The BJP and Good Idea's.

The BJP is an interesting party, operating as a "nice friendly" front for the RSS/VHP. Came from nowhere in the late eighties, to form a government in 1998, and then in one of their very first acts in power was to explode a few nuke bombs (5 ), to which Pakistan replied with 6, in Baluchistan. Ass holes, of course. All of them.

I've got them down as foreign backed destabilization agents out to subvert traditional Indian politics with linkages with Israel and extremist NRI groups in the UK/USA........rather like the Young Turks in the Ottoman empire backed by the Rothschild's of Britain(1908)----destroyed the Ottoman empire, and killed millions, Muslim Turks, Arabs and Christian subjects; The Bolsheviks in Czarist Russia backed by Jewish capitalists based in NY(1918)----60 million killed; Mussolini's Fascist in Italy backed by the Rothschilds of UK(1923)---did a lot of damage to Italy; The Nazi Party in Germany backed by Jewish capital from NY, and London (1933)-------10 million Germans killed, and finally Pol Pot in Cambodia backed by Communist China (1975)---up to 3 million killed.

With their rise in Indian politics we have also had their crazy antics: The Babri Masjid destruction; riots and massacres across India including attacks against Christians and Buddhists; Narendra Modi and the Gujarat massacres ; communal politics; ultra nationalism in all spheres of public life, where WHOLESOME natural criticism of state officials and their policies can get you labeled as a "Desh Drohi" (Hemant Kakare). An intolerant masturbatory Fascist atmosphere as been instituted into Indian political and social life (MF Hussain, the leading painter of India lives in exile because the mighty "Superpower" Indian government can't guarantee his safety, from a few street thugs).

Finally and most dangerous of all, the BJP since 2000, invited Israeli security officials to train Indian security personnel, including allowing their presence in 'sensitive' Kashmir (put the alcoholic in charge of the wine cellar). And guess what? Lo the number of terrorist incidents on mainland India beyond Kashmir, has since multiplied. Have a guess good reader what is really causing that enormous rise in terrorism in mainland India? And you don't even have to be a certified "expert", just requires a little common sense, and following the news in the alternative media.

The BJP plays politics of the lowest common denominator, and that for India and South Asia is general is very very very dangerous.

Logically the party should not have existed in the first place, and a more bold Indian Supreme Court should have cited its dangerous communalism, and religious fascism to declare it illegal; Contrary to the Secular principles of the Indian Constitution. But alas no, and instead I hear the Supreme Court of India is all to eager to cite such monumental configurations of judicial reasoning as "Public sentiment"-------Hello?!!!! Lets bring on the witch doctors, the bongo drums, and have ourselves a happy Divali dance around the fire and lights.

Saying that war with Pakistan is the "last option", BJP president Rajnath Singh on Monday called for joint economic sanctions by United States and India against the Islamic nation, which he said has become a sanctuary to Jihadi mercenaries and a cradle of global terrorism.

The USA/UK are the two primary countries with the most influence in Pakistan by providing training for the top brass of the armed forces and intelligence, and also significant amounts of weaponry. For historical post colonial reasons, through the narrow elite structure of Pakistan, the British also have considerable influence, through the 500 Zamindar/Tamindar families which run Pakistan as their feudal fiefdom, and the 30 so called "Commercial" families including Nawaz Sharif. This has been the case since Pakistan was created by the BRITISH in 1947.

If Mr. Rajnath Singh studies his history books a little bit more he will note that whilst a good deal of the Congress rank and file with the leadership were locked away by the British during the war, the British actively aided the Muslim League into becoming a mass based party (1940-47) from its elitist routes, when it was first founded in 1905 in Dhaka with active encouragement from Lord Curzon governor general of Bengal and then the Viceroy of India. Just like the BJP it suddenly appeared into Indian politics, with riots, massacres (Calcutta 1946---what did they call it in those days, "Direct Action Day"--in English of course) and overt Communalism

---so no change here with the current BJP/RSS/VHP tactics.

Given this REALITY, the Americans are not going to impose stringent sanctions against Pakistan, their puppet client state, WITH India as a partner. Why should they? What for? Lets look at 1965, when they imposed limited sanctions against Pakistan for initiating war against India. Though there was a strict arms embargo imposed by America on Pakistan for using Americans meant to bolster and fight Communism, the Americans never the less were supplying a lot of arms, if not more to Pakistan between 1965--1971. From Vietnam through American stockpiles there, and more significantly via Iran, with arms from Germany, Canada and arms transferred from America to Iran, and then to Pakistan (The Shah, puppet of America, pledged his entire airforce to Pakistan during the 1971 war).


The Americans aren't going to impose sanctions on Pakistan because they actually control the country as their client state.

The Pakistani military and intelligence function as an annex to American geostrategy in the region.

Even if sanctions are imposed by the Americans, it will only be very superficial, because of their need to keep the channels open to their puppets in Pakistan, the military/intelligence configuration. Some security analysts have actually suggested that it is the Americans who choose who becomes head of the Pakistan armed forces and its intelligence head. That is a very good possibility which I agree with.


The problem of Pakistan for India is not Pakistan, .............but America and the UK. Salman Rushdie wrote excellent essays back in the early 1980's which stated that there is still great nostalgia for the British Empire among the British elite, and in alliance with American Jews who wish to use American power to dominate the world (PNAC 2000 document)-------that means India isn't a "friend" of America, but merely a means to an end, possibly to be used against China later, given badges and awards, after being used against Pakistan.

An updated Jewish model of the Soviet/Nazi Germany conflict of 1941-45, where Jewish capital from NY, London built up both sides so that they could conduct a genocidal conflict with each other. China (Soviet Union) India (Nazi Germany) if you will, as an analogy. When two sides destroy each other it allows Jewish capital to come into the weakened states and further reinforce their control via their local agents.

So Mr. Rajnath Singh all you will get from the USA/UK is gestures and lip service in the direction of Pakistan in relation to Mumbai. Which the Pakistani puppets of the USA/UK will shrug off as harmless mud slinging from Babuji. They will do their routine gestures of reconciliation of lets talk talk talk talk talk talk talk and talk some more, but in the final analysis empty gestures devoid of meaning and purpose.

Has Zardari visited India yet? NO. Has Kiyani visited India yet? NO. But they can find the time to visit such great nations as the UAE, Saudi, Greece and Turkey which allegedly are very important for Pakistan strategically and diplomatically. Zardari has visited America a number of times since assuming power, and if you observe him in America he does look at home, very pleased with himself, unlike many statesmen from other countries, who adopt a more somber statesman like demeanor.

So Mr. Rajnath Singh you are a seasoned reasonably intelligent politician, and you can work out who is the puppet, and who is the puppet master in Pakistan, and in that sense the Indian PM going around the world trying to generate outrage against Pakistan is a little futile and immature in the a fore mentioned context as it doesn't correctly identify the real forces which control Pakistani politics, which exercise real power in the country.)

"The UPA government considers the US as India's strategic partner after signing the Indo-US civilian nuclear deal. It is high time that the Centre uses its diplomatic channels with United States to stop all financial assistance to Pakistan and work jointly to impose economic sanctions against it," Rajnath told a press conference in Mumbai.

(A logical aim by any Indian government which is convinced Pakistan is responsible for all terrorism on Indian soil, to test what this "friendship" actually means between the two nations. But in reality I can't see this happening for reasons mentioned before.

But good to see an Indian politician at least identify the importance of the USA in Pakistani politics, even if he hasn't described the full spectrum/scenario/depth of Pak-USA relations. A big improvement though on the Congress stand of hand over 30 so and so fugitives from Indian justice, NOW. Or Pakistan has 30 days to sort it ALL out viz terrorism. Or going around a couple of countries and telling them to reign in Pakistan...as if they would for India just like that.)

He said the US aid to Pakistan is nearly USD 2 billion a year. Recently, US was instrumental in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) providing USD 7.6 billion package to save Pakistan from bankruptcy.

(If one needed more proof of who actually calls the shots in Pakistan, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee , the question which was asked by the Indian foreign secretary, addressed a couple of posts before here------this is all good stuff, because first we must grasp and try and understand the problem, as it really is, at its source, then maybe some solutions there after)

"According to credible media reports published in US dailies, Pakistan has been diverting the monetary assistance from Western countries to fund terrorist modules against India," the BJP leader said.

(I wouldn't trust the American media, especially the NYT. Pakistan since 2001 has received between $10-12 billion assistance, from the USA, perhaps more that we don't know about. Some of that as military aid and the rest as economic aid. Pakistan currently receives $100 million every month in security assistance for pledging to fight the Pashtun resistance in FATA. According to some military analysts a good deal of that aid is diverted to arms systems that target India, through the Pak military. Or pocketed by corrupt military personnel in Pakistan.

In Kashmir, where between 20-40 resistance groups exist, some working for Pakistan/ISI, some working for RAW, and some operating independently (very few). The Kashmir separatists are lightly armed, often with AK-47 and other light arms, and so no overt evidence that American technology is being diverted into the Kashmiri separatist groups, unless one day they turn up with Apache helicopters, F-16, Abram tanks etc. The ISI which works closely with America would not be stupid enough to embarrass the Americans by having their marked equipment being used in Kashmir, by Kashmiri separatists. Pakistan has considerable non-American equipment (Chinese) and a sizable ordinance capacity to more than match the needs of the Kashmiri separatists.

Other so called "Islamic terrorism" in the rest of India looks like the work of the RSS in collaboration with rogue security personnel (Srikant Parohit). We need a couple of more Hemant Karkares to get to grips with that particular problem. Maybe even the new behemoth bureaucracy construction of the NIA can focus on that area and ask some hard questions.

He said Pakistan leadership has also admitted that "non-state players" were involved in the Mumbai attacks last month. "Pakistan is a nuclear-weapon state. The international community must take cognizance of the fact that it cannot control the non-state actors operating in the country. It is also important to note whether Pakistan's nuclear weapons are a threat to world peace," he added.

(Can't really rely on what Pakistani leaders say. I really don't believe any Pakistani leaders have accepted Pakistani culpability in the Mumbai terrorist saga, including non state actors. They continue to refuse to be believe that Kasab is from Pakistan, and they have rejected his letter addressed to the Pakistani government. They have no plans of handing over Ibrahim Dawood to India, or the rest of the 40 odd fugitives allegedly wanted by India, both criminal and political fugitives.

Yes Pakistan is a failed sate number 9 from the bottom, and some parts of Pakistan are lawless, for example Baluchistan, FATA and other parts of the NWFP. The Pakistani government has reasonable control over the Kashmiri separatists, and have some linkages with the Taliban, which Pakistan created with active American encouragement back in 1994, under Bill Clinton's Presidency.

With al-Qaeda, the organization simply doesn't exist, but is merely a front for Western/Israeli covert ops in the Greater Middle East. Pakistan's role in the al-Qaeda myth is to maintain that myth, and from time to time when it is useful for American political consumption, provide individuals presented as "al-Qaeda", from the 12,000 foreign jihadis whom they trained and who fought with the Afghan Mujaheddin in the 1980's.......against the Soviet Union.

Another good reason why America can't impose sanctions against Pakistan with India. The Americans need Pakistan to maintain the myth that OBL is still alive and somewhere in FATA (Its is assumed he died in 2001 December, which Benazir Bhutto had subsequently confirmed in October 2007, and the CIA has dismantled its unit looking for him in 2005. Musharaf has stated that OBL is irrelevant and Pakistan is not looking for him. ALL very strange don't you think, as since late 2003 we have had many videos purporting to be him giving messages for his followers--SO!!!!! )---but a myth must be maintained and the Pakistani military/political establishment help America maintain that myth, as puppets and servants of America.

Some Indian journalists falsely term this as the "Pakistani striptease" implying somehow Pakistan controls "al-Qaeda", and hands over "al-Qaeda" characters to suit Pakistani geostrategy of keeping the Americans happy from time to time, but this is misleading (partial truth, in that since its creation by Britain in 1948 the ISI has operated as an annex to Western geostrategy in South, and Western Asia----TRANSLATION---What the ISI knows and does, The British and Americans already know AND CONTROL) since there is no such organization as al-Qaeda,

and many Western government insiders have confirmed this to be the fact, and ALL intelligence organizations know this to be the fact.

Former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski told the Senate that the war on terror is "a mythical historical narrative"

Indian politicians should also inform themselves of these FACTS, along with the new NIA, if it does anything useful ........certainly the NIA should do an investigation of the Mumbai terrorist incident since that is the incident which initiated the creation of the bureaucratic apparatus.

Pakistan is a failed state because of America/UK, and thus represents a long term liability for India. Individuals within the Pakistani elite structure are quite happy to help America fail the Pakistani nation, and therein lies the problem since its existence from 1947, and for India, and for Afghanistan, and for Bangladesh not so long ago, and maybe even against Iran--Jundallah)

For serious hardball ultra nationalists of India, who are intelligent and informed these are the things Mr. Rajnath Singh, Mr. Advani et al should be asking and thinking about.

1. Who really controls Pakistan?
2. Who trains the top security officials of Pakistan, and thus exercises extreme undue influence over the country?
3. Which nation provides the bulk of foreign military/security aid to Pakistan which buys that country extreme undue influence over Pakistan?
4. Which country has foreign military bases, and thousands of security personnel in Pakistan?
5. Which country conducts security operations with Pakistani security around Pakistan, jointly going back 40 years? "Operation Cyclone" and "Operation Greenbelt"? Pakistan is conducting operations in FATA at the behest of American insistence, and these operations are financed to the tune of $1.2 billion a year. Which country can bomb inside Pakistani territory with Pakistani government and security approval, day in day out for ever, including the collateral damage of killing mainly civilian Pakistanis?-----wouldn't this alone indicate to you who has influence over the country?
6. Which countries have large number of troops in Afghanistan? A South Asian country historically linked to India. Fighting the Taliban created by who, through who?
7. Which country propagates the false GWOT narrative? For what purpose? How does that benefit India long term?
8. If I am ultra South Asian nationalist, Hindu otherwise from South Asia, I would want to know in light of history, what 8,000 British troops were doing in Afghanistan, with more coming. If the Americans occupy Pakistan and Iraqify the country, what adverse affects will that create for India? What guarantees are there that the Americans and the British will not stop their destabilization activities on the borders of Pakistan there after?

Is Pakistan destabilizing and tying down 500,000 Indian security personnel in Kashmir for the sake of Pakistan, or for America/UK? The Pakistanis surely know that they can never attain Kashmir realistically, so why are they continuing to back Kashmiri insurgency?