Rigged elections won't solve Sultan Erdogan's problems

50% of the votes......bah! 57 million votes manually counted in 2 hours........bah!



Turkish election November 2015 - burnt ballot papers. LiveLeak.com.
The November 2015 election in Turkey, won by the secretly pro-Israel Erdogan, was rigged.

The opinion polls had suggested that Erdogan would lose.

"Nearly all opinion polls indicate that the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) will again fail to get the parliamentary seats needed to form a majority government."

Turkish elections to produce another inconclusive result

Turkish election November 2015 - burnt ballot papers. LiveLeak.com.
There are many reports of people being barred from voting.

"I went to the polling station with my mother but ... they didn’t let us even vote."

problems voting in Turkey election

 Burnt ballot papers. LiveLeak.com.

The results were decided before the vote was counted.

"Presiding ballot officers in some provinces - including ─░stanbul and Ankara - asked ballot officers to sign blank documents on election results that are supposed to be filled in following the vote count."

Abundant claims of vote rigging.

Azadiya Welat wrote of the Turkish election: "They counted 57million votes in just 2 hours(manually) and the only party (HDP) that was rising in the polls and truely promotes peace in the country suddenly lost to the dictators party which gained almost 10 million votes in 3 months.... which is nearly impossible."

Can Karesi wrote of the Turkish election: "What democracy? Elections, that is a laugh, power cuts, tv stations closed, election organizations and websites hacked, money exchanging hands, hundreds of arrests, newspaper websites censored..."