Billionaire crook visits China.

Criminal Zardari appointed by the USA into power through rigged elections in 2008, is on his 12th visit to the country in 2 years of office....or there about. The crook chamar ullu chaudi who most ordinary Pakistanis hate has yet to visit India officially, just across the border. He is sustained in power by the USA. He is their puppet. So the Pakistani people must suffer him for a few more years. Zardari has no real power, but is a mere figure head of the USA exercising power within Pakistan along with the Pakistan military.....the two real players in Pakistani politics.

However we must not dismiss Zardari as a Lajjaless/sharamless all smiling crook "President" with no real power in Pakistan..........HE PLAYS AN IMPORTANT ROLE in the JEWUSA legitimacy game that Pakistan is indeed a fully functioning Democracy with an effective responsive government by the people for the ordinary people. Hardly the case in Pakistan. Zardari knows his criminal role all to fully, and what injustice and crime this causes against the ever struggling Pakistani people......struggling against Zamindars, Tamindars, billion $ business houses, crook policemen, bureaucrats, floods, high prices, poverty, injustice, government terrorism and Jews from the USA with evil designs on the country.

Pakistan SHOULD develop stronger ties with China, BUT it must be complemented fully by cutting ALL ties with the USA. China must not be for Pakistan just another place to beg. China/Pakistan strategic relations must not develop at the behest of and led by crook Presidents of Pakistan who are puppets of the USA. Pakistan must also in parallel, and perhaps more importantly develop relations India, which Zardari the crook shows no interests in pursuing. Unlike Musharaf he has yet to visit India and make an honest offer for peace over several issues.......he thus plays the role of the perfect puppet of the USA, and nothing else.

His embarrassingly SERVILE words in China, which are quite undiplomatic will not help Pakistan's cause fundamentally, as he has no real power. He is a showcase of American power in Pakistan, out to niggle India.


For Zardari, China is just like home.

The Times of India.

Stating that visiting China is "like going home", Pakistan president Asif Ali Zardari says he has "an internal romance" with China and is in love with its people and culture.

"I think I have an internal romance with China. I am very biased and I love every part of it, the beauty of its people and the beauty of its culture," he said before leaving Pakistan for the 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou city.

Chinese premier Wen Jiabao and Zardari on Friday discussed Indo-Pak ties and issues of international importance, after US president Barack Obama endorsed India's bid for a permanent UNSC seat.