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US Soldiers Pose For Regrettable Photograph — This Time on Russia’s Border

Real smooth.

By Russia Insider

American soldiers love to flaunt their stuff. Whether they're posing next to a pyramid made of naked detainees, or just hanging out with their favorite Waffen SS flag, everyone knows that wherever U.S. soldiers go, embarrassing photographs are sure to follow.
And now that U.S. soldiers are congregating on Russia's borders, it was just a matter of time before they took a picture of themselves doing something regrettable. Well, here they are, enjoying Estonia's border with Russia, just like the brainwashed meatheads that came before them:
Just like old times!
Just like old times!
On the one hand, they are probably too stupid to know why taking this photograph was such a bad idea. There's no "on the other hand".
They never learn, do they?
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Hören Sie fucking Neandertaler Fotze ... wir sind die wahre SS!!!!

Ihr Scheißland wird von Judenbankern geführt 

Bis 2050 Hispanic mongrels wird die Mehrheit der ethnischen Gruppe von 40-50% der Bevölkerung in Ihrem Scheißland sein. 
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Deine Führer saugen den Hahn der Israelis 

Ihre Führer, Donald Trump und Bannon sehen untermenschlich aus