Jewish England.

Who controls the LABOUR PARTY? Who controls the Conservative Party? Certainly not the people of the UK who elects these tweedle dum and tweeddle dee parties.....two sides of the same coin in an elaborate charade of musical chairs, and any other cliche you can think of.

That is why UK government policy, substantively do not change when governments change, save for cosmetic tinkering here and there. My own experiences and observation of their "subconscious action" within the parallel world I live in is a testament to that. This gives us clues as to who actually runs the UK.

It certainly ain't Joe public who votes them in. It isn't even the "Government" who are elected......but a small cabal of powerful Jews, based in and around London, and the "The City" who have very strong linkages with Israel, and the Jewish community in NY. The primary Jew tools of power in the UK, besides monopoly of both major parties, are the London Metropolitan police, MI-5, and of course the British media.

That is why the UK fought Iraq, and Saddam, an American recruited and trained agent from the 1950's.

That is why the UK is in Afghanistan, with 10,000 lads helping harvest heroin into the UK via military planes and so forth, and the Drug money laundered.............in..."The City" this business has been going on since the East India Company days for the better part of 200 years, but nobody raises an eyebrow because it isn't greasy Diego's doing the business, or Delroy Winston from Dalston or Brixton of the Yardies. The bulk of it is being done by the British army with the direction of the Jews in London in the City, involving Barclays and most of the High street banks. The fact that this Jewish business harms hundreds of thousands of mostly young people in the UK is neither here nor there for them.

People do not complain about the Jewish mafia which controls the UK because the UK is by and large a very rich, prosperous stable society where the basics of life work. Beautiful roads, good public services....fat, chubby seemly happy people.

But such "normality" belies the utter evil and more sinister nature of the UK state, under the direction of the Jews; The Jew who is half an Englishman, and the Jew from Israel.



by aangirfan.

Ed Miliband (right).
(ARCHIVED Department of Energy and Climate Change)

Who controls the UK Labour Party?

Edward Samuel Miliband, who is Jewish, is the leader of the UK Labour Party, the party of Tony Blair.

Labour is also the party of Montague Meyer, Joe Kagan and Rudy Sternberg, the closest friends of former Labour leader Harold Wilson. (THE PRIME MINISTER AND ISRAEL)

Labour is also the party of Robert Maxwell, a Jew who has been linked to Mossad, pension theft, and problems with pensions

Sir David Manning (left) who was in New York on 9 11 and saw the Twin Towers fall.

Labour is also the party of Sir David Manning, Blair's Jewish foreign policy and security adviser. (One of the Secret Rulers of the World - Sir David Manning)

Ed Miliband says: "I intend to lead a Labour Party that remains a true friend to Israel." (image)

Ed Miliband is the son of the late Marxist theorist Ralph Miliband, a Polish Jewish immigrant.

Ed Miliband is said to be pro-capitalist and pro-globalisation. (Ed Miliband left-wing? They're having a laugh.)

Tony Blair (believed to be a crypto-Jew)and Lord Levy

Christopher Bollyn reminds us who controls the UK Labour Party

(Who Really Controls Our Political Parties? - Christopher Bollyn)

Michael Abraham Levy, Lord Levy, was the leading fundraiser for the Labour Party from 1994 to 2007.

Levy was Blair's special envoy to the Middle East from 1998 until 2007.

Daniel Levy

Levy's son, Daniel, is an Israeli citizen (immigrated 1991) who has held top positions in Israeli governments since 1995.

Under Ehud Barak, Levy served as the prime minister's special adviser.

It was Lord Levy's friend Tony Blair who told George Bush, when they met in early 2001, "We have to do Iraq."

Ronald Cohen with Gordon Brown

Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown was 'bankrolled' by Egyptian born Lord Ronald Cohen, who replaced Lord Levy.

Cohen's third wife is Sharon Harel-Cohen, an Israeli national.

Sharon Harel-Cohen

Her father, Yossi Harel, aka Joseph Hamburger, was one of the founding chiefs of Mossad and Israeli military intelligence.

Yossi Harel ( Joseph Hamburger)

At their home in London the Cohens "give lavish parties for the likes of the Rothschilds, the Rausing billionaires and Cohen’s old mentor Sir Clive Sinclair."

At their home in New York they entertain "their friends the Clintons."

In 2006, Cohen "started to take over the role of government emissary from Lord Levy by meeting Israeli leaders, including the prime minister, Ehud Olmert," the Guardian reported.



David Miliband lurks in wings as party already starts plotting for life after Ed