Vice-President Joe Biden

I personally Like Joe Biden....unlike the frustrated American writer here, below.

If Hilary keels over in a couple of months after inauguration, in the rigged American political system, then it is not so bad. Things could be worse.

A full Hilary term with beaming photo ops. Beaming photo ops with Netanyahoo....Neo-Nazis in Ukraine, and ISIS Jihadis, South American drug cartels and of course lesbians with short hair.

The normal type of people, much loved by the Jew and representing 1% of the earths population................not unlike Hilary's true support base in the USA.

He is of Iraqi Jewish descent. About 1000 years ago large number of Iraqi Jews emigrated to Europe, and converted officially into Catholicism, but maintained their inner Jew. Joe Biden's family may have moved from the Middle East more recently.

One of his sons, Beau was a lawyer like me, who had the courage to enforce controversial laws which may have offended sections of the Illuminati elite.

About the other son I know very little about.

Biden could be a non-controversial bridge and interim candidate between him and the next Republican WASP non Jewish candidate who really works for America. The Donald of course laying the ground work, and destroying the institutionalized fixed mindset in Capitol Hill (The heavy lifting and hard work)

Enjoy the angst ridden, sarcastic rant by an excellent blogger, and please contribute to him as much as you can.


Joe Biden, Doing His Best Rainmaker Act, Says Our Fascist Oligarchy is Based on “Trust” and Trump is Going to Spoil Everything