled with ethnic Russians who were latched to Ukraine by Lenin, arbitrarily....openly rebelled against the Kiev government. The Crimea filled with 2 million ethnic Russians rebelled against Ukraine......again latched on to Ukraine artificially by Stalin and Khrushchev(Ukrainian Jew).

Russia for strategic reasons solemnized the Crimean liberation, with armed force.

Russia has held back on the solemnization of the East Ukraine liberation.....for a variety of reasons.......not least for its ill-defined nature. A good deal of the Russian East Ukraine is under Ukrainian government control, and if Russia liberates and accepts and annexes this area, then eventually there will be enormous pressure to 'liberate' and annex more Russian ethnic areas in Ukraine.  43% of Ukrainians are Russians, and 92% of Ukrainians can speak Russian fluently, and are genetically no different from Russians. The concept of an Eastern Slavic Christian Orthodox state began in Kiev Ukraine.......Kievian RUS. .....1000 years ago.

Putins hand was forced in the Crimea.

If Putin sat on the proverbial fence over Ukraine, he would have been out of power, forced out by the Deep State of Russia. His actions in the Crimea saved him. In Russia now the real pressure of the public is against the 'liberals'. There are many in the Russian Deep State who would like to see Russia invade the whole of the Ukraine.....which they can do in 7-days.

As with the Crimea, when regular professional Russian combat troops show up all over Ukraine, the 'Ukraine military' will melt away. The only real token resistance will be provided by the Neo-Nazi groups groomed by the CIA/Israelis in Poland and Germany prior to 2014. I am assuming that Russian military war games also have the same results. The lightly armed under trained neo-Nazis will be easy to deal with.....they are no SS Panzer units.
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But Putin resists this, since it will result in Russia getting involved in a bottomless quagmire....and Atlantist Putin from St Petersburg, installed by the Jewish Mafia originally psychologically is not ready to annex the whole of Ukraine....as Russia must surely have to do eventually.

Trump can help Putin, by lifting ALL sanctions against Russia, which were originally imposed against Russia for merely reacting to events in its own backyard due to the aggressive actions of Obummer/Hilary and the Neocons. 

General Flynn has been forced out of power for doing the logical thing....which was to tell the Russians that the provocations by Obummer in his last days should be ignored by Russia, rather than escalated into further higher levels.....presenting a poisoned chalice to the incoming Trump administration. 

During the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, the JFK administration used back channels to speak with Khrushchev, and thus bypass the Deep States of both superpowers who were willing to get into a confrontation......President Kennedy did the correct thing ......and prevented war, but left the Deep State unhappy with the deal that meant that America would have to withdraw its nuclear missiles from Turkey....quid pro quo....Russian nuclear missiles in Cuba.

A comprehensive lifting of sanctions against Russia solemnizes the critical work of general Flynn behind the scene for the sake of peace and cooperation in the world.

AND without doubt such a decision will send good omens to the Trump administration ......

The Trump administration will be blessed. 

But no shifty quid pro quo for Russia. Just lift all sanctions against Russia.

The naysayers will state that Russia is an evil empire run by a dictator. ......who has annexed the Crimea illegally, meddles in Ukraine and meddles in American politics for good measure too.

Of course this is all bombastic Cold era nonsense.

To take one simple example......The American public correctly were fed up with 2 terms of the Obummer administration, which included the disastrous Hillary at the State Department which was run like her personal fiefdom 'pay to play' state secrets for sale....and Benghazi. Naturally most Americans used their constitutional rights and voted for Trump, the 'alternative' candidate from the Republican party.....because Trump promised again and again as did Bernie Sanders that he would follow policies which would be markedly different from the traditional politics of Capital Hill. .....including better relations with Russia (Sanders also)...and not initiate WWIII. 

There was no Deborah "DebbieWasserman Schultz in the Republican Party, and hence the election of Trump. Trump also had bigger balls than Sanders.....who could have gone rogue, aligned with the Greens....and possibly have won the election, there after. But he decided, at his old age that playing the loyal party dog was more important.

The establishment turned this POPULAR SENTIMENT WHICH BOTH TRUMP and SANDERS recognized into a puerile baseless Marvel DC comics conspiracy against Russia. 
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Trump in order to establish his authority and credibility, MUST abolish ALL sanctions against Russia and develop a close working relationship with the country which militarily is the 2nd most powerful in the world, with 7,000 nuclear warheads and the fifth largest economy on earth with a population of 145 million and a PPP GDP of $3600 billion, and minerals worth 10's of trillions in Russia, in Siberia and the Arctic Circle. Russia also has relationships with other nations.
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ONLY the Jewish Neocons want war with Russia.