If Only........

Politicians serve soothing easy on the ear blurry meaningless baseless platitudes...its their habit and pastime.

Signora Rahulletti, the Maharani in waiting recently stated in an impromptu speech that he wanted the rich and poor united in India blah blah blah.....yes thats fine, all jolly good, especially if your party benefits from the poor sections of society (Whilst the BJP gets its support from mainly the lower middle and middle class).

I suppose then you as a Congress Party functionary should fine-tune your platitudes for your specific constituency, naturally.

But the reality is of course very different. It is ugly, and glaringly different.

Congress has been in power and dominated the political landscape for more than 63 years in India. It has had a lot of time shall we say to implement its much cherished programs of social change. It has done much; It got rid of the Zamindars, and Raja's who lorded it during colonial rule....but there after lost its zeal, and way. It became a Kleptocracy cronies Party, especially under Indira Ganda and Rajiv Ganda.

To set a fine example to the nation, the Ganda family became $ billionaires beyond their humble upper Middle class income through arms sales kick-backs from the Soviet Union era in the 1960's. Jeopardizing national security. A rational state looking out for its own makes its own arms, through its own technology, providing critical domestic jobs in this sensitive, strategic area.
USA, China, Russia...don't import arms, period.

You don't ever source out national defense to foreign countries, especially not multiple foreign countries. BUT the Ganda dynasty did........and they are now billionaires. They Green lighted their bad habits to all in-sundry down to service chiefs in the Indian military. Disclosed KGB files give us such valuable inside information. Thus the empty platitudes of Signora Rahulletti towards India's poor is ugly and very cynical given this fact. The fact that he is a semi-foreigner groomed and "educated" in the USA/UK makes it doubly so.

Doning a dhoti, and beard, spending quality time with the "people" doesn't change the FUNDAMENTAL bad facts in the background, but merely attempts at hiding the real truth.

Why does India have 55--70 billionaires? Why do these billionaires build $1 billion homes in the vicinity of vast slums in Congress run India?

Why in Congress India is the elite and criminal class allowed to shift SO EASILY AND GLARINGLY $1,500 billion of India's precious assets to the 70 or so of shore tax havens such as Switzerland ????? Why doesn't the Congress Party raise ALL hell about such a huge national drain and crime???

Why after 63 years of liberation and Congress Domination is India STILL home to the largest poverty stricken population group on earth?-------450---840 million.

Why are only 36% of India's roads properly constructed with tarmac/asphalt in Congress's, "Rising India"? Why aren't there any super-highways in India, with 4 lanes, with beautiful modern petrol stations, motels, and stops for the public to rest at modern clean easy access drive-in restaurants? You don't need sheer brilliance to construct such things.

Why is India still a slave celebrating member of the Commonwealth, under Congress? Slavishly inviting Gora's ONLY to the opening ceremony. Kuta Sala chamars.

Why is India STILL taking foreign aid ($4 billion annually?), taking the begging bowl to Paris each year, under Congress if India is still so rich?


Rahul speaks of pet project: unite the 'two Hindustans'

PTI via Hindustan Times.

Asking party members to work for the weaker sections who can take the country forward, Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said it was only Congress which could unite the "two Hindustans"-- one for the rich and the other for the poor. The 40-year-old Congress general secretary, who sat in the back row on the dais at the AICC session, rose to speak after vociferous demands from party workers.

"This (his speech) was not part of the plan. "You cornered me at the last minute," he said as Congress members cheered and clapped in Talkatora indoor stadium.

Referring to his intensive travels across the country and interactions with a cross-section of people, he said, "I have understood two things clearly.

"First is that it is only the poor people who can take the country forward. And if we have to take the poor people forward, the Prime Minister's strategy for economic growth is a necessity.

"There are two Hindustans – one is growing very fast and the other is for the poor (which is in crisis).... We have to connect and unite the two.

Congress, he said, was the only party which could do this as all other parties were "either regional, or based on caste or religion".

"It is only the Congress – a national party -- which can do it as it has its presence all over the country," Rahul said, adding that the party was gaining strength every year.

He said people used to say that Congress was finished in Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

"The party is not finished. The party can be easily rekindled by learning the problems of the poor and working for them," he said.