To build a gas pipeline that supplies gas to South Asia, you really wouldn't invade a country and occupy it for 15 years, aggressively.....and spend $1 trillion on misrule and corruption.

To gain control of the minerals of a country, its unlikely the USA would conspire to invade a country. The DRC contains $25 trillion worth of minerals under the ground but as yet since independence has not been invaded....it has been destabilized from the outside by the West. A country wouldn't squander $1 trillion on military spending in order to covet $1 trillion of minerals through corruption and misrule.

Geo -strategic considerations. It is quite possible that the American foreign policy formulating political elite in Washington could seek inspiration from a 19th century, early 20th century colonial figure, who wrote extravagantly about the justifications for British colonialism and over reach, with the ridiculous name of Halford Mackinder (There were a lot of such men around in the British empire who you could get inspiration from--Rudyard Kipling). 

Up until 1898 the USA could be described as a revolutionary different state from 'old Europe', and was conscious of this fact. But since the Spanish-American war, the USA with its involvement in the Jewish organised Rothschild manufactured wars of WWI and WWII, has had colonial pretensions with London fed, processed, and directed ideologies with political figures ranging from Halford Mackinder, Henry Kissinger, Bernard Lewis and of course most famously Brzezinski. 

Sir Halford John Mackinder--former Director of London School of Economics.

The Geographical Pivot of History theory (1904) was Mackinder's way of reinforcing BRITISH COLONIAL AMBITIONS against Imperial Russia, specifically which had been intense since the Crimean war. Not meant for Imperial Germany, Imperial France, Imperial Austro-Hungarian empire, Imperial Japan, Ottoman empire or definitely not Imperial USA. 

That special 19th century condition where the Russians drove South with a war with Afghanistan in 1882, and the British drove North West from India culminating in the 3rd Anglo-Afghan war of 1919-1921 and the Great Game. This no longer exists presently.


1. Nomadic horsemen with bows and arrows are irrelevant in modern warfare. Though theoretically the best warriors on earth still. History does not repeat itself on this occasion, and no panzer divisions will not threaten Europe again. Modern warfare has very little to do with true warrior bravery and fighting prowess....modern warefare is push button warefare....from a distance..drones is an example.

2. The British Empire and the Jews destroyed Imperial Russia with Revolutions in 1905 and 1917/18. Mackinder's arch enemy ceased to exist by 1921.

3. Modern Russia is happy with its present border, despite the existential paranoia of the International Jew. Most Russian are happy to live in a state where they are the largest ethnic group...rather than live in a multi-ethnic empire....really. Modern Russia is not Imperial Russia. Modern Russia is not the USSR.

4. Mongolia, Siberia (Thus Russia), Kazakhstan, Kirghiz, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan (Ariana).....are not abstract theories of geographical areas waiting to be appropriated by White Neanderthal driven states.....with their dreams of empire. These areas don't exist like the DRC as a base and engine of empire for fucking Neanderthals. 
Fucking Neanderhals.

5. The Geographical Pivot of History (1904) was written psychologically for the British Empire as a cheer leader of an expansionist empire competing with Imperial Russia militarily. Modern Warefare makes the theory irrelevant. ICBM's, aircraft carriers, cruise missiles, strategic bombers, strategic transport planes, smart bombs, helicopters, radar, sonar, space satellites, modern electronic warfare makes The Geographical Pivot of History (1904) irrelevant. Modern geology makes the theory irrelevant. Save for the London trained geo-strategists who emigrate to the USA.

Fancy theories and lies can also be useful for covering more mundane criminal activity. Probably the best explanation why the USA GRUNTS AWAY unsuccessfully in Afghanistan is Afghan Opium....the reason which is not too highlighted in the American media.

The global 'business' in illegal narcotics is worth $1 trillion. The USA is the biggest market for the 'product', and the CIA and Pentagon its biggest businessmen. The illegal money is laundered in NY and London banks. London having a longer history, which NY has copied from the 1950's.(Opium India/China from the 18th century)

The Taliban was created by the CIA, with the aid of the ISI in 1994. 7,000 foreign Islamic Jihadis were marshaled by the CIA into Afghanistan as they have also done in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Russia and Iraq at various pressure point times.  The Taliban's job description for the CIA was to consolidate the country for the USA (like Mullah Iran). Sadly after consolidating 90% of the country, they made one fatal mistake....they began a jihad against illegal opium. The Taliban eliminated nearly all opium production by 2001. 

The Banks in London and NY were upset; the CIA and Pentagon were upset. The Taliban became the NEW enemy. Previously they had been dined and wined in the USA.

Since the USA's illegal occupation of the country Opium production in the country has multiplied by a 1000 fold....and the USA military and NATO are there to protect its production. This is the main reason why they are there. According to some sources the wholesale and retail value of the opium is worth $100 billion annually. The USA has turned Afghanistan into a narco state plantation....just like the East India company converted India into a Opium plantation for exports. 

The CIA created Taliban thus exist as a manufactured 'Controlled Opposition' to justify American presence in the country. The ISI controls the Taliban, and the CIA controls the ISI. Any Taliban leader who shows 'independence' is eliminated by the ISI. Mullah Mansour was killed by the ISI/CIA after his covert visit to Iran. Iran would like to see the USA leave Afghanistan quickly and have given some support to the Taliban. This was unacceptable to the CIA/ISI under whose condition the Taliban can ONLY Marshall funds from the GCC and arms from Israel and Pakistan provided through the Pakistan army.

90% of the worlds opium is produced in Afghanistan, with the aid of the CIA/Pentagon. The CIA/Pentagon say in a smirkey Jewey way though disingenuous REASONING, that Afghans would face social problems if they weren't allowed to grow Opium with the aid of the CIA/Pentagon...only livelihood they have with the aid of the CIA/Pentagon YOU SEE? 

The Afghan Opium is exported into Iran by land creating huge social problems in the country. From Iran it is exported into Turkey, and then into Europe with the guidance of MIT. The ISI export it to India from Afghanistan. It is a huge problem in the Punjab. From Pakistan it is also transported to Karachi and then shipped and exported to the world. From Afghanistan it is exported to Central Asia, and then to Russia and Ukraine, creating devastating social problems.

The USA military and NATO also use their military transport planes to ship Afghan Opium into Europe and North America. The CIA/Pentagon have through this enterprise criminalized and compromised the INTELLIGENCE SERVICES OF SEVERAL NATO member countries.

Oh what a shame! Intelligence fagots as pure noble shadow warriors protecting their beloved nations interests.....paid for by the taxpayer. James Bond anyone?

From the Corbett Report: