Sovereignty and respect for the Westphalian state out, False flag muscle power diplomacy in.

Of course when we have countless occasions of Israeli and Western proxy backing of ISIS/ al-Qaeda....such information will not count.

Only the False flags of 9/11 and Paris 13/11....count.

LOGICALLY and LEGALLY the first thing you do if you're serious about fighting ISIS is arming the legitimate governments already elected in power in Baghdad and Damascus, and increasing the capabilities of their military.

The Syrian military used to be 335,000 in 2011, but is now only 125,000. Instead of giving 3.4 billion euro's to ISIS enabler Turkey.......you give that money to the Syrian government, or direct arms aid.....medical aid....infrastructure aid.

Instead of spending $11 billion on illiterate refugees, let go suddenly without consultation by Turkey into the EU....in 2015 ALONE.........you spend as much for the Syrian armed forces.......who are fighting and killing ISIS on a daily basis.



Brabantian writes:

Retired Indian Ambassador M K Bhadrakumar, suggests that, thanks to the Paris operation, we have just seen the brutal enactment by the UN of the 'New World Order' we have all long feared, with Russia formally abandoning its previously claimed respect for national sovereignties, as the UN unanimously declares an open season of bloodshed upon millions of people, where any 'great power' has an open licence to bomb and kill in the Middle East because of 'Islamic State ISIS'.

As M K Bhadrakumar points out, UN Resolution 2249 passed after the Paris attacks, endorsed unanimously led by USA - Russia - China - Britain - France, invites any and all countries to feel free to attack & invade Syria & Iraq, ignoring those countries' own governments ... 

Turkey has already attack operations on Syria ... 

And Israel is now given full international 'legal' licence to attack inside Syria & Iraq.

As Bhadrakumar asks, "What about the legitimate governments of Iraq and Syria, which are UN member countries too? 

"The R 2249 simply ignores them as inconsequential entities. This is an appalling stance. 

"Russia, which has been shouting from the roof top regarding the sanctity of the principle of national sovereignty to berate the US-led coalition, simply made a U-turn. 

"Crass opportunism, pragmatism, tradeoff, diplomacy – call it what you will, but a core principle in inter-state conduct upheld under the UN Charter has been given the pass. 

"Is this any different from the rape of Abyssiniya when the League of Nations was alive? ... Clearly, R 2249 opens a Pandora’s box ... 

"Russia lost the moral high ground it was painstakingly climbing ..."

So Russia, which was invited by Assad into Syria to protect it, has now signed on to giving Turkey , Israel , Saudi , Qatar , UK , France , others, the right to 'legally' bomb , attack Syria as they have long been doing via their support for their 'Islamic State' covert vehicle.