Hemant Kakare's MOSSAD file.

Had Karkare discovered a Mossad connection?

By Aangirfan.

Mumbai attacks: "The satellite phones found on the terrorists showed that their last call was to a Dan Samuel in New Jersey, a Mossad agent." - IT WAS THE MOSSAD AGAIN 100% - Tell Everyone You Can

"Karkare, who had earlier received death threats, was to deliver a report on terror activities of extremist Hindu groups to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh but he was killed in the Mumbai attacks." - Mumbai carnage: A smokescreen to kill whistleblowers?

(In that situation Kakare's dossier about MOSSAD involvment in terrorism in India should be forwarded to the Prime Minister office, the CBI, and all other relevent Indian national security organisations, without haste. The man may have been killed, but not his excellent work. This is what Hemant Kakare would have wanted. This is what is his wife would want, who has called for fresh unbiased investigations into the Mumbai affair. This what his martyred colleagues would have wanted)

In the Red Fort terror attack ... Muhammad Arif alias Ashfaq was caught and sentenced... Arif claimed that he was an operative for RAW, India's external intelligence agency. - Did Mumbai terrorists work through Bona-fide Indian Police Informers?