False Jewish prophets........Bill White.

Why am I posting an old article from Judicial-inc.biz about Jews pretending to be something else:

1) Seems to be a long historical record of Jews and their puppets pretending to be extremists representative of host politics in order to incite the hosts as agent provocateurs, and act as "controlled opposition" of the Goyim, when he really does get up set.....................Stalin, Hitler,.................Theodore Roosevelt. Things which if a gentile attempted would get them arrested pretty quickly.

2) The incredible extent and role of the Jewish media to propagate these people, and their agenda's.


Is Bill White A Real Nazi, Or Just A Zionist Poodle?

It just seems that every time we get a dyed-in-the-wool second coming of Adolf Hitler, the beast turns out to be Jewish.. Bill White stands out because of the enormous publicity he gets from the ADL, SPLC, NY Post, Zionist-controlled newspapers, etc.

His connection to obvious Zionist schemes, such as The Red Lake Massacre, and the Toledo race riot, also makes one question Mr. White's real foundation.

White's History

Bill White was born 1977, attends predominately Jewish schools, and became a columnist for Pravda. In 1999, he becomes noticed for praising the Columbine killers. He changes from a Communist to a Neo-Nazi, and starts Overthrow.com. Oddly, his present occupation is that of a slum landlord, a field reserved for Jews.

Bill White's Roots

White grew up in the exclusive Jewish neighborhood of Horizon Hill, in Rockville, Maryland. This is an area dotted with synagogues, Jewish restaurants, and $2,000,000 homes.

Baltimore's Elite

Horizon Hills is considered Maryland's finest neighborhoods.

White's Relationships

White was involved with Erica Hoesch until mid-2004. Hoesch worked with National Alliance, National Social Movement (NSM), White Revolution, Matt Hale, and she was said to have turned over mailing lists to Morris Dees at the SPLC.

Morris Dees, and his Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), list Bill White as one of the 40 most dangerous activists in the US.

Making a list of 'Prohibited web sites' like that is the best advertising a Zionist front can get.

Bill White On 9/11

According to Overthrow.com , Mr. White takes the position that Israel's Mossad knew something big was about to happen, but allowed it to take place. His site sells this video.

The Truth is

That Israel orchestrated the entire thing. Rabbi Dov Zakheim, former Under-Secretary of Defense, called for a new Pearl Harbor to galvanize the frame of mind necessary among the American public to go forth with the Project for a New American Century.

Bill White On Blacks

Basically, he sees them as just being stupid niggers. He classified Katrina's victims as being niggers. Video of him at black rally.

The Truth On New Orleans

A mysterious break in a levee pushed most of the Blacks out of New Orleans, at the same time that Zionist gangsters were buying up a sizeable portion of the city's prime properties.

White Is Always 'Johnny On The Spot'

White organizes a anti black rally in , and conveniently a number of Jewish groups show. He also has ancillary ties to the Red Lake Massacre, Lefkow, Hale, Columbine, etc.

White organizes an anti-black rally in Toledo, and conveniently a number of Zionist left-wing groups show up. He also has ancillary ties to the Red Lake Massacre, Judge Lefkow killings,Matt Hale's group, Columbine massacre, etc.

Zionist Organizations Salted The Field

These phony Nazis have been a mainstay of the Zionists since 1932, when they first marched out Fritz Kuhn, George Rockwell, Frank Collin (Cohen), and half of the KKK leadership.

So What Do You Have?

Bill White (Weiss?) may well be just a radical self-hating Jew, that grew up to become a slum landlord, and part-time Neo-Nazi, like so many others.

But, what is strange is that White does not do activism to expose the truth about 9/11, the Madrid train bombing, London Bus bombings, and the countless marine ambushes by the Mossad, in Iraq.


The British Raj Empire Strikes back.

The British Plan To Recolonize
The Subcontinent Is Gaining Ground

by Ramtanu Maitra Executive Intelligence Review

The massive suicide bomb attack on July 7, which killed 41 people at the Indian Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, including the Indian military attaché and counsellor, indicates the ruthlessness of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI)-British MI6-aided Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), or Pakistani Taliban, to break up Pakistan, and create a new, and unstable, nation bordering the resource-rich Central Asia and Iran. Although the Western media is keen to blame the "Taliban," it is clear that the Afghan Taliban was not involved, and that it was the handiwork of the TTP.

( I certainly think the date is significant 7/7, as in the London 7/7 in 2005, these criminals like such cryptic dates, and looks like the British did it, with the help of the ISI maybe, and local contacts such as the TTP? But isn't the ISI's hands full now in FATA, and The NWFP, Baluchistan....etc.....would it make sense for them to try to meddle against India at such a juncture.....I have previously argued that it wasn't the ISI couple of posts back...Titled "Cui Bono", but having said that, I don't have full knowledge of these criminals in the ISI and what is their true mentality......such things may look threatening to Pakistan's security wise.........hostile forces edging to invade Pakistan from the West (USA/NATO)........and you don't want hostile forces in the East edging to invade Pakistan(INDIA)......But having said this, such an assumption assumes that the ISI operates in Pakistan's best interests..........and it would seem in reality the ISI is in fact an appendage to British geo-strategy........Kiyani was head of the ISI wasn't he?)

A day earlier, on the first anniversary of the Pakistani Army's raid of Lal Masjid at the heart of Pakistan's capital, Islamabad, a suicide bomber blew himself up, killing at least 19 people, mostly police officers. (ISI operation) On the same day the Indian Embassy was attacked, terror struck Pakistan's largest city, Karachi, six times within an hour, as unknown terrorists triggered a series of blasts that wounded over 50 people, including children and policemen. Karachi, the largest Pakistani port, is the main disembarkation station of nearly 70% of the supplies that go to Afghanistan by road to the battling U.S./NATO troops. The supplies pass through the famed Khyber Pass—a 30-mile stretch between the Khyber Hills. At the time of this writing, the Khyber Pass, and a part of Peshawar city, 22 miles east of the Pass, remain infested with militant local tribes working hand-in-glove with the TTP.

(Whilst some operations are ISI, I cannot believe all the operations against Pakistan, inside Pakistan are being carried out by the ISI....what is clear is that a policy of destabilization exists, of which the ISI seems sadly to be an integral part......the explosions against Benazir, and her assassination for example looks like ISI activity.......whilst the rest more probably is Western and Indian intelligence operations)

The only way to comprehend what is happening is to first step back, and look at the key geostrategic puppet-master in the region: the British Empire.

British Geostrategy for the Subcontinent

The British policy toward South Asia, and the Middle East as well, is uniformly colonial, and vastly different from that of the United States. Even today, when Washington is powered by people with tunnel vision, at best, the U.S. policy is not to break up nations, but to control the regime, or, as has become more prevalent in recent years, under the influence of the arrogant neocons, to force regime change. While this often creates a messy situation—for example, in Iraq—the U.S. would prefer to avoid such outcomes.

( I don't know, I would disagree with this analysis, hasn't Iraq basically broken up into three pieces under American auspices, and the 'Salvador option ops' by both the Americans and British? Didn't the Americans cooperate with the British in toppling the Shah in 1979? Didn't the British and Americans jointly install Colonel Qaddafi into power in 1969? Hasn't American intelligence since the 1950's in places such as Iran, Egypt and other places, shown the same willingness to work with extreme Islamic fundamentalists groups to destabilize and co opt Muslim movements as the British have been doing from much earlier?----where is the difference?)

Britain, on the other hand, built its geostrategic vision in the post-colonial days through the creation of a mess, and furthering the mess, to break up a country. This policy results in a long-drawn process of violent disintegration. That is the process now in display in Pakistan, as well as in many other nations, including Zimbabwe and Kenya—where the British colonial forces had hunted before, and still pull significant strings.

( Thank you for comparing Pakistan with African countries! Yes the British are still very much interested in South Asia........in case you have not noticed in India your PM is Oxbridge, and a good deal of your elite is Anglophile, and the key institutions of the state, the armed forces have a distinctly Raj flavor.................and India is still part of the commonwealth, looking forward to holding the Commonwealth games in 2010; the British Raj that Killed 30 million Indians (Gideon Polya, "Not quite Jane Austen"), stole $1 trillion worth of Indian assets, and basically taught ALL Indians that everything they stood for was inferior to their culture.)

When the British left the Indian subcontinent in 1947, it was divided into India and Pakistan. The British colonial geostrategists, coming out of World War II, realized the importance of controlling the oil and gas fields. If possession could not be maintained, the strategists argued, Britain and its allies must remain at a striking distance, to ensure their control of these raw material reserves, and deny them to others.

(It does not follow in your argument that the Partition of the Subcontinent was linked to oil...........there is no clear linkage between oil/gas, and the need to partition South Asia. I'll offer a more simple possibly obvious answer....a united India would have been more powerful and prosperous, and thus more difficult to influence than a divided India as it is now.........where presumably the British, Israelis and others shuttle between the ISI, and RAW, with all the other security wonks and whisper to them how really bad the other side are...........And the Pakistanis and to a lesser degree the Indians buy and buy this false propaganda, (with the help of terrorist incidents in both countries by the ISI, RAW, Israelis, UK and USA) and purchase security systems from the UK, Israel and the USA to fight each other with.)

At the end of British rule, Pakistan consisted of East Pakistan (which since has been liberated to form Bangladesh) and West Pakistan. West Pakistan's western wing (west of River Indus) bordering Afghanistan and Iran, consisted of Baluchistan, the North West Frontier Province (NWFP) and the Tribal areas. North of all these, was the state of Jammu and Kashmir, which was a princely state under the Maharaja of Kashmir. Of the three areas, Baluchistan and the Tribal areas had not been brought under the British occupation and were kept instead as British protectorates. This was because the Tribals were ferocious, and made it clear they would not accept British troops within their territories. Moreover, the British crown figured that these areas would act as a buffer with Afghanistan, where the British were worried the Russians would show up.

(The British told Nehru and Gandhi that Pakistan wouldn't survive for long and would crawl back to India soon.......another Raj lie that the Congress naively accepted with good faith...............when the realization came that this would not happen, I think some contingency plans were made to take back India's 'losts parts' by Nehru, and in 1951, the Pakistanis started shouting and screaming in the UN about Indian attacks, then the Pak PM is killed in 1951 by the British?, and a long process of destabilization tales place until the military come into power in 1958. The British nudge the Pakistanis into America's arms from the early 1950's, and in 1954 you have a agreement between Pakistan and the USA, with America giving Pakistan an aid package of $1 billion ($700 million military aid, and $300 economic) All the American military hardware would eventually be used against India in 1965. One should of course add, what ever Indian unofficial policy exists towards Pakistan, it has always been Pakistan which has initiated wars against India and not the other way round)

Pakistan's North West Frontier Province (NWFP), however, is a different story. The NWFP, inhabited by Pushtun Muslims, was under the Indian National Congress, and led by Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, a close associate of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Ghaffar Khan had no intention of joining Pakistan, but when the British called for a referendum to decide which way the NWFP would go, Ghaffar Khan decided not to let his party participate, ostensibly because he feared violence. Because of this, the referendum won by only 50.49% in favor of joining with Pakistan.

( Gaffar Khan was a truly great man from South Asia..........mistreated by the Pakistan government, worse treatment than what he experienced under British rule....buried in Jalalabad Afghanistan, and not in his native NWFP)

It is evident that Britain did not want India to have any direct land link either to Afghanistan, or Russia, or Iran. In the North, when the dispute over the status of the state of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) arose, India's access to the North was blocked as well.

( India's land linkage with Russia would be handy wouldn't it? Well you have an air force base in Tajikistan)

The Kashmir dispute, the handiwork of London, showed what the British were looking for. Using a large number of Mirpuris (Mirpur is a part of J&K) who had migrated to Britain soon after the partition of the subcontinent, the MI6 built up a very strong anti-India lobby in J&K and encouraged the demand for an independent Kashmir. At the same time, MI6 lent a hand to the Pakistani ISI, to implement terrorist acts within the India-held part of J&K which would undermine India's efforts to stabilize the area. The policy has not worked so far, but a royal mess has been made, thanks partly to India's misguided, and often ruthless, policies.

( Yes the partition of India and of Kashmir is classic divide and rule by the evil British empire. I wrote a short piece about this four years ago titled; "Geographical teases" ........Israel's borders....guaranteed to invite more wars........Shat al Arab---Iran/Iraq...........Bangladesh and Assam also with Kashmir. Teasing is a major part of British psychologically and the hapless efforts of victim states to 'rectify the geographical teases' with the British colonial cartographers laughing at the sidelines. This applies to a lessor degree with Cyprus and Ulster.

There are 700,000----800,000 Pakistanis in Britain...........Until the advent of East Europeans the Pakistanis were the most hated ethnic group in the UK, and perhaps still are now. They live in ghetto's in the big cities, under heavy Orwellian surveillance. They are at the bottom of society, below that of the Africans even......thanks to the JEW owned UK media and Jewess such as Melanie Smith who are given free rein to spout any kind of bullshit that comes into her Jew mind in the British MSM, posing as an informed neutral expert (Goebbels in skirts would be a better description), and the Pakistani community has been baited by MI5 before elections, and OF COURSE used as cannon fodder for false flag ops by MI5 and their Israeli over lords.

The main characterization of the Pakistani community in the UK would be poverty, alienation and drugs.........they seem to be the main mules for drugs coming from Pakistan to the UK, and one also notes, even after 9/11, from Home Office statistics the high number of visa's that are given to non-resident Pakistanis coming to the UK, compared to say other Occidental and modern countries..............clearly there is a criminal nexus between the ISI, and British intelligence running this multi-billion $ show.

Unfortunately the relationship of the ISI with British intelligence it is not merely limited to importing drugs into Europe. There is also a terrorism nexus also involved. In the 100 or so universities in the UK all of which have a British intelligence presence, many Pakistanis are recruited into organizations such as Hizbutahirir and al-Majroun. They are then funneled into fundamentalists operations in the Balkans, Chechnya and of course Afghanistan/Pakistan and Kashmir, where they are further indoctrinated. As one who has attended universities in the UK, and wrote about British intelligence working outside of the law for his law dissertation paper ("The relationship between the State, Security Services and the Law")one can attest that these things do not happen without the knowledge and approval of British intelligence. One must add also with a certain amount of rueful reflection that a lot of the leaders of such organizations, with their beards and Islamic paraphernalia then go on to work in successful High Street jobs in major cities in the UK....they are then touted in both the UK Jew media and British society generally as standard bearers and epitome of British Muslim society, whereas nothing could be further from the truth. The agenda and image is fixed.

And so to Kashmir; Yes I happen to think what is happening now is the work of the ISI with British intelligence. So the Indian government has to be very careful and not be ham fisted.........clearly after 1989, with the withdrawal of the Soviets from Afghanistan, a lot the fundies were redirected by the ISI from there into Kashmir, and that they must have had the approval of their British intelligence overlords)

The MI6 mouthpiece, and a link to the British colonial establishment, was Eric Lubbock

Lord Avebury). He was the first British Member of Parliament to publicly support the Kashmiri secessionist movement, which he did in an address to a secessionist group, JKLF (Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front), at a conference in London, in 1991. There, he also announced his support for an armed struggle, according to The Dawn of Karachi. In a March 1995 issue of the JKLF's Kashmir Report, Lubbock condemned Indian policy in Kashmir as equivalent to what would have occurred if "Britain had been invaded in 1940," and suffered Nazi occupation. He demanded that Indian troops be withdrawn. "New Delhi fails to understand that if peaceful initiatives are thwarted, the inevitable result will be further violence," he threatened. Lubbock is still around pushing the colonial policies.

( What is British policy in Iraq, and Afghanistan; handing out flowers and well wishes to the locals?)

Who Are the Afghan Taliban?

For the uninitiated, it is important to realize that there exists a distinction between the Afghan Taliban and the Pakistani Taliban. The Afghan Taliban, along with many other Afghans, are engaged in a war against the occupying U.S. and NATO troops, with the objective of driving them away so they can gain control of their land. In other words, these Afghans are ready to fight any foreign troops, be they are American, British, Canadian, or German. But they have no intention of doing harm to others who have not lent troops to the occupying forces. At the same time, the Afghan Taliban would accept help from anyone, including the Pakistani Taliban, or any jihadi group functioning along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, including the much-vaunted al-Qaeda. It must be noted that no Afghan Taliban has ever been spotted, either in Iraq, or Palestine, where the Western, or pro-Western troops are engaged in battling the local Islamic groups.

( Yes the last sentence is a good point about the Taliban being a local outfit rather a globalist one which are the ones run by Western intelligence, but I am not sure I would glorify them to that point. In essence we are talking about an extremely fundamentalists outfit, that has hosted foreign fundamentalists entities of all shades, against their better judgment in Afghanistan. We are talking about the Taliban which was founded by America through the ISI from 1994, once it became clear the old Mujaheddin could not secure Afghanistan for Pakistan....in that situation, with that background it seems more like a tool of Western geo-strategy for the region and not a true nationalist liberation force of Afghans for Afghans.)

On the other hand, while it is true that the Afghan Taliban have no love for the Indians, nonetheless they would not risk setting up a large operation of the kind that must have preceded the attack on the Indian Embassy. Moreover, the Afghan Taliban control large swathes of land in southern and eastern Afghanistan, but ground information suggests that they still are not in a position to carry out major attacks inside Kabul. Last April, an elaborate operation was put in place to assassinate Afghan President Hamid Karzai in Kabul. Initially, the operation was attributed to the Afghan Taliban, but later the Afghan authorities charged that it was the Pakistani ISI behind the failed attempt.

( Yes a major attack of that sort against the Indian embassy with the 7/7 cryptic date was not the work of the Afghan Taliban.......it was an intelligence operation.......you say ISI; I don't know the accusation would seem to be too obvious, after all the other charges made by Kabul against lslamamabad, and the American desire to go into FATA.)

The Pakistani Taliban, however, are an altogether different kettle of fish, and are presently involved in breaking up Pakistan on behalf the geostrategic interests of the British colonials. This outfit, besides having a large number of tribes representing Pakistan's virtually ungoverned Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) and Northern Areas bordering Afghanistan and the disputed state of Jammu and Kashmir, is guided by the Pakistani ISI and British MI6. The Pakistani tribal groups, who have never formally accepted Islamabad's authority, see, in the present situation, an opportunity to carve out a separate nation bordering Afghanistan in the West and River Indus in the East. This objective, however far-fetched it may have seemed just months ago, is now a distinct possibility, not only because the ISI and MI6 have chalked out a design for achieving it, but also because of Washington's reckless approach to taming the Taliban and al-Qaeda at any cost, including undermining of Pakistan's sovereignty.

( I would tend to disagree. I think the Afghan Taliban and the Pakistani Taliban are all the same ...............they all have linkages to the ISI, at various levels, the UK, Americans and probably the Israelis....no there is no difference.......they are all "controlled opposition" to justify a Western presence in the region; provide token resistence to show that the West is engaged in a 'great struggle' against Islamic fanatics, and in the case of Pakistan to destabilize the country.

I really cannot accept that the WHOLE of the ISI is working to destroy Pakistan, and and not a bit of this fact has come out into Pakistan's inquisitive press.......what is more plausible is that certain elements of the ISI are working with foreign entities to destabilize Pakistan, and create the impression that FATA is not managable by Pakistan.)

The increasing disintegration of Pakistan's political establishment has added to the threat. The ISI has been deeply infiltrated by MI6, and the Pakistani Army does not have the will to engage in a bloody civil war to prevent yet another break-up, nor does Pakistan's weak political elite have a clue as to how to integrate the increasingly militant tribal areas with Pakistan.

( Rather a bleak assessment. The ISI IS the Pakistan army---where do you think its officers come from...from the civilian sector? The ISI and the Pakistan army are one and the same. Pakistan's political establishment was always weak, this is not new, and a problem not just restricted to Pakistan. I suppose when you have military men running your country for the better part of 35 years starting with General Iskander Mirza, then in the rest of the period it is perhaps not enough time to create credible strong civilian leadership.......because the military are always under mining them....and then you factor in the interventions of the British and USA, who have a vested interest in propping up weak corrupt politicians over strong nationalists ones.......Imran Khan....that fellow who headed Pakistan's Human Rights Commission...etc...there has got to be many credible civilian leaders inside Pakistan, BUT because of the interventions of the Pakistan military and the USA/UK...these people are not given a chance. Instead you have the likes of Shaukat Aziz, parachuted in from the the international banking sector with no clear linkages with the Pakistani people, or its politics (He has since disappeared out and away from Pakistan?), and now Mr. gangster supreme 10%.)

ISI-MI6 Link-Up

On the other hand, there exists a policy agreement between the ISI and MI6. Following the withdrawal of the defeated Soviet Army in 1989, the ISI moved in to arm and train the Taliban. The intelligence agency also brought in al-Qaeda, and was in the process of developing what is called "strategic depth," which, it argued, was necessary to protect the country from its "mortal enemy," India. The civilian governments in Islamabad, under the late Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif, had little choice but to allow the Pakistani Army and the ISI to pursue this objective.

( The Taliban were created from 1994, not immediately after 1989 and the Soviet withdrawal, and as I understand it, the Taliban was an American idea, with Gulf funding, and ISI training and participation. As to al-Qaeda that is a total myth......just a bunch of Arabs doing bad videos and a lot of posing, and silly OTT interviews to set the scene and narrative for the Israeli false flag ops of the 1990's, and into this century. And the ISI helped the Israelis create this narrative........to be sure 12,000 mainly Arabs were trained by the ISI and Israelis in Pakistan, and later when the Soviets departed, actually training in Afghanistan. Some of these people even participated in the Bosnian war up to 7,000 of them.....But the vast majority of them went back to their own countries and continued to live normal lives, or participate in political struggles against their government, but not as al-Qaeda....al-Qaeda never existed......most of the spectacular ops in the USA, and in the Greater Middle East is Israeli)

After 9/11, the scene changed rapidly. The Bush Administration identified Afghanistan, which was under Taliban rule, as the staging ground of al-Qaeda, and invaded the country with the intent of eliminating both the Taliban and al-Qaeda, in one fell swoop. Neither the ISI, and by extension, a section of the Pakistani Army, nor the British colonial operatives, wanted these assets, set up over years with the intent of controlling Central Asia, and undermining Russia, China, and India, to be sacrificed. Pakistan's ungoverned FATA immediately became the shelter of many who were facing Washington's wrath. In December 2001, Asia Times reported that the former ISI chief and a close collaborator of the MI6, "Hamid Gul, nicknamed the 'Godfather of the Taliban,' is believed to be behind moves to help the Taliban establish a base in Pakistan's autonomous Pushtun tribal belt."

(It is amusing that a couple of Jewish mafia figures like Silverstein et al with Mossad, undermined a intricate two decade old, British, NWO, Rothschilds, Brzezinski plan to further surround Russia and then move on to China...........But the Americans did allow ( actually provide ?) planes and helicopters to ferry thousands of Taliban out of Kunduz to safety into Pakistan....in the order of 3,000, once they were surrounded by Northern Alliance forces in November 2001, and OBL was allowed to escape with his full escort from out of Tora Bora, in full view.........So the Rothschild/British plan was not totally crushed........AND their primary representative in America, Brzezinski will be back soon, against Russia through Obama)

The added irony, is that Washington's foolhardy approach involves two of its "best allies"—Britain and Pakistan—who had built up these assets, and were keen to protect them from Washington's missiles and rockets. The outcome of Washington's policy is now plain for everyone to see: Having routed the Taliban, and driven them from power within weeks following the invasion, almost six and a half years later, Washington is now facing an enemy which is surely much stronger than it ever was before. The credit for this, of course, goes to the ISI and MI6. Both have now come to realize that not only can the assets be protected, they can be "officially" lodged in a country carved out of Pakistan.

( Who is a true friend , very hard to say. When a friend gives you so much trouble in the big bad world, are they really friends, or countries posing as friends. Many American commentators would argue that Britain was never a true friend, but a recent ally of convenience. ONLY after Widrow Wilson became President....and before that in view of their history, Americans tried to do everything opposite or differently to the British. The Bitter American Independence war; the war of 1812; The British covert help to the Confederate South during the Civil War; the financial infiltration through Rothschild agents..............JP Morgan etc,.....were fresh in the memory of nineteenth century Americans who had a healthy dislike and suspicion of Britain. Only after the WWI, did this attitude slowly change with the aid of the Jewish media.

As to Pakistan......a friend ? Think of it more as a master and servant relationship...and the Americans openly on several occasions treated their servant pretty badly..........Why do you think Ayub Khan wrote that auto biographical , 'Friends not masters"?

I am not sure the Taliban are any stronger now; about 8,000 strong whereas in 2001 they were 40,000, including thousands of foreign fighters, with ISI and Pakistani officers embedded in their ranks, and lots of Gulf funds pouring in....unlimited logistics from Pakistan....control of 90% of the country by 2001....BUT now not)

What Drives the ISI?

The question is, why would the Pakistani ISI want the separation? Putting aside the British control over the ISI for the moment, what must be recognized, is that the ISI was the brainchild of an Australian-born British intelligence officer, Maj. Gen. R. Cawthorn, Deputy Chief of Staff in the Pakistan Army in 1948, who later served in Australia as head of their Secret Intelligence Service. The ISI was structured to be manned by officers from the three main military services, and to specialize in the collection, analysis, and assessment of external intelligence, either military or non-military. At the time, as it exists even today, the ISI considered India its "mortal enemy," and the key to hurting India was to wrest control of the disputed state of Jammu and Kashmir, where Muslims are in majority.

(The ISI is the 'mortal enemy" of Pakistan'......and lasting stability for South Asia.....it is a rogue criminal organization that owes its allegence to foreign anti-Pakistani entities)

There is yet another "meeting of minds" between MI6 and the ISI in recent days: their mutual hatred of Afghan President Karzai. The ISI rejected Karzai out of hand because the Afghan President is close to India, and even Russia—but cool toward Pakistan. So, the ISI feels it necessary to replace Karzai with someone who will be pro-Pakistan and anti-India.

Nor does MI6 like Karzai, and has joined with the ISI to remove him, because he is controlled from Washington, and has become openly anti-British: Last December, when Karzai learned that two British MI6 agents were working under cover of the United Nations and the European Union, and behind his back, to finance and negotiate with the Taliban, he expelled them from Afghanistan. One of them, a Briton, Michael Semple, was working as the acting head of the EU mission in Afghanistan, and is widely known as a close confidant of Britain's ambassador, Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles. The second, an Irishman, Mervin Patterson, is the third-ranking UN official in Afghanistan.

These MI6 agents were entrusted by London with the task of using Britain's 7,700 troops in the opium-infested, Pushtun-dominated southern Afghanistan province of Helmand to train 2,000 Afghan militants, ostensibly to "infiltrate" the enemy and "seek intelligence" about the lethal arms of the real Taliban. Karzai rightly saw it as Britain's efforts to develop a lethal group within Afghanistan.

( So there we have TTP members going into Pakistan, and attacking Pakistan security posts)

In addition, around the same time, Karzai was under pressure from Britain, the U.S., and the UN, to appoint Lord Paddy Ashdown, a British Liberal Democrat, as the UN Special Envoy to Afghanistan. Ashdown had left his "viceregal" mark while serving as the High Representative of the United Nations for Bosnia a few years ago.

Anticipating that Ashdown, true to his reputation in the Balkans, would function like a colonial viceroy under orders from London, Karzai summarily called off the appointment. This decision raised quite a few hackles in London, and elsewhere.

( About the only good thing Karzai has done.......Afghanistan does not need Viceroys from Britain with the historical background of that country in this region, strutting about in Afghanistan, speaking meaningless blurry platitudes...............whilst Afghans really suffer. What Afghanistan needs is the whole coalition lot to go away immediately, and let the Afghans return to their Medieval ways, isolated, harming nobody.........now the next thing Karzai needs to do is create a timetable like Malaki for the foreign forces to leave Afghanistan)

MI6-ISI's Anti-Russia Ties

During the Cold War, the Pakistani ISI was not only training and infiltrating armed militants inside the India-held part of Jammu and Kashmir, but was utilized by the British to create security problems on Russia's southern flank. When the Soviets bumbled into Afghanistan with thousands of troops and tanks, ISI and MI6, along with the CIA, joined forces in the early 1980s to recruit mujahideen to fight the Red Army. MI6 turned over to the ISI some of their assests in the London-based organization known as al-Muhajiroun, or The Emigrants. This became the recruiting arm of al-Qaeda in London, and was used for terrorist work. The first groups were Pakistanis; they were followed by Somalis and Eritreans, among others. Al-Muhajiroun operated at the time under the armless Omar Bakri Muhammad, known as "Captain Hook," who was the Imam of Finsbury Mosque in London.

( Another fake Muslim leading gullible misguided youths from the UK........Though I suspect given his persona and image his main task would have been to grand stand, and amplify the "big bad Islam" image in Britain.....giving provacative speeches in Mosques and in the British media......probably on the payroll of MI5...........isn't his daughter a lap dancer?..........he's done a good job for MI5, because in Britain hatred, suspicion and loathing for Muslims is one of the highest in the Western World, including North America, survey from few years back......on a par with Denmark.)

Coincidentally, in 1983, the British-based World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), headed by Prince Philip, which often provides the staging grounds for operations of MI6 and other British intelligence outfits, suggested that two national parks be created in Pakistan's Northwest, and although rather thin in natural wildlife, the preserves have proved to be excellent for growing poppy, and for training and staging mujahideen incursions into Afghanistan.

( Prince Philip..........ha ha he he !!!!)

But, in the post-Cold War days, and particularly after 9/11, Washington moved closer to India, which went from being a "Soviet puppet," as it was labeled by some American analysts, into becoming a U.S. ally. Following 9/11, Washington made it a point to seek India's help in fighting the war on terror. Although India never supplied Washington with troops, New Delhi strongly supported Washington's war on terror policy. At the same time, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf embraced this Washington-led policy, putting the ISI in limbo. With the anti-India angle suddenly removed, the ISI became vulnerable to the British plan to create a separate Islamic state, carved out of Pakistan, located on the threshold of Central Asia. MI6 succeeded in reigniting the the ISI's aspiration to liberate the state of Jammu and Kashmir as its prime mission. The attack on the Indian Embassy on July 7 was a statement of that objective.

( This 'paragraph' has interesting suppositions though not immediately related........yes India is much closer to America now with some agreements since 2005, and I think India provided logistical help in the 1991 and 2003 Gulf wars against Iraq. Lets also not leave out the closer relationship of Israel with India, which is not insignificant............as to the ISI being in limbo..........thats a bit of a stretch....its more active than ever before.....though probably a little bit more 'busy' inside Pakistan...........ISI Kashmir problems yes, with British encouragement yes)

Musharraf on the MI6 Role

The interweaving of British MI6 and the Pakistani ISI is too elaborate to fully describe here. (Peter Godgames book, "The Globalists and the Islamist" covers the real relationship between the two quite well, and I suspect there has good to be some good books inside Pakistan covering this area) But, to get an idea of it, consider this example: Pakistani President Musharraf, in his book, In the Line of Fire, stated that Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, a Britain-born Pakistani who has been accused of kidnapping and killing Wall Street Journal correspondent Daniel Pearl, in Karachi, in 2002, was originally recruited by MI6, while studying at the London School of Economics. He alleged that Omar Sheikh was sent to the Balkans by MI6 to engage in jihadi operations. Musharraf added that, "at some point, he [Omar Sheikh] probably became a rogue or double agent."

( I imagine there are many 'Omar Sheikhs' operating out of Britain from the UK for British intelligence in the various political organisations of Pakistan)

On Oct. 6, 2001, a senior U.S. government official told CNN that U.S. investigators had discovered that Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, using the alias "Mustafa Muhammad Ahmad," had sent about $100,000 from the United Arab Emirates to Mohammed Atta, one of the 9/11 hijackers. "Investigators said Atta then distributed the funds to conspirators in Florida in the weeks before the deadliest acts of terrorism on U.S. soil that destroyed the World Trade Center, heavily damaged the Pentagon and left thousands dead."

(The 19 Hijackers involvment in 9/11 was an elaborate smoke screen distraction to create an alternative false narrative and false trail of what was essentially an Israeli intelligence ops carried out with the help of their agents in America using remote controlled flying vehicles. The list of the 19 were provided by RAW to the FBI cobbled together IMMEDIATELY after 9/11............WHY/HOW would the FBI and RAW(buddy of MOSSAD) know the names of the perpetrators so quickly after the event without the benefit of other clear evidence in America.......thus the accusations about Pakistani involvment in 9/11, with the coincidental visit of General Mahumud Ahmed to meet with key American officials in Washington, look like an elaborate setup, which ultimately leads to an attack against Pakistan jointly by the USA/Israel/India....to secure the Pak nukes......didn't happen....as Musharaf on pain of being bombed back to the stone age........decided to side with America in October 2001, after much thought. The false flag ops against the Indian parliament in a few months later by MOSSAD/RAW? was to reignite the anti-Pakistani drive.....attack and invasion, if not by America then by India alone.........came close to war)

Beyond that, the Saeed Sheikh affair shines a bright light on the MI6-ISI links. More than a month after the money transfer was discovered, the head of the ISI, Gen. Mahmud Ahmed, resigned from his position. It was reported that the FBI was investigating the possibility that it had been General Ahmed who ordered Saeed Sheikh to send the $100,000 to Atta. There were reports that Indian intelligence had already produced proof for the Pakistani administration that this was so.

(Suprise, suprise)

Even more important are the joint operations between the MI6 and the ISI. The export of jihad to the Central Asian republics to pressure the countries of the former U.S.S.R. was a joint venture of the ISI, Pakistan's Jamaati Islam (JI), and Hezbe Islami Afghanistan. It is also documented that the MI6 directly deposited money into an account in the name of Amir Qazi Hussain Ahmed of Pakistan's JI, name, which Qazi used to pump Islamic literature and money into the Central Asian republics to incite the local Naqshbandi circles (a Sufi group) to rebel against the governments.

Khalistan and the Assassination of Indira Gandhi

Britain's other gross interference to undermine Indian sovereignty with the help of the ISI became evident during the Khalistani movement in India's Punjab in the 1980s. A number of militant Sikh-led organizations, such as the Dal Khalsa, Babbar Khalsa, Council of Khalistan, the Khalistan Government-in-Exile, and the Sikh Federation were headquartered in Britain. The Sikh Federation was formed after the 2001 proscription by the British government of the International Sikh Youth Federation (ISYF), while the Babbar Khalsa cadres started working under the aegis of the Akhand Kirtani Jatha (AKJ), another militant group, after the ban imposed by the British government. Moreover, the top leaders of the Khalistani movement, Jagjit Singh Chauhan and Gurmej Singh of the Khalistan Government-in-Exile, used Britain to call for an independent Punjab (Khalistan), yanked out of India.

Although the Khalistani movement, which helped in fomenting the plots to assassinate two Indian prime ministers—Indira Gandhi and her son, Rajiv Gandhi—in addition to the deaths of scores of innocent Indians, is no longer visible, London still carries the Khalistani flag. In a highly significant development for the internationalization of the Sikh freedom struggle, representatives from a range of leading Sikh organizations met with high-ranking officials of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) on Aug. 15, 2007, in London, in order to seek British support for the Sikh nation's right to self-determination.

( I thought the Rajiv Gandhi assasination was the work of the LTTE/MOSSAD.........beause he wanted to cut the foreign arms supply to the region, especially Israeli arms sales)

Goaded and helped by MI6 and Britain's colonial geostrategists, the ISI did its best to create chaos within Punjab during that period. At the time that the Khalistani movement had grown dangerous following the Indian Army's raid of the Golden Temple, the holiest of holy Sikh shrine in Amritsar, and of the assassination of Indira Gandhi, the Pakistani ISI chief was Lt. Gen. Hamid Gul, who is now leading the charge on behalf of the Pakistani Taliban to undermine Pakistan's sovereignty.

According to an Indian intelligence analyst, in 1988, when Benazir Bhutto became prime minister, Gul justified backing the Khalistani terrorists as the only way to preempt a fresh Indian threat to Pakistan's territorial integrity. When Mrs. Bhutto asked Gul to stop playing that card, he reportedly told her: "Madam, keeping Punjab destabilized is equivalent to the Pakistan Army having an extra division at no cost to the taxpayers." Gul strongly advocated supporting indigenous Kashmiri groups, but was against infiltrating Pakistani and Afghan mercenaries into Jammu and Kashmir. He believed Pakistan would play into India's hands by doing so, the analyst pointed out.

The Kingpin

This brings us to the leading collaborator of the British MI6 within Pakistan, Lt. Gen. Hamid Gul. Driven by his anti-India zeal, and now, with an equally zealous Islamic fervor, Gul is perhaps the most dangerous individual in Pakistan today. As his support for the Pakistani Taliban is expected to unleash more violence in the coming days, Gul will become even more powerful.

( But he is no longer in power.........he left his position many years ago.........Many Pakistani generals display anti India zeal, not just Hamid Gul..........Musharaf was pretty anti India..........come to think of it I don't think there are any Pakistani generals with a modicum of toleration for India ......they are seething with jealousy at India's economic success, and the greater importance being given to India because of this growing economic and military strength........How do you translate the recent Kiyani visit to China? Anti Indian or an attempt to gage greater reliance on China at the expense of the USA 'ally' or both )

It is widely acknowledged, even by the CIA, that Gul played a key role in helping to train and arm the Afghan Taliban in the 1990s. He had extensive liaison with Osama bin Laden, now hated, but liked immensely earlier by the CIA-MI6-ISI trio, while that Yemeni-Saudi was in Afghanistan.

Since the Lal Masjid raid by the Pakistani Army at the behest of President Musharraf last July, to free the mosque of jihadis and Pakistani Taliban, Gul has become violently anti-Musharraf. The July 15, 2007 London Times reported comments by Gul following the Lal Masjid conflict: "The government is trying to hide the number of young girls killed. As the truth comes out that young girls were gassed and burnt, riddled with bullets and killed, it'll be bad for Musharraf."

BBC reported Gul's views on jihad, criticizing Musharraf for seeking to stop jihadists, and challenging: "Who is Pervez Musharraf to say we should stop Jihad, when the Koran says it and when the United Nations Charter backs it up? Musharraf says: 'Stop the jihad, do this, that and the other.' No, no, no. He cannot. There is a clear-cut Koranic injunction."

( In all armies there are nutjob generals......people who are a bit "out there" and not in the real world............you spend a lifetime on security, security, security...........and it is normal for the weaker men to seccumb to extremism, such as Hamid Gul...........Pakistan does not need Islam, Pakistan needs good clean efficient government..........More Islam of Hamid Gul's variety destabilises the country and helps revive the 2001 plan for a joint USA/India/Israeli/UK invasion of Pakistan...........moderation; legitimacy and good governance)

UPI and the Washington Times have quoted Gul's interview in Pakistan's Urdu newspaper Nawa-e-Waqt where he stated: "The leadership vacuum created by the sad demise of [Palestinian] President [Yasser] Arafat can only be filled by Osama bin Laden and [Taliban leader] Mullah [Mohammad] Omar, the real leaders that are the only dedicated individuals with the mass support of the Muslim world."

It is likely that Gul was directly involved in the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. Bhutto had contended that the rise of extremism in Pakistan could not have happened without support from government agencies, including the military and the powerful ISI. She added that, though Baitullah Mahsud, the frontman of the MI6 and the ISI in the TTP, had reportedly threatened to send suicide bombers against her if she returned to Pakistan, the real danger came from extremist elements within the government that were opposed to her return.


"I'm not worried about Mahsud, I'm worried about the threat within the government," she told the London Guardian. "People like Mahsud are just pawns. It is the forces behind them that have presided over the rise of extremism and militancy in my country."

(And so the hotel Marriot Bombing)

Despite his inciting speeches and his role on behalf of the terrorists masquerading as jihadis, Gul remains virtually untouchable. Following the imposition of a state of emergency by President Musharraf on Nov. 3, 2007, Gul had demonstrated against the Presidential order. He was arrested, but Musharraf had to release him within two weeks. It is evident that Hamid Gul has become too powerful and that he enjoys high-level protection. Cui bono?


Are Coalition Forces Really under pressure----the FACTS.

Several senior officials in America say that the 70,000-80,000 Coalition forces that are based in Afghanistan are under severe threats of attacks based in the FATA region of Pakistan...............is this true? Do the actual FACTS in Afghanistan match the rhetoric from the USA?

The hysteria being fomented in the MSM and alternative press that the situation in Afghanistan is getting dire, because of the activities of the Taliban against the Afghan government. Even the NIE has joined in the chorus to say the situation in Afghanistan for the Coalition forces are getting desperate. Such reports in the media of course invite some kind of response to do something against this alleged rising tide of violence against the Coalition. That usually means a call to, and pressure to, on the USA administration:

1) Increase the troop levels in Afghanistan....thus more coalition forces and the doubling of the Afghan army from the present 70,000 to 135,000.

2) Physically intervene in Pakistani soil, in hot pursuit of the Taliban, and to put greater pressure of the Pakistani government to breaking point; to the point where the 'relationship' is severely strained.

But the facts tell us a different story. The Afghan Taliban is about 8,000 strong, but nobody is sure of its actual size. Against them are arrayed a large mixed bag of forces consisting of coalition forces from the West 70,000--80,000 and the Afghan security forces and militia of about 230,000 and increasing daily.

That is a ratio of
1:37 between the Afghan Taliban and the Afghan government security forces, warlord militia's loyal to the government and the coalition forces.

Now it could be that the Afghan Taliban are another version of Hezbollah, or the 300 Spartans, or the Mermedons of Greek Fable. But the FACTS say that every encounter between the Afghan Taliban and government security forces has ended in a turkey shoot against the Afghan Taliban......these are the FACTS...

The casualty rate of Coalition forces over 7 years is about 800 soldiers killed, or about 115 a year if evened out over 7 years of occupation. Check it yourself. When you consider that the American armed forces lose several thousand soldiers during peace time each year, and no hysteria there by the government officials........then why this hysteria NOW in relation to the minuscule loses in Afghanistan relative to Iraq and over all peacetime loses? " The attacks from FATA pose a grave threat...the end of the world is neigh blah blah blah......" "We must intervene in another sovereign country"

The Soviets didn't pursue the Mujaheddin into Pakistan, where they were openly being trained by the Pakistanis, Israelis and others. The Soviets lost or missing in action of about 20,000, or 2,500 troops a year. The British army didn't hot pursue the IRA into Ireland even though over 3,000 British lives were lost....................Prominent British figures, including a Prime Minister was targeted.

So why this unique American International law exceptionalism in relation to FATA?

1. Political and media pressure....to do something......to help McCain maybe?

2. To slowly get at the Pakistani nuke bombs......seems the most plausible answer.

3. The Taliban is a rag tag ineffective militia created by America through the good offices of their servant service the ISI from 1994.........it is a controlled opposition operation, and not a real resistance movement.

4. The only people suffering in Afghanistan are the ordinary Afghan people from Coalition violence, and gross mismanagement from a central corrupt government, run by Drug related criminals..........the alleged increase in violence against Coalition forces is total Bullshit. More rectum talk. That is why you have 250,000 Coalition and mercenary forces in Iraq with casualty rates of 4,200 killed over 5 years, and 70,000-80,000 Coalition forces in Afghanistan with casualty rate of 800 so far over 7 years.


One hopes the good Afghan people find their 'liberation' from this coalition force occupation soon, they have experienced much sorrow over 30 years approaching due to the activities of foreign forces, but it will never come through the fake ISI/American inspired Afghan Taliban.

Sarah Palin is Jewish.

According to
Judicial-inc.biz Sarah Palin is Jewish. In Jewish law if your mother is Jewish, so are you............Under Jewish law both her parents seem to be Jewish. So we have two running mates, Vice-Presidency candidates who are both Jewish. This would answer some of her foreign policy positions which are identical to Israel's aspirations.

Jews in Eastern Europe, Spain, Portugal (Morrano) 'converted' to Catholicism to: 1. Avoid persecution 2. Infiltrat host societes, which they otherwise couldn't have done as Jews.........John Kerry.....Madeline Albright......so on.

But as with Teddy Roosevelt who was the first American President to boost American foreign intervention significantly, as VP, secretary of the navy from 1898, after his friends bumped McKinley....... down to Bush junior (another Crypto-Jew affecting an OTT WASP-ish image, love of country-NOT, GOD fearing--NOT, simple countryside salt of the earth honest-NOT, family man loyal to his kith and kin-NOT, True Texan--NOT) ..............showing hard basic WASP'ish characteristics seems to be the thing to do to hide their Jewish lust for Protocol types of empire......and the insatiable desire to run and control everything.

Because their local rabbi told them, and their Talmud said that the earth is their's to own, and the rest of humanity is stupid goyim to be manipulated and used. This is the number one challenge for humanity........NOT climate change, over population, resources scarcity................this is the main issue......to make sure Jews like Palin, Bush, Kissinger, Holbrooke, and the rest of em see sense....and that the earth was never theirs to own.....otherwise if GOD really believed it to be so, GOD would have given them control of the earth a long time ago, and not in the twilight of humanity's existence on earth.

It Appears Palin May Be Jewish

Palin's Maternal Grandfather And Grandmother

Her maternal grandfather, Schmuel Sheigam, was a Lithuanian Jew, born in 1912 in Vilkaviskis, Lithuania, 91.2 miles west of Vilnius. The Sheigam family immigrated to America, via Hamburg, Germany in 1915 because of WWI. The grandmother was a Jewess named Gower.

The Names Are Altered

At Ellis Island Immigration Centre, the name was entered as Sheeran, a standard practice of the time when immigration officers were unable to understand the pronunciation of non-English speaking immigrants. Sheeran is a common Irish name but members of the Sheigam family are buried in the Jewish cemetery at Budezeriai near Vilkaviskis:in Lithuania


Further information on Governor Palin’s ancestors can easily be found in the vital records in the Lithuanian State Historical Archives in Vilnius. The Archives holds birth, marriage, divorce, and death records for the Lithuanian Jewish community from 1851 until 1915 when the Jews were required to leave the country because of World War I. They are in 18th Century Cyrillic script and Yiddish Many of these records include the mother's maiden name and town of registration.

Palin's Paternal Grandfather And Grandmother

The grandmother's name was Coleman, and Palin's father looks to have Ashkazian blood.

Is Sarah Palin Jewish?

Yes and No. She is a fundamentalist Christian, but her mother was Jewish. Sarah Sheerhan, Palin's mother married Charles Heath, an evangelical, who instilled a strong religious faith in the family

She was not a supporter of Pat Buchanan's presidential bid in 2000, as some Democratic partisans have falsely claimed. Buchanan, a very conservative Catholic, is not popular among most Jewish voters due to his far right-wing views on the relationship between church and state, his occasional positive statements on the Nazi movement, and his lack of support for Israel. In 2000 Palin supported Steve Forbes, not Buchanan.

Palin's Initial Backers

Palin was first introduced to politics by two Jewish fellas, Mayor John Stein, and police chief Irving Staumbaugh. They all meet at the local gym and worked out together. Stambaugh, the police chief and a member of Palin's step-aerobics class.


"I wanted to meet you for many years," Ms. Palin told Mr. Peres, according to an aide to the president. "The only flag at my office is an Israeli flag," she was quoted as saying, "and I want you to know and I want Israelis to know that I am a friend."


More from Judicial-inc.biz

" Your a Yenta?"

Palin Says She Backs Israel's Strike On Iran

Israel is the "good guy" in the Middle East, Sarah Palin said, repeating her assertion that the United States should not second-guess its Iran strategies.

Interviewer Katie Couric pressed Palin on her earlier insistence that the United States should not second-guess Israel even if it were to strike Iran to prevent it from getting a nuclear weapon.

"We shouldn’t second-guess Israel's security efforts because we cannot ever afford to send a message that we would allow a second Holocaust," Palin said. (Assuming the first Holocaust actually happened) "They are our closest ally in the Middle East and they need us we need them and we shouldn't second-guess them." (Like the Titanic needed the iceberg)

Palin said the United States would naturally consult with Israel on such matters, but added that it was Israel's right "to fight against a regime like Iran who would seek to wipe them off the earth."(Like the proverbial tail wagging the dog)

She added: "It is obvious to me who are the good guys and who are the bad guys."


The False Flag op in Islamabad.

According to this article in Judicial-Inc.biz it is the Israelis who carried out the false flag op of the Marriot hotel in Islamabad.

How is that possible? How can Israel have access to such a sensitive part of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan? Not too far away from the Supreme Court and Parliament.

The Israelis have targeted Pakistan for quite a while.

1. Of the que from the first Israeli PM David Ben-Gurion that Islamic Pakistan, founded on Islam presented a threat to Israel. Through 'Crisis management' Israel will conduct her foreign policy around the world........false flag ops........Lavon Affair, King David Hotel, USS Liberty, the attack against American ambassador John Gunther Dean, a Jew, in Lebanon in 1982............so on.

2. When Pakistan in the 1970's proclaimed loudly to the world that Pakistanis would even eat grass if that was the sacrifice needed to produce an 'Islamic bomb' 1974. PM Zulifikar Ali Bhutto speech. Israel's ears were pricked. Henry Kissinger was dispatched to Islamabad immediately to make vague threats...........

3. The Coup of 1977 in Pakistan, engineered by the Americans for Israel, and the execution of Bhutto in 1979.

4. Requests to India to conduct joint aerial attacks against Pakistan's nuclear facilities in the 1980's with the Israeli IAF. India declined.

5. The Israelis developing closer links with RAW in the eighties.......they are very close now.

6. Developing closer links with the Pakistani ISI in the 1980's, via the Americans and possibly Turkey. By the mid 1980's the MOSSAD were in Pakistani soil training the Afghan Mujaheddin, and generally controlling the huge arms flow to the mujaheddin with their ISI contacts. The fact that Israel was planning to attack Pakistan's nuclear facilities in joint operations with India at the same time, was something Pakistan's ISI were blissfully unaware.

7. The killing of the entire top brass of the Pakistan military in 1988, either by MOSSAD, or through American assistance.

8. The creation of the al-Qaeda myth, and the Taliban through the ISI in the 1990's, to create a causus belli to attack Muslim countries including Pakistan in the future. On the 'surface' the Clinton administration explained to 'liberal western educated' Benazir in 1994 that supporting the weird extremist Taliban would be in Pakistan's best interest, strategic depth and all that American based Bull Shit, and Benazir said Thank you sahib you are sooo kind and helpful.

9. The creation of a narcotics business worth tens of billions of $ from Afghanistan, into Pakistani based refineries, and then the heroin exported through Karachi to Europe especially, and a little bit to America------MOSSAD/ISI business...............and another avenue through which MOSSAD has infiltrated Pakistan.

10. If we observe 9/11 which was essentially an Israeli operation, but we also note the prominent role Pakistan played at various levels..............The ISI, at least on the surface.

11. If we observe Israel and nuclear bomb programs viz Iran, a nation which doesn't have a nuclear bomb and doesn't seem to be too interested either, we can observe how paranoiac and pathological the Jew can be against a nation which doesn't even have nuclear bombs....so translate the Jew feelings towards Pakistan's nuclear bombs which do exist, along the Iran parameters.

12. The Jew is a curiosity to me.............maybe I am not smart enough to understand them....we find through the revelations of Sibel Edmonds that Israel, with their agents in America operated a vast nuclear arms and industry black market, with linkages to Pakistan AQ Khan etc.....another linkage between MOSSAD and ISI.

13. The assassination of Benazir Bhutto, may be an ISI/MOSSAD work, to put Musharaf on the defensive, and make him irrelevant, and remove him from power. Although Musharaf had developed friendly relations with the Israelis shaking hands with Sharon in 2005 at the sidelines of the UN, and later Ehud Barak the Israeli defence minister, giving clappy happy interviews in the Jewish media in America.........he never the less may have been perceived as an obstacle for Israel, in his way of exercising a firm security grip over the country of Pakistan, and presenting a form of stability and progress.......whereas the Israelis want a narrative of Pakistan as a nation which is a failed state which can't be trusted with its nuke bombs and America had better secure them before they fall into the wrong hands. Zardari their gangster puppet can now oblige them with that narrative.

14. If Israel wants to attack Iran perhaps with bunker busters nukes, obviously they have to factor in Pakistan's response if the conflict escalates into a wider regional war......and hence the need to get at those nukes.

15. So these are the combination's of means and motives by Israel against Pakistan and they are pretty strong over a very long period of time. From the above FACTS
(except 13 and 14) we can deduce that the ISI does not necessarily work in the best interests of Pakistan, but does what ever it thinks is profitable for their members.....in essence a criminal rogue enterprise that does not serve Pakistan's interests. The ISI would be a prime candidate for the Marriot Hotel bombing...with the MOSSAD. The ISI together with MOSSAD would be a prime candidate for the attacks against various military installation of late in Pakistan, and the attacks against military personnel.

I'll get to the reasons for the attack later.......first are there any other candidates?


Some say that it was the ISI again with British intelligence.

How is that possible?

1. The British ruled this part of the world from 1830---1947. During that time they developed a lot of local linkages for intelligence purposes. The British Raj also had an intelligence service directed from Delhi by British officers. An awful lot of the local intelligence operatives were Muslims from the Punjab and NWFP in the British Raj intelligence service actively involved in the Great Game against Czarist Russia or in British operations against the Ottoman empire, Persia and the Gulf, where being Muslim would be an asset, besides knowing the local tongue ( a prerequisite for an intelligence officer)............so a close relationship over a long period of time developed between the two.

2. Britain assisted in the creation of the Muslim league in 1905 to counter the growing power of the Congress party, and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in the 1920's..........the spiritual father of al-Qaeda the nonexistent organization, from where the number two comes from. Britain by creating and assisting the Muslim League during WW II, de facto created the state of Pakistan, to clip India's wings.

3. Britain helped create Pakistan's ISI in 1948.

4. According to Peter Goodgame Britain's intelligence services exercise primarily control over the ISI, still, because of the historical linkages. An extract from his book is posted here:

Afghanistan, Pakistan, the ISI and the BCCI

By Peter Goodgame from his book,
The Globalists and the Islamists: Formenting a clash of civilisation for new world order.

On July 3, 1979, at the insistence of advisors such as Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Carter signed a directive authorizing covert aid to the fundamentalist opponents of the ruling communist regime in Afghanistan (1). This move was understood as one that would likely lead to direct Soviet intervention and that is exactly what happened on December 24 of that year when, after being invited by the Afghani government, the Russian military took up positions to protect government assets from rebel attacks.

From the beginning of the Afghan War the CIA partnered with Pakistani Intelligence (ISI) and funded the rebel mujahedin fighters. Today it is generally understood that radical Islam received its biggest boost as a result of the mujahedin's successful jihad against Soviet forces, and when the Soviets retreated from Afghan territory in early 1989 the country was left with tens of thousands of unemployed Islamic mercenaries who then turned their attention to the West.

The history of Afghanistan has always been closely connected with Pakistan, a region formerly colonized by Britain. British involvement in the subcontinent goes back as far as the early years of the seventeenth century when British East India Company merchants were allowed to establish trading posts by the the Emperor Jahangir of the Islamic Mughal Empire. Direct British rule in India is generally seen as beginning in 1757 when BEIC forces led by Robert Clive defeated the army of the Nawab of Bengal at the Battle of Plessey. In 1803 British control over the subcontinent increased even further when the rulers of the Mughal Empire became pensioners of the BEIC. The Indus River Valley, the center of modern Pakistan, was brought under British control through the successful campaign of 1848-1849 that conquered the Sikh empire, giving the British the Punjab. Since then the regions that are today India and Pakistan were ruled by Britain continuously until the British Empire withdrew and created the two nations in 1947.

When Britain withdrew a number of British officers remained behind to help shepherd (and control) the emerging Pakistani Army. One of these was Major General Walter Joseph Cawthorn who, as Deputy Chief of Staff of the Pakistani Army established Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) in 1948. Cawthorn was an Australian-born British Intelligence (MI-6) agent who had directed operations in the Middle East, Indian, and Southeast Asian bureaus from 1939-1945. He became Sir Cawthorn in 1958 when he was knighted by the British Crown, and later he served in Australia as head of their Secret Intelligence Service (2). Pakistan's ISI was originally a military intelligence agency created to help defend Pakistan in the early wars against India over Kashmir and other border issues, but over the years it has grown to become Pakistan's version of the CIA, and it has continually maintained close ties with British Intelligence.

The power of the ISI increased for its first twenty years until the emergence of Pakistan's first popularly elected civilian leader, the socialist Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in 1971. Bhutto immediately displayed the same nationalistic characteristics as Nasser, Mossadegh and the Shah and his regime fell out of favor with the British government and the West. In 1972 Bhutto withdrew his country from the British Commonwealth of Nations and he pursued closer relations with Russia, China and the Arab states.

In 1977 the inevitable coup took place, and President Bhutto was overthrown by General Zia Ul-Haq, who had been appointed to Chief of the Army Staff by Bhutto in 1976 at the insistence of Gulam Jilani Khan, the longstanding Director General of the ISI. Bhutto comments at great length on his constant struggles with, and betrayal by, the ISI in his book If I Am Assassinated, penned from his Pakistani prison cell. He also relates how Kissinger threatened him for pushing forward on Pakistan's nuclear power program, telling him, "We will make an example of you!" He was. Bhutto was executed in 1978 after being subjected to a sham trial, despite the objections of heads of state from around the globe. (3)

A radical spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood had this to say several years later, "The Brotherhood has taken over in Iran and Pakistan. Bhutto stood for intrusion of the West into Islam. Bhutto was everything that Pakistan was not. That is why we killed him. And we will use his death as a warning to others." (3a)

Britain's relation with the Pakistan underworld becomes clear with a look back at the BCCI scandal. The Bank of Credit and Commerce International was the first Third World multinational bank, created in 1972 by Pakistani banker Agha Hasan Abedi. It was initially funded by Sheik Zayed of Abu Dhabi, and from a $2.5 million operation it grew to be worth $23 billion when it was finally shut down in 1991. It was created just in time to take advantage of the river of cash that was flowing into the Middle East through the oil industry.

One of BCCI's early moves to gain international influence was its purchase in 1976 of 85% of the Banque de Commerce et Placements (BCP) of Geneva, Switzerland. After the BCCI took over this bank it installed Alfred Hartmann as manager. Hartmann then became the chief financial officer for BCC Holding and thus one of BCCI's most influential directors. Hartmann was a member of the British banking establishment through his connections with the Rothschild family, being a member of the board of directors of N.M. Rothschild and Sons, London, and president of Rothschild Bank AG of Zurich. (4)

BCCI was initially incorporated in Luxembourg, famous for its lax banking restrictions, and soon branches and holding companies sprouted up around the globe: in the Cayman Islands, the Netherlands Antilles, Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, Washington DC and just about everywhere else. However, by 1980, when the BCCI finally applied for and received a license from the Bank of England, there were already more branches in the UK than in any other nation. In fact, one of BCCI's primary economics advisors was the former British Prime Minister (1976-79) Lord James Callaghan (5). The BCCI may have been created by a Pakistani, but in the end it was a British-based and British-controlled bank.

Over the years the BCCI became involved in just about every type of illicit transaction that a bank could be involved in including drug money laundering, weapons dealing, bribery, fraud, etc. It was used extensively by the CIA throughout its history, it played a part in the Iran-Contra scandal, it was a bank used by the Medellin Colombian cocaine cartel, and a branch was even set up in Panama for the cash that Manuel Noriega was funneling out of his country. After BCCI was shut down the UK's The Guardian newspaper reported that the terrorist Abu Nidal had maintained BCCI accounts. Jonathan Beaty and S.C. Gwynne, the Time reporters who covered the scandal write,

"According to The Guardian's sources, the Nidal group had long used a London branch of BCCI to move the money it used to mount attacks on Western targets, and MI5 -- the English equivalent of the CIA -- had known about the accounts. There seemed to be no doubt that the BCCI bankers knew exactly who they were dealing with: One of the bankers at the London branch described how anxious they had been to provide every service to the terrorists in order to keep their multibillion-dollar accounts." (6)

However, the main purpose of the BCCI, and the reason behind its meteoric rise, was its connection to the ISI and the mujahedin fighting the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. After Zia replaced Bhutto as Pakistan's president he appointed his friend Fazle Haq to be the governor of Pakistan's North-West Frontier Province in 1978. This is the area that borders Afghanistan through which tons of drugs and weapons were smuggled over the Khyber Pass. Fazle Haq was an important friend and backer of BCCI's founder Abedi, and the BCCI was used to launder untold millions of ISI narcotics revenues (7).

Coincidentally, in 1983 the British-based World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) suggested that two national parks be created in Pakistan's northwest, and although rather thin in natural wildlife the preserves proved to be excellent for poppy growing and for staging mujahedin incursions into Afghanistan. (8)

Former Senate investigator Jack Blum said this about the BCCI's connection to the Afghan war during his testimony to the U.S. Congress,

"This bank was a product of the Afghan War and people very close to the mujahideen have said that many Pakistani military officials who were deeply involved in assisting and supporting the Afghan rebel movement were stealing our foreign assistance money and using BCCI to hide the money they stole; to market American weapons that were to be delivered that they stole; and to market and manage funds that came from the selling of heroin that was apparently engineered by one of the mujahideen groups." (9)

When General Zia took over Pakistan all of the pieces were in place to begin the massive drug running, fraud and swindling operation that was the Afghan War. According to Beaty and Gwynne, Zia already had a "close and cooperative relationship" with BCCI founder Agha Hasan Abedi when he took power (10). The triangle of General Zia's government, the ISI (who had empowered Zia) and the BCCI then proceeded to run the Afghan mujahedin uprising for the CIA, with input from above from British Intelligence. Over the course of the Afghan war up to $5 billion of American taxpayer aid was funneled into the war effort, and through the duration Pakistan's ISI trained about 83,000 Muslim mujahedin fighters.

Britain's role in promoting the Afghan experiment was crucial, although now it is often overlooked. Almost immediately after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan Lord Nicholas Bethell, a career British Intelligence agent, formed Radio Free Kabul as a voice for the mujahedin. Bethell had been involved with Russian and Mid-East operations his entire career, and he was a close friend of British spy Kim Philby. Other members of Radio Free Kabul included Winston Churchill III, former Foreign Secretary Baron Chalfont, Lord Morrison of Lambeth the former head of the Foreign Office, and British Intelligence official Ray Whitney. In 1981 Lord Bethell accompanied Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher on a tour of the U.S. to drum up support for the resistance, and together they met with over 60 congressmen and senators, eventually leading to the creation of the US-based Committee for a Free Afghanistan which continually lobbied in support of the mujahedin. (11)

Another British creation was Afghan Aid UK, first set up in Peshawar, Pakistan by the wife of British journalist John Fullerton. This group's primary sponsor was Britain's Viscount Cranbourne, who later testified before the U.S. Congress Special Joint Task Force on Afghanistan to lobby for US support. His organization was granted substantial funding by the British government and by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). (11)

Britain lobbied to create a war in Afghanistan, they wanted American taxpayers to pay for it, and they manipulated the financial situation so that they might profit from it. The BCCI was shut down by the Bank of England in 1991 only after the Russian withdrawal, and only then because of the courageous campaigning of a handful of American investigators. Beaty and Gwynne write,

"Though the Bank of England had pulled the trigger on BCCI on July 5, 1991, and had thereby started a global chain reaction that had smashed Agha Hasan Abedi's brainchild into tiny pieces, it had done so only reluctantly and only after waiting an extraordinary amount of time. It had been cowardly rather than heroic; it had moved only when forced to do so by a formidable U.S. alliance between the Federal Reserve Bank and the Manhattan district attorney." (12)

The final U.S. congressional report on the BCCI affair states,
"By agreement, the Bank of England had in effect entered into a plan with BCCI, Abu Dhabi and Price Waterhouse in which they would keep the true state of affairs at BCCI secret in return for cooperation with one another in trying to avoid a catastrophic multibillion-dollar collapse. From April 1990 forward, the Bank of England had now inadvertently become partner to a cover-up of BCCI's criminality." (13)

BCCI was the favored bank for Middle Eastern terrorists and arms and drug runners, South American drug cartels, organized crime lords, and even for intelligence services such as the ISI, Mossad, MI6 and the CIA. In fact then-CIA assistant director Robert Gates once referred to BCCI jokingly as the "Bank of Crooks and Criminals" (14). For at least a decade British authorities allowed it to run amuck out of their living room and after it's fall important records were sealed away and kept from American investigators. When the scandal broke the media backlash focused primarily on BCCI's American links and the CIA, but only because of the British establishment's secrecy and expertise in damage control. It's likely that the whole truth will never be known.

As the war in Afghanistan wound down and the Russian withdrawal became inevitable, the situation became much more complex. American support for the mujahedin dropped off as the CIA tried to resist the establishment of a fanatical Afghani government. New warlords emerged and other avenues of drug smuggling were increasingly utilized, through Iran and through the southern Soviet republics. The dwindling supply of U.S. Government money and arms, coupled with a decreasing supply of drug cash, helped along the BCCI decline.

This brings us to focus on the drug industry and the impact it has had in shaping Afghanistan. Peter Dale Scott, Alfred W. McCoy and Michael C. Ruppert are three authorities in this area. In brief, the conclusion reached by the experiences and research of these men is that drugs (most notably cocaine and heroin) are controlled commodities, just like oil, gold and diamonds, with intricate Western-supported systems of production, distribution and cash flow. Today the global drug industry generates about $600 Billion a year, and the vast majority of this cash is funneled (laundered) into Anglo-American banks and/or Wall Street. These researchers allege that one of the most important tasks of Western intelligence services has been to make sure that the flow of drug cash back into the Anglo-American financial system continues unimpeded. (And yes, the London-based BCCI was, for all intents and purposes, an Anglo-American bank.)

Whatever the case may be, it is worth pointing out that when Britain and the CIA became involved in Afghanistan the production of opium skyrocketed. From an estimated harvest of only 100 tons per year in the early seventies, opium production went up to 300 tons in 1982 and then to 575 tons in 1983. By the late eighties, near the end of the war, Afghani opium poppy production had reached an estimated 1600 tons per year. (15)

The CIA's drug racket was so successful that by 1981 Afghanistan supplied about 60% of America's heroin from contributing an almost negligible amount just two years previously. The crops were grown in Afghanistan, synthesized into heroin in labs on both sides of the Pak-Afghan border, and then smuggled into the US and Europe. General Zia's government was drowning in a sea of heroin as well, despite the international accolades he was receiving for simultaneously reducing the poppy crop on his side of the border, and Pakistan's heroin-addict population grew from about 5,000 in 1981 to over 1.2 million by 1985. (16)

It is also worth noting that the US-led war on the Taliban regime occurred after one of the most successful poppy-eradication programs ever seen. In July of 2000 Mullah Omar placed a ban on poppy growing and by February of 2001 UN drug control officials were able to confirm that poppy production had come to a virtual standstill in Taliban-controlled areas. Was the expected loss of drug-revenue an added incentive for the West to remove the Taliban? Does this explain why Afghan farmers have had little resistance in their quick return to their favorite cash crop after the Taliban's demise? (17)

When the CIA became involved in Afghanistan they were almost entirely dependent on their ISI contacts within Pakistan for intelligence and for guidance in directing the war effort. As the war evolved American support was channeled, at the behest of the ISI, to a group of seven independent Afghani mujahedin warlords who became known as the Peshawar Seven.

Eventually one of the seven, a warlord by the name of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, emerged as the primary recipient of American aid, despite his communist past, his radical view of Islam and his blatant anti-Americanism. Hekmatyar had been an engineering student at Kabul University, and then he had trained at the Kabul Military Academy before being kicked out. Hekmatyar became affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood in the early '70s, and by the time of the Afghan war he had emerged as the leader of a group called Hezb-i-Islami, or Party of Islam, even though he had never received a classical Islamic education. Over the years his followers became known for their strict Muslim fanaticism (they were notorious for throwing acid on the faces of women who refused to wear a veil), and Hekmatyar became Afghanistan's biggest opium producer. He possessed thousands of acres of poppy fields and, according to McCoy, he owned at least six heroin laboratories on the Pakistan side of the Khyber Pass. (18)

In March of 1990 the US House Republican Research Committee of the Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare submitted a 19-page report that criticized the CIA for its dealings with Hekmatyar's "Party of Islam" and for covering up the problems that his group had created. Over time it has emerged that Hekmatyar was an ISI asset who laundered his money through BCCI, and also cooperated with the Russian KGB to ensure his status as the most powerful warlord among many rivals.

Jeffrey Steinberg of EIR sums it up,

"Although American diplomats and intelligence officers posted in Pakistan often warned of Hekmatyar's strong anti-western and pro-Iranian views, speculated about possible Soviet KGB links, and even acknowledged his undisputed status as Afghanistan's "heroin king," his forces received the largest portion of American and other international military support throughout the Afghan War. Intelligence reports back to Washington about the progress of the war were notoriously biased, and filled with disinformation portraying Hekmatyar's mujahideen as the most successful fighters. Often the reports to the Pentagon and the CIA were identical to the reports prepared by British intelligence—complete with the same spelling and typographical errors. More reliable on-the-scene reports indicated that Hekmatyar spent more time and effort fighting rival mujahideen groups than battling the Soviets." (19)

The ISI's spin on the situation comes through in the book Afghanistan: The Bear Trap, in which Brigadier Mohammed Yousaf, the former head of the ISI's Afghan Bureau, (co-written with a former British Army officer), describes Hekmatyar as "scrupulously honest" and the toughest and most vigorous mujahedin leader. Yousaf was the ISI's director of the mujahedin and he argues that the war was drawn out longer than necessary because the United States did not give Hekmatyar and the Islamists enough support, which began to fade in the late '80s while the Soviets still occupied Afghanistan. Yousef resents the fact that the CIA did not give the Islamists an overwhelming victory, even though the Taliban eventually emerged after several years of civil war. (20)

Yousef's point of view can be compared to the 1990 US House Republican Report which is covered in this article by journalist Imran Akbar of The News International, which also details the suspected KGB links maintained by Hekmatyar.

After the Taliban took power Hekmatyar was forced to flee to Iran. In February of this year the Iranian government shut down his operations in Iran and expelled him back to Afghanistan. Hekmatyar has been as outspoken as ever in his anti-American views, offering reward money for the killing of American troops and calling the new US-installed Afghan government illegitimate. In May the CIA reportedly tried to assassinate him with a missile fired from an unmanned Predator drone as he and his entourage journeyed near Kabul. This ISI favorite remains one of the most dangerous players in Afghanistan today. (21)

In his book Yousef also goes to great lengths to make it clear that American personnel were never involved in training any of the Afghan mujahedin,

"Up to the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan in early 1989, no American or Chinese instructor was ever involved in giving training on any kind of weapon or equipment to the Mujahideen. Even with the heavier and more sophisticated weapons systems... it was always our Pakistani teams who trained the Mujahideen. This was a deliberate, carefully considered policy that we steadfastly refused to change despite mounting pressure from the CIA, and later from the US Defense Department, to allow them to take it over. From the start the Americans wanted to be directly involved with the distribution of the weapons, the operational planning of operations and the training of guerillas. From the start, until the last Soviet soldier quit the country, we successfully resisted." [emphasis added] (22)

Other than being financier and armament supplier, the American CIA was out of the loop. It was Yousef's ISI that ran the Afghan jihad against the Soviets, and it was the ISI that channeled CIA support to the most undesirable Afghan warlords. What becomes clear after reviewing the record of this era is that the ISI's agenda, and that of the Afghan War in general, was set to a far greater degree by the British than it was by the CIA. The British had formulated and promoted the plan for American involvement; they maintained close relations with the ISI that ran the war; they controlled the bank that largely benefited from it; and when the war was over they welcomed into Britain the many mujahedin veterans who applied for British asylum.

( bloggers note: The Islamic fundamentalists that killed the 270 intellectuals in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 13th December 1971 as a last farewell gesture by the Pakistanis towards their Muslim brethren in the East, were also granted asylum in the UK, including their leader Moinuddin Chaudhuri who until a tv expose, was running one of the largest mosques in the UK; invited to 10 Downing street and shook hands with the British PM, John Major, and Prince Charles but not clear if he was given the MBE/OBE. Obviously based on these facts above and the bloggers perception, the relationship of 'Pagal bacha' Islamic fundamentalists and the ISI, with the British as 'guiding light' pre-dates the ISI relationship with the 'Pagal bacha' under American encouragement from July 1979.)

Osama bin Laden was one of these veterans and in early 1994 he purchased an estate and lived for a short while in the London suburb of Wembley. During his time in London he established his Advice and Reformation Committee to oversee his economic network, and he solidified his propoganda links to the Western world through his connections with London's Sheikh Omar Bakri and with Abdel Bari Atwan, the editor of al-Quds al-Arabi, one of the most influential Arabic-language newspapers in the world. Yossef Bodansky, author of the best-selling biography of bin Laden writes that, "By the time bin Laden left London, he had consolidated a comprehensive system of entities with a solid -though clandestine- source of funding. This London-based data-dissemination system still works efficiently." (Written in 1999). (23)


5. According to author Salman Rushdie writing in essays in the early 1980's, there is still a deep nostalgia among the elite of Britain for the British Empire, that evil enterprise that killed 30 million Indians and stole upwards of $1 trillion worth of Indian assets. Very strangely membership of the British Commonwealth, which is a celebration of the British empire, has been increasing not decreasing as one might think............clearly someone is working hard to maintain the vestiges of the empire. There are 8,000 British troops in Afghanistan lurking in the country, and training former Taliban members.......The British ambassador in Kabul in the past has expressed a desire to turn Afghanistan into a defacto colony with the British presence there for 30-40 years....."Anyone for the Raj...Jolly good show what!" The profits from the Opium isn't harming them either.

So what would the motivations be of this attack against the hotel?

Well it looks like a combination of :

1. An expression of power by foreign entities....."We can attack you, so close to sensitive parts of your country, in your capital, near the Supreme Court, Parliament and Presidents residence.

2. An act of desperation, in that Pakistan might for once could be changing her security orientation significantly away from the West, and towards China more decisively, as a result of the problems in FATA and the occupation of Afghanistan by foreign forces.

3. As a Threat, to gain greater cooperation with the Jew policy of destabilizing Pakistan, and allowing foreign troops on Pakistani soil.

Against who in Pakistan is it directed?

Obviously not President Zardari, the gangster is their installed agent and doesn't require a lot of persuasion to sell his country to Israel. Some of his inner cabinet members are friends of Israel, and like closer links. Just give him a cut from the heroin trade, and throw in two more blond bimbo's and he's happy. He is clappy happy in New York having a ball just two days after such a serious incident in his country.........no emergencies, no nothing as if business as usual.

This operation was directed against the military and bureaucrats of Pakistan, in their city, to cooperate with the Jewish agenda for Pakistan; allow foreign troops on Pakistan soil, and help them destabilize Pakistan. Perhaps?

Will this threat work, if the above preposition was the intention?

Unlikely against the military men some of whom have seen action in actual combat.....so a bomb here and there is not going to phase them......quite toughened up men who are trained to face up to such things.

Likely outcome?

The military will sooner or later intervene again in Pakistan, as their mind becomes more concentrated on this factor. Zardari the gangster will only make matters worse necessitating and justifying a future military intervention.

We should see Pakistan moving further away from the USA, UK and towards greater reliance and cooperation with China. China given free access to Gwadar port, and we may see Chinese warships, and maybe even Russian warships docked there in the near future, whilst American bases are closed down.

Greater clashes between Pakistani and Coalition security forces, around FATA and Baluchistan.


Al-Qaeda does not exist, and obscure off shoots of al-Qaeda, never heard of before, do not exist either......this was a foreign operation with ISI assistance.......but certainly linked to the 7/7 attack against the Indian embassy in Kabul......and the attacks in Delhi more recently, and Ahmedabad in India.

Simple Pathan Hajji Khan baba doesn't come down from the FATA area into Islamabad on his own, into one of the heaviest guarded parts of Pakistan and set off a truck bomb, as the media in Pakistan keep focusing, this was a state sanctioned act by the ISI, with foreign encouragement, probably British.

The Truck bomb, given the pictures released, clearly shows that it could not have created a 40 by 60 foot Thermite explosive crater, obviously other military explosives must have been planted there well before the truck bomb arrived.

Clearly the truck bomb did not cause the fires in the 4th and 5th floors of the hotel; separate incendiary devices had to have been planted there days before.......so this was a big operation by the ISI, involving many, many people, with approval from the British, and very similar to the 7/7 Indian embassy bombing in its CRYPTIC MESSAGE way.

And one speculates on this blog, for that is what blogs are for........20/9, does that date have any cryptic significance..........to zero, you have nothing, nein...no...who plays these games? Fire on the Fourth floor.......for ..........Fifth floor.....5.......and what does the number five stand for in their games......who touts the number 5?........Kiyani was on a 5 day tour of China just 2 days later.......did he immediately make any statements about that incident? Kiyani was the head of the ISI, before becoming the head of the armed forces.

I have repeatedly stated that Pakistan should sign an FTA with India asap, and legalize the LOC.......I guess this is what one might call a snub (The 5 day visit of Kiyani to China). Listen untouchable, whilst the USA under Obama in 2009, UK, Israel WITH India can invade Pakistan, China will never commit significant troops to guarantee Pakistan's sovereignty.....they didn't in 1971, and they were silent in 1999, Kargil.....when Musharaf tried to scupper the last peace initiative between India and Pakistan.

Hotel=sanctuary=come to my country as a honored guest.Welcome.

Czech ambassador killed= Check; stop; block him....using 5.....cus I am shitting in my pants if he comes to Pakistan, and declares himself Shahenshah of Pakistan, and opens Zoroastrian temples...and ..and ...and. My Jew Masterji told me so, and I believe him 100%.

One Danish Diplomat killed= In the cryptic game from the UK, Denmark means "Go back to your country you Muslim bastard immigrant" i.e Mohammed cartoons, and the extreme right wing party in power in Denmark. The supreme irony that the Pakistanis should copy and follow that game without understanding its extreme right wing Euro-centric conotations....."Yaar bhai we in the ISI were only following sahib orders....we don't ask questions like that"

3 American servicemen killed= some in the Pakistani media are trying to convey the Americans as patsies........somehow involved in that act. The number 3 symbolizes petty small time crook and is a narrative pushed by certain sections of America, via Third countries..............so presumably this means that, the Americans are wrong in their assumptions, and number 5 reigns supreme......"Cus we said so, and heir Gobbels said repeat a lie enough times, then it becomes the truth"

ISI translation: "Don't come to my country you Aryan fucker.......cus my Bilaat/Jew master whispered to me that you will usurp my exclusive power in Pakistan, and put my untouchable relatives into concentration camps.....blah blah blah....(what ever takes your imagination).....so I am going to kill 53 people mainly from Pakistan, on an Islamic Holiday just to give you the hint not to come to my country."

Truck bombs don't immediately lead to fire in buildings, unless incendiary devices were planted there well before.....the patsy for this would seem to be the Americans who use the exclusive place for R&R. Why set the 4th and 5th floor ablaze? What British orgin cryptic message were the ISI trying to send out in this terrorist act?

Fire..........cryptically means the follower of Zoroastrianism, ancient religion of Persia. The fire engine means we will prevent the rise of Zorastrianism, because the religion is dangerous and racist. Such incidents work both as an warning to those who might aspire to follow Zoroastrianism, and as an alarm bell to those who are not its followers.

The FACTS........

1) There are about few hundred thousand followers of the Zoroastrian religion in the world, and with the exception of a few conversions in Iran, and Central Asia, the religion is highly unlikely to make a come back into the millions........

2) And unlike Nazism, it is not a racist religion....the tenets of the religion are not based on being Aryan exclusively, though only Aryans followed it.

But never let the FACTS get in the way of a "good story" and as a weapon to influence, alarm and coherce simple idiots into following your agenda.

I consider myself an Aryan, but do not speak a word of Farsi/Dari, do not practice the Zoroastrian religion, and have not in the last 42 years of my life created/joined any political party with the name, "Greater Aryan party".......in fact I have not joined ANY political party....to translate any racist ideas of say exterminating all the "untouchables" in the Punjab, one would need to join a political party, and then with the agenda and mass appeal get into power.......unlikely in Pakistan. The subject is most definitely not an aspiring Hitler......that puppet of the Jews.

But I would understand how the Jew with the British might use that to scare and manipulate Third parties who are ALREADY in power......"Look his coming to Pakistan.....he is going to take power away from you"....."He will exterminate you............and put the Swastikka on the Pakistani flag"........"He hates untouchables like you, be careful......"

The sheer stupidity of the propostion. But if you are in power in a Third World country, any far fetched idea from Ghora Sahibji might seem plausible enough for you get undue alarmed instead of checking the real facts.

If I were normal and objected to a persons position on certain issues.....the civilized course is discourse.....you talk with the guy you think you don't like or disagree with, and try to persuade that person to your way of thinking........and in the course of talking with that person you get to understand them better, rather than rely on the whispers and heresay of dubious third parties, with their own set of agenda's. Killing 53 of your own nationals, destroying a beautiful hotel, on an Islamic holiday to send out cryptic messages to a person who may not even 'get it' is the behavior of untouchables.

There are no plans for me to visit Pakistan....the last time I was there was 1966--1970 as a Pakistani citizen......in Pindi and Islamabad...just after I was born....and I have innocent hazy beautiful memories of the place as a little toddler.......the pungent smell of the Himalayan flowers.....going out in the evening to buy Tundal roti for dinner, and sweet tomato drinks on paper cones.......buying Tik Tikki sweets at the local tented markets...........the games we played of taking allu Bukhara from the policemans helmet, with his consent (of course they were different then. Now in Pakistan you get out of jail, you can join the police force next day, or become the President of the country)....the hot summer nights spent on roofs, sleeping..........the visits to the Murree Hills, and the toy trains.......the towering Pashtuns with their unkempt hair and wild eyes.......escaping from the school where my mother taught to play marbles with other children, buying and and sharing sweets with the tiffin money.

These are cherished memories of Pakistan, and one does not wish to spoil such memories now with the present situation with all its sad overtones, by going there and contradicting ones earlier childhood memories.

However one was born in South Asia and has some interest in South Asian politics and what develops there....so I blogg, casually, it does not consume my life.......not even a mass sindicated writer, widely read......from this little endevour of blogging one should not falsely gage that I am about to walk into Pakistan, open an Aryan party, take power, and "SORT OUT THE SITUATION/MESS"..........in the real world things don't work out like that........and I have no interest in this.

But I understand that when one is in power, and one does a lot of illegal things, the level of insecurity multplies into doing silly things.........but the fact of the matter is presently, I am not a Pakistani national qualified to hold public office in that country......I don't speak Urdu, Hindi, or even fluent Bengali, and whilst in politics in South Asia a lot of the politicians prefer to speak English in the media, you still have to be able to speak the local tongue fluently in order to qualify for National politics just like any other country. I have no linkages with any Pakistani parties, or any following, or a political base, with which to make things happen politically; nor am I seeking any such thing. I have no interest in active politics , I am apolitical.


I am a son of the soil, and I have a right to give my two cents worth.....If I am being persecuted and harrassed by the Britain because they think I will make an 'impression' on South Asian politics which is detrimental to their interests, then that is all the more reason I must continue to blog about that area.

But presently that does not include visiting Anglophone ISI Pakistan, or Anglophone RAW India (What was it 5 bombs in Delhi or was it 20 recently?), or Anglophone DGFI Bangladesh.....the last experience was bad enough........it was just awful. It is easier to take the daily casual torture and harassment from foreigners then from ones own kind.

In Conclusion, it seems to be an operation from the British, using their local tool the ISI. 95% of all such cryptic messages, harrassment and torture originate from the UK against me, and whilst one cannot rule out other nations who have taken on board the "Zoroastrian bullshit" from the UK, as the British have been very busy teaching others their ways, it seems on the surface at least a British false flag operation.


On a separate note these are the main actors responsible for the torture and harassment against me, which ever country I exist in:

The UK...........95% of all the style of torture and harrassment comes from the UK. The micro-wave machine, directed against the body has a strange disorientating effect.....bit like being permanently knocked out, and fatigued. It started in January 1999 in the UK, and presently it is used by local intelligence against me..........in all countries I have visited since. It is the primary obstacle to what one might call a "normal life". Sometimes gas is also used------Viagra in gas form, which turns one a little horny............."He is a sex fiend, be careful", but in the real world ones sex drive went a long time ago. In addition torture, tension and stress ofcourse does not help ones normal sex drive............and in the sum total of the situation romance does not appear as a priority, but merely focusing on the day to day simple existence.

The British have been busy going around teaching others in other countries that doing these
illegal things against me is perfectly legitimate and even fun, because of the existence of certain allegations that I am not a good person...................allegations from the UK. ( He very bad man so use these things against the bad man) The symbolic numbers from there is 5.
The main people pushing for this is from London, and perhaps from the wider Jewish community in the UK. It is expressed through the police and more significantly the intelligence agencies through which the Jews exercise considerable power....especially MI5. This harrassment business started in 1986, where I was involved in a near fatal car accident (May 1986) where one student died.


Your guess is good as mine.....perhaps they feel threatened by me. Not so much by what I might do politically, as I am apolitical, but in terms of ideas I suppose.

Another country also deeply involved in the harrassment and torture is Germany. I was in Germany for a short while, and whilst there I was able to do quite a lot of writing and get my basic ideas out.......in terms of development in this area it was good; it was important. The State provided my rent, and basic upkeep.....and I kept a low profile as always. I was well disposed to Germany, otherwise I would not have visited the country and lived there....and I don't have anti-German feelings, it is a good country with many great things to admire.

I am not aware that any of my writings and ideas constitute a major threat to the German state and its existence. The absence of such things leads me to the conclusion that they have been following me around like a bad smell since 2005, at the instigation of certain people and groups such as Jews........because of my writings on Jews and Israel. As a German debt to Jews.

Symbol of their 'presence' include BMW cars (I was in Munich) and of course Mercedes, VW and very curiously eggs. There are some parts of the cryptic game I really don't get. The number 3 is also used.

And of course finally the USA, has its big Jewish nose in everything, so I suppose it too should be involved in my little circus. Negatively the number 3 is involved, and sometimes the color white, and little dog (!!???).........it seems to be Jewish in its direction and energy, expressed through possibly South Korea, where I was briefly teaching. I assume somewhere US intelligence is also involved.

The USA is a paradox, because some of the greatest amount of good encouragment also comes from the USA. Encouragment varies from "keep up the good work", "don't give up" to..........."come to the USA", and live in this, this and this part ( California, Montana!!! and Hawai).

But I have to say friends realistically once the Jew primes the security in a country against you, it becomes very very difficult to exist normally in a country. A lot of these people are pint sized losers who are pathological and paranoic, and I have had many of them strutting their stuff in front with their wives swaggering and acting clownish................once that situation exists, and takes over you cannot exists normally in ANY country. How does one deal with the paranoia and pathology of others, as exemplified by the events in Islamabad?