India must stay in the right path towards inclusive development for all

Its not about creating walls and marginalization.

Its not about creating polarization, around IRRELEVANT in the circumstances obscurantist issues. Ghar Wapsi.....India is a Hindu country for Caste Hindu men only. Do you like eating beef? Are you eating beef?

The Aryans were fully fledged beef eaters, and alcoholics.....who only adopted the local Dravidian customs over 100's of years. Many Hindus still eat beef...so what? Does anybody in India draw attention to this fact?....No.

Clearly small groups of mischief makers from Israel and gay Hindu outfits will try and generate an ISSUE and headline out of these marginal issues.

India should not have invited Israeli security to Delhi for advice and guidance.....this was a wrong move.......NOW all manner of mischief will ensue in that hinterland.....believe me.

For what is Israel, but a polarized Apartheid state run by far right extremists.

If India follows this Israeli path it will have consequences.....The BJP will not win the next general elections. Nearly ALL Indians are really concerned about is economic development and paisa in their pockets...surprise surprise.

The politics of polarization is a sign of a weak insecure divided state that can't get its act together on the MAIN ISSUES THAT really matter.

We must not allow for the loony fringe and the headline grabbers to take center stage......granted that even rich prosperous Canada has them.

But the country's leadership.....namely Rajnath and Shah must reign them in.

Specifically Rajnath and Shah must not be seen to be to supporting such lone trial balloon voices by adding their two cents.......

'If you vote for them it is a vote for Pakistan'

'Vote for us......it will be a great victory for Hindus'

'Maharana Pratap Singh was a Great Hindu Indian........because he fought and died fighting Akbar.......an evil foreign Biryani eating ruler. Lets open a statue, name an airport after him.

Lets ban Biryani and foreign food.

Lets declare the Taj Mahal as a Hindu temple, and not as a monument to love.

If you are circumcised, your a foreigner.

India is a HUGE COSMOPOLITAN country which is richly immersed and integrated into Western Asia.....the Middle East and Central Asia and will continue to be so. India will not be a small polarized country that stands out like a sore thumb.......and sustained by the life support of $5 billion annually from Uncle Sam.

Missionaries from the West led the charge to demonize India's Muslim rulers, as a weapon of divide and rule, 250 years ago. Such thinking and philosophy was picked up by Hindu extremist outfits. The RSS was set up by the British, as was the All-India Muslim League.......Partition of Bengal along religious lines (Lords Curzon's idea.....aided by the newly established All-India Muslim League and 1905).

Colonial tools of divide and rule must not be used by idiot Indians to further divide Indian society.....currently. The BJP as a party must come down hard on such fifth column traitors......or it will be out of power in 2019.

Tipu Sultan is a hero for India and a national figure:

1. As head of a Hindu state in the South, leading a thoroughly mixed army of Muslims, Hindus, French and mercenaries he and his father defeated the British empire time and again---20-40 times in open conventional warfare. In the first 1767-69, second 1780-86, third 1790--1792 and fourth 1798-99 Mysore wars....killing dozens of British generals...and thousands of soldiers.  We are not talking of a two bit guerrilla outfit armed with spears, prickling the once mighty British empire in small jungle ambushes....but the greatest power on earth after the Napoleonic wars...by the early part of the 19th century.....the magnitude of this fact should be fully grasped of what he achieved with his Muslim, French and HINDU comrades.

He was defeated by Traitor Muslim generals within his army (General Sheikh and Mir Sadiq...his father in law), and the alliance of RSS Maharashtra and the Muslim Nizam of Hydrabad against him.

Most of his celebrated military campaigns were against the British empire, and not neighboring Indian Muslim states or Indian Hindu states. The people of Karnataka know more about this than me, or a faggot RSS ideologue from Pune or Delhi.

A nation should not celebrate its militarism too much, but it can't go shy on its TRUE military hero's.

2. The utterly evil British empire killed, murdered and starved 30 million Indians...Hindus and Muslims...high caste low caste..rich poor...depending on the situation......and stole trillions into the coffers of London from India.

ANY INDIAN.....ANY INDIAN be it a big leader of an Indian state at the head of a modern army armed with muskets, canons, rockets and cavalry by 1780---  140,000 Mysore military. ......or a lone freedom fighter with his Lugar pistol struggling on his own, roughing it in the old ruins of the Punjab in 1921...is a great hero of India and needs to be celebrated by whatever 'constituency they served'........this is sacred to India.

The job of the Indian government is to protect that sacred role and legacy.

Granted that the British gave India Independence, and their favored poodles kept power when power was transferred.

3. Tipu Sultan's military machine was revolutionary in both technology and tactics....which is why it took the British so long to defeat Mysore---after 4 wars. .....and that, only through subterfuge...as the key tactic. This is an excellent point of reference and example for modern post colonial India...where 70% of its arms are imported, and the only adversary it has decisively defeated is Pakistan, otherwise embroiled in a civil war.....in its Eastern wing....44 years ago. Kargil was a tactic of Musharaf to scupper peace between India Pakistan...and not militarily defeat India. Can't make a decent jet fighter...tank...artillery...rockets.....AND THINKS THE MAIN ADVERSARY IS GOING TO ATTACK FROM THE SEA......BLUE WATER NAVY with Russian borrowed technology....or leased.

4. Tipu Sultan was a man ahead of his times as with any great leader....see the full Doordarshan serial. His administration of the state was very efficient...it needed to be to support the huge army. Again this is very relevant for mis governed, corrupt, black money, Macaulay Brown sahib India......as it is constituted currently.

5. The Muslims ruled India for 1 million years meme.....so I need to get back at this FACT, by demonizing ALL India's Muslim rulers from the past, regardless. This will make everything all right for me from the past, present and future....psychologically...and will undo all the wrongs done to me, and my sacred India.

A tragic retrograde fallacy that has more cogency in North India and not Karnataka. 

6. Sanjay Khan the actor who played the role of Tipu is of Pashtun Afghan descent, but Tipu Sultan looks South Indian......a true son of the matra soil. Take away the Turkic title and name...and what are you left with.....who was born, lived and died in his home soil. Didn't have any black money in Switzerland. Didn't do any foreign trips. Didn't send his children to foreign countries for education...Didn't own a private mansion in London.


Historians hit out at BJP for calling Tipu anti-national