Champagne Socialists and the NEW WORLD 'Progressives' of America

I love it when the 'liberals' surrounded by the obligatory easy going, affable congenial pet, African American (13.2%) satire's the government.

I love it when the 'liberals' surrounded by the obligatory easy going affable congenial pet, celebrity (.0001%) make biting attacks on the government.

This is wholesome for 'democratic' America. It is their duty. It is their obligation. They fill the void left by the Oligarchical MSM, who report fake propaganda for their billionaire Globalist masters. The late night chat shows becomes a palatable, intelligent mix of informed news, astute political observation along with satire humor.

However it all goes pear shaped when they lose their political neutrality, and root for the Democratic Party as the Halcyon alternative to Trump.....as if that party is any better than any Republican administration.

They forget to tell the truth that the Democratic Party along with the Republican Party are two sides of the same corrupt coin.

That the Clinton's are the best friends of the notorious Bush Crime family.
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That the Clinton's were the best friends of Donald Trump.

That Barack Hussain Obama is a CIA groomed puppet who has wrought misery on millions of people in the Third World, and became synonymous with Drone wars in Brown people countries, and death squads of the worst kind.....and his very first act  as President after January 20th 2009 was to give trillions of taxpayer money to 'Too Big to Fail Banks', never to be seen again.
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And of course the gift to the insurance companies in his Obamacare Act, the Pivot to Asia, the Surge of Murder in Afghanistan. The Libyan invasion, the Tunisian destabilization, the Egyptian destabilization using Gucci elite children trained by the State Department and the Muslim Brotherhood, the destabilization of Syria, the destabilization of Ukraine, the attempted destabilization of Russia through color coded revolution, the attempted revolution in Iran in 2009.....and a greater Police State in the USA, more militarized police in the USA, greater profiling of 'ethnics' including African Americans under Hussain Obummer's police State.....the murder of greater number of African-American men in Obummer's police State.

For the 'Progressives' Obummers smile and black face somehow wipes ALL the above crimes off the slate.

The sum total of the above crimes by the Clintons who started the globalist police state rolling in the USA in the 1990's and Obummer is somehow naught compared to the alleged pussy fondling, groping....and leachering of this ex-playboy and his meager one month record in office.

AND he is a puppet of Russia? Right ?....and at least he is not a spy, and puppet of Israel taking money and talking points and policy directions from Israel.
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But the so called 'Progressives' tell us that because Obummer was 'black' and he did not snarl like pantomime Bush, and because he was a constitutional law professor from Harvard.....he was somehow a far better person than Trump.

Obummers policies don't require any critical analysis or the VERY REAL harm he has done to the USA, as an inept agitator from Chicago and to the world. " Progressive' insult the real victims when they say Obummer was such a great President with a Noble Prize....Obummer's victims in Afghanistan, Iraq. Syria, Libya, Yemen, Tunisia, Somalia, Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, Ukraine and Africa and the young black men who have become victims of Obummers militarized police. 
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Obummers militarised police

Obummers militarised police

Obummers militarised police

Obummers militarised CIA who loved him so much that they wanted him to serve a third term, through Killery. An overt CIA disinformation coup has been set up to this end...and Progressives are cheering it on.
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Obummers militarised CIA who loved him so much that they wanted him to serve a third term, through Killery. An overt CIA disinformation coup has been set up to this end...and Progressives are cheering it on.

Obummers militarised CIA who loved him so much that they wanted him to serve a third term, through Killery. An overt CIA disinformation coup has been set up to this end...and Progressives are cheering it on.

For American 'Progressives' being black or a women with a smile...a fake smile is all that counts as President of the USA.

The writer below laments and highlights the aggressive passion of 'Progressives' opposed to the Vietnam war and Jane Fonda's visit to North Vietnam.......but their eagerness to overlook the Clinton's crimes in the USA and abroad, and that of Obummer, NOW. 

And in some extreme cases even cheer for Obummer's 'foreign adventures' abroad.

What gives????

Plain hypocrisy?  But of course.
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The 1960's as a decade must be seen as a whole in the context of the JEWISH COMMUNITY, and the usurpation of power in American society (something the former CIA writer below cannot mention, but only allude to since all his writings still have to be vetted by Langley, as do all ex-CIA writers and their books and articles)
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This Jewish usurpation of power started with the assassination of the Catholic Irish JFK, and his replacement in power by LBJ, a cryto-Jew from Texas, an ex-teacher and thoroughly shady character who was helped into power by the Bush crime family of Texas linked to the CIA and the CIA itself under Angleton and Dulles. The murder and coup against a serving American President is often blamed on the MIC, and Italian mafia....but the Italian mafia wouldn't murder a President if they thought he was a threat, but rather try and blackmail him or dethrone him.
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The Great Society Experiment was Jewish......its affirmative action was Jewish. With the introduction of affirmative action the Jews spookily came to dominate certain professions in the USA...Medical profession, Academia, Media.....legal profession, finance, pornography......affirmative action means for monopoly power for the Jew in the USA.
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The Vietnam war was Jewish......and the CIA importing huge quantities of Opium and heroin from SE Asia for the first time, into the streets of the USA and laundering the money in the big Jewish banks was Jewish.
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The Immigration Act of 1965 was Jewish driven, to De-Europeanise the USA.
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The Civil Rights Movement of MLK was Jewish driven and directed and funded, not spontaneous.

The Counter Culture, and Hippie Movement directed by the CIA was Jewish.

AND so the anti-Vietnam protests were also JEWISH.....'Progressive' maybe....but certainly JEWS FIRST.(Hanoi Jane excepted)

These Social and government initiatives were designed to put the Jew into greater power, and mold the country around their needs and wants, AND greater aid for ISRAEL which began with LBJ.......JFK whereas wanted to fix the Israeli crimes in the USA. Israeli crimes in the USA have become bigger and bigger to the point where now according to published FBI reports ISRAEL is the number one foreign espionage nation acting against the USA(Do the MSM tell you these things????)

In the 1960's therefore 'Progressive' Jewish activism produced a loud and clear 'Progressive' antiwar movement that was significant, along with the draft which was unpopular with everybody. 

In all events Jewish 'Progressive' activism did not ultmately prevent a bloody 10 year war that claimed the lives of 58,000 Americans officially, and 4 million Vietnamese, and 2 million Laotians and 100,000 's of Cambodians.  

Jewish 'Progressive' activism did NOT stop the CIA from flooding the USA with Opium and Heroin from the Golden Triangle. 

Jewish 'Progressive' activism against the Vietnam war did not prevent the death and mutilation of 100,000's of traumatized American working class men from the most economically and socially vulnerable sections of society, at a tender mean age of just 19.

Jewish 'Progressive' activism did however help usher in a REACTIONARY MEAN NASTY PARANOID regime under Nixon.....which was itself eventually dethroned by the USA CIA led Deep State....another coup against another American President. 
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AND now the Jewish 'Progressive' activism against war is silent. WWIII is preferred under Hillary........because it is perceived to serve the interests of the state of Israel. The Pentagon's 7 countries in 5 years just happen to be all Israel's neighbors or near neighbors...........Israel was deeply involved in the Ukrainian coup training and directing the Neo-Nazi usurpers (Bizarre, you can't make this shit up news, by itself). 

Israel and the Jews obviously have a Russia problem.....if you silently listen to the Jewish neocons.


Why Do "Progressives" Like War?

Fleeing to Canada is no longer an option
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By Philip Giraldi former CIA analyist and information Clearing House and the UNZ blog.

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Liberals are supposed to be antiwar, right? I went to college in the 1960s, when students nationwide were rising up in opposition to the Vietnam War. I was a Young Republican back then and supported the war through sheer ignorance and dislike of the sanctimoniousness of the protesters, some of whom were surely making their way to Canada to live in exile on daddy’s money while I was on a bus going to Fort Leonard Wood for basic combat training. 
File:Suburban tract house.JPG
I can’t even claim that I had some grudging respect for the antiwar crowd because I didn’t, but I did believe that at least some of them who were not being motivated by being personally afraid of getting hurt were actually sincere in their opposition to the awful things that were happening in Southeast Asia.
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As I look around now, however, I see something quite different. The lefties I knew in college are now part of the Establishment and generally speaking are retired limousine liberals. And they now call themselves progressives, of course, because it sounds more educated and sends a better message, implying as it does that troglodytic conservatives are anti-progress. 
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But they also have done a flip on the issue of war and peace. In its most recent incarnation some of this might be attributed to a desperate desire to relate to the Hillary Clinton campaign with its bellicosity towards Russia, Syria and Iran, but I suspect that the inclination to identify enemies goes much deeper than that, back as far as the Bill Clinton Administration with its sanctions on Iraq and the Balkan adventure, which resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths and the creation of a terror-narco state in the heart of Europe. And more recently we have seen the Obama meddling in Libya, Yemen and Syria in so called humanitarian interventions which have turned out to be largely fraudulent. 
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Yes, under the Obama Dems it was “responsibility to protect time” (r2p) and all the world trembled as the drones were let loose.

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Last Friday I started to read an op-ed in The Washington Post by David Ignatius that blew me away. It began “President Trump confronts complicated problems as the investigation widens into Russia’s attack on our political system.” It then proceeded to lay out the case for an “aggressive Russia” in the terms that have been repeated ad nauseam in the mainstream media. 
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And it was, of course, lacking in any evidence, as if the opinions of coopted journalists and the highly politicized senior officials in the intelligence community should be regarded as sacrosanct. These are, not coincidentally, the same people who have reportedly recently been working together to undercut the White House by leaking and then reporting highly sensitive transcripts of phone calls with Russian officials.
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Ignatius is well plugged into the national security community and inclined to be hawkish but he is also a typical Post politically correct progressive on most issues. So here was your typical liberal asserting something in a dangerous fashion that has not been demonstrated and might be completely untrue. Russia is attacking “our political system!” And The Post is not alone in accepting that Russia is trying to subvert and ultimately overthrow our republic.
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Reporting from  and on television news makes the same assumption whenever they discuss Russia, leading to what some critics have described as mounting American ‘hysteria’ relating to anything coming out of Moscow.

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Rachel Maddow is another favorite of mine when it comes to talking real humanitarian feel good stuff out one side of her mouth while beating the drum for war from the other side. In a bravura performance on January 26th she roundly chastised Russia and its president Vladimir Putin. Rachel, who freaked out completely when Donald Trump was elected, is now keen to demonstrate that Trump has been corrupted by Russia and is now controlled out of the Kremlin. She described Trump’s lord and master Putin as an “intense little man” who murders his opponents before going into the whole “Trump stole the election with the aid of Moscow” saga, supporting sanctions on Russia and multiple investigations to get to the bottom of “Putin’s attacks on our democracy.” Per Maddow, Russia is the heart of darkness and, by way of Trump, has succeeded in exercising control over key elements in the new administration.
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Unfortunately, people in the media like Ignatius and Maddow are not alone. Their willingness to sell a specific political line that carries with it a risk of nuclear war as fact, even when they know it is not, has been part of the fear-mongering engaged in by Democratic Party loyalists and many others on the left. Their intention is to “get Trump” whatever it takes, which opens the door to some truly dangerous maneuvering that could have awful consequences if the drumbeat and military buildup against Russia continues, leading Putin to decide that his country is being threatened and backed into a corner. Moscow has indicated that it would not hesitate use nuclear weapons if it is being confronted militarily and facing defeat.
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The current wave of Russophobia is much more dangerous than the random depiction of foreigners in negative terms that has long bedeviled a certain type of American know-nothing politics. Apart from the progressive antipathy towards Putin personally, there is a virulent strain of anti-Russian sentiment among some self-styled conservatives in congress, best exemplified by Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Graham has recently said
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It is my belief that many in the National Security State have convinced themselves that Russia is indeed a major threat against the United States and not because it is a nuclear armed power that can strike the U.S. That appreciation, should, if anything constitute a good reason to work hard to maintain cordial relations rather than not, but it is seemingly ignored by everyone but Donald Trump.
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No, the new brand of Russophobia derives from the belief that Moscow is “interfering” in places like Syria and Ukraine. Plus, it is a friend of Iran. That perception derives from the consensus view among liberals and conservatives alike that the U.S. sphere of influence encompasses the entire globe as well as the particularly progressive conceit that Washington should serve to “protect” anyone threatened at any time by anyone else, which provides a convenient pretext for military interventions that are euphemistically described as “peace missions.”
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There might be a certain cynicism in many who hate Russia as having a powerful enemy also keeps the cash flowing from the treasuring into the pockets of the beneficiaries of the military industrial congressional complex, but my real fear is that, having been brainwashed for the past ten years, many government officials are actually sincere in their loathing of Moscow and all its works. 
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Recent opinion polls suggest that that kind of thinking is popular among Americans, but it actually makes no sense. Though involvement by Moscow in the Middle East and Eastern Europe is undeniable, calling it a threat against U.S. vital interests is more than a bit of a stretch as Russia’s actual ability to make trouble is limited. It has exactly one overseas military facility, in Syria, while the U.S. has more than 800, and its economy and military budget are tiny compared to that of the United States. In fact, it is Washington that is most guilty of intervening globally and destabilizing entire regions, not Moscow, and when Donald Trump said in an interview that when it came to killing the U.S. was not so innocent it was a gross understatement.

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Ironically, pursuing a reset with Russia is one of the things that Trump actually gets right but the new left won’t give him a break because they reflexively hate him for not embracing the usual progressive bromides that they believe are supposed to go with being antiwar. Other Moscow trashing comes from the John McCain camp which demonizes Russia because warmongers always need an enemy and McCain has never found a war he couldn’t support. It would be a tragedy for the United States if both the left and enough of the right were to join forces to limit Trump’s options on dealing with Moscow, thereby enabling an escalating conflict that could have tragic consequences for all parties.
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