American Nazi Imperialism and the PNAC 2000 policy

So long as the Americans are in Afghanistan there will never be any peace in Afghanistan, or good governance, or transparency, or national GDP growth and development within the official economy, no infrastructure development, no Wal-Mart, no shopping mauls, no Dunkin Dough Nuts, no opium eradication, or stability in Pakistan, or stability in Iranian Baluchistan.

Only when the Americans and their camp followers leave totally, without any advisers left in Afghanistan, without any American embassy left in Kabul will there be peace in the country..................peace in Afghanistan, finally.

Even the worthless, useless "Controlled Opposition" Taliban controlled by the ISI, which in turned is controlled by the American's at least pay lip service to humane behavior towards fellow Afghan's whilst they kill countless Afghan civilians.

US Marines Shrug Off Afghan Anger at Civilians Killings

Most Complaints in Sangin District Not Even Investigated

Jason Ditz of antiwar.com

As Taliban leadership admonish their fighters to avoid civilian deaths, locals in the Sangin District of Afghanistan’s Helmand Province are increasingly angry, complaining that the US Marines who recently took over the district have been regularly killing the civilians and refusing to investigate.

The US denies the allegation of the killings, but admitted that they don’t both the investigate the vast majority of the complaints because they assume them to be “Taliban propaganda.” The commander of the Marines is the district says that the Taliban are to blame for “every single instance” of a civilian casualty in the district.

The US took over the district in September from British forces, who had been holding it for years and expressed concerns that any good will they built up with the locals would quickly be lost when the more aggressive US troops took over and started launching operations. It seems this fear is panning out.

Indeed, tribal elders regularly complain to the Marines about the killings. Officials said no investigations would be taken on the basis of the elders complaints, and said the fact that the elders haven’t been killed by the Taliban was “proof” that they were in league with the Taliban and the complaints were a trick.


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