Alex Jones in the White House briefings...its a start

Trumps fortunes will AUTOMATICALLY CHANGE once the alternative right, and even just alternative media get a look in at the Whitehouse press briefings.

The Trump vaudeville show of constantly locking horns with the MSM, with the tired lines of 'You are fake' is wearing thin, and he quickly needs to move on from this long agonizing Hari Kiri sight.....which is painful to watch for those of us who GENUINELY wish him well, relieved that Hillary didn't get in, but that Trump fulfills some of our dreams for the USA and the world.

'We' brought Trump to power.

Trump should not fear his natural friends.......through poor advice from whoever in his administration. I don't like Pence....he looks scheming and shifty...a WH Bush stand in to Reagan in 1981. In private and public, and in Europe, he contradicts everything what the President says.......not good for President Trump, but good if you are winking to the anti-Trump crowd to replace him.

Trump needs to connect with his natural supporters in the USA and the world through the alternative media......otherwise in the word of Alex Jones he is in dire straits. He will be out of power this year....as all have predicted.

We also hope that Alex Jones is not a token last minute, too little too late effort on the part of Trump, and that at least 30 alternative media groups from all over the USA are invited to the White House Press briefings by the President including Infowars, Brietbart, antiwar.com, American everyman and so forth...with Sean Spicer, with the President and with any senior government officials talking to the media.

They also need to be given extra funding from the government to cover their thread bare budgets....and operations, with staff who often work selflessly for next to nothing, and often have to resort to begging publicly.

President Trump should also consider setting up his own media houses to get his message across to his audience first.


Locking out the press entirely as Tillerson did recently is not a viable option, but will only increase the fake innuendo to a new higher level, in the case of the President, Bannon and Miller.

Its not good to have the limelight on Alex only, but that at the press briefings he should be surrounded by like minded fellow travelers.

And ofcourse Alex obviously understand that going on national TV is a different kettle of fish than speaking to the alternative young crowd, and the usual jargonese that is used by the alternative crowd.

And speaking to the government in a press briefing is 'pure'

Speaking to Donald Trump on the phone or in person off camera or on camera is 'pure'

Speaking to a government officer on a desk and chair through a formal tv interview is still 'pure'

Taking tax payer money from the government in order to reach out to more people is 'pure'.

Getting fixated with a narrow agenda, and Israel behind the scenes is not pure.

Send anything save a dog to the press briefing including Watson, until a replacement can be found for him. ....and the Whitehouse should not dictate who Infowars sends to the press briefing. I am confident Alex can conform to White House press briefing NORMS without making an ass of himself.