Lavrov...slowly inching towards the truth.

For the world to comprehend WHY Russia is backing the Assad regime


Why Russia is committing military force in Syria from Syrian Russian bases, and from Russia itself in an EXTREMELY DRAMATIC FASHION (cruise missiles fired from 1000's of missiles away and why strategic nuclear bombers are being used) involves....

Telling the WORLD who ISIS/Jihadis really are and why it is worth while for Russia to spend $500 million a year and 3--5,000 men towards fighting them in Syria and aiding the Syrian regime.

Burger King is shit, and its bad for your health, but millions of people from Developing countries with middle class backgrounds flock to it to buy this piece of USA export shit........why?.....because of propaganda.

Incessant, echo chamber propaganda.

To counter this Lavrov with the Russian foreign ministry and Information ministry have to intensify their propaganda campaign (Yes Russia is never going to be in the League of the USA in propaganda...with their smooth talking out right Jewey lies...but...you've gotta try man)

Tell the world:

  • ISIS is CIA and Pentagon created with support from Israel.
  • Which CIA field officers and Pentagon officers are in Turkey and Jordan training and arming ISIS. Tell the world where the bases are....in those countries.....satellite pictures.
  • Tell the world why Assad, the mild mannered Doctor and President of a Socialist Secular regime would never kill...or want to kill 500,000 of his own people, or make 6,000,000 of his people external refugees and 7,000,000 internal refugees.
  • Tell the world that ONLY VIDEO PICTURES exists of ISIS beheading little children...not Syrian government forces.
  • Tell the world that ONLY VIDEO exists of ISIS members eating the liver of Syrian government captives ...not Syrian government forces.
  • Tell the world that ONLY VIDEO exists of ISIS members putting little children in cages only later to be burned alive...not Syrian government forces.
  • Tell the world that ONLY VIDEO exists of ISIS members chaining women, parading them in the streets and selling them like slaves...not Syrian government forces.
  • Tell the world that ONLY VIDEO exists of ISIS mass executing captives...not Syrian government forces.
  • Tell the world that ONLY VIDEO exists of ISIS crucifying Christians...not Syrian government forces.
  • Tell the world that ONLY VIDEO exists of ISIS preparing barrel bombs to be fired into civilian areas...not Syrian government forces.
  • Tell the world that ONLY VIDEO exists of ISIS threatening to use chemical weapons in the battle field...not Syrian government forces.

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But of course Lavrov will never be so clear, and forthright.....he is a polite gentleman, and a diplomat. There is also the fifth column traitor set in Russia who will betray their country even as their own armed forces fight the ISIS and the USA in Syria. This traitor class is linked to London and Washington and are known as the Atlantists.

This results in Lavrov not telling the full truth, and participating in a propaganda operation in London where they loudly, clearly repeat their lies and propaganda TALKING POINTS....as Lavrov, not so photogenic and forth right squirms and repeats his half truths. Even the barbaric Saudis don't allow their top people give such ONE TO ONE interviews...or the Vietnamese...or the Chinese....to the pedophile BBC.

Russia needs to be more like Donald Trump, keep the language simple, short and CLEAR with the full truth.

If the USA succeeds in Syria with Israels direction.....then they will surely succeed in Russia in the Caucasus and later inside Russia.

ISIS and the CIA and the Pentagon and Israel MUST FAIL in Syria.....for Russia's sake and for the sake of the world.


The Cat's Out of the Bag: Lavrov Just Told the BBC That the US Supports Terrorist Groups in Syria

In a must-watch interview with the BBC, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says the Obama Administration has protected and supported Al-Nusra in Syria
Russia Insider Rudy Panko Subscribe to Rudy Panko
We'll keep this short and sweet.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov granted the BBC an exclusive 20 minute interview, probably in an attempt to reach out to not-completely brain washed western television viewers.
  1. Will you stop murdering babies in Aleppo with cluster munitions and bunker busters?
  2. Will you apologize for bombing the aid convoy?
  3. Will you apologize for shooting down MH-17?
  4. How will Russia survive more sanctions?

True to form, Lavrov very succinctly laid out Russia's positions on all these "issues". Oh, and he added a few zingers, like the Obama administration "gave rise and support to Al-Nusra".
Actually, throughout the interview Lavrov repeatedly points out how the United States has steadfastly refused to distinguish between Al-Nusra and the "moderate rebels", insisting that they're all moderate and therefore should not be bombed or hurt in any way.
Imagine, that just a week ago the U.S. agreed to weed out the "baddies"; now that the cease-fire has failed, the Pentagon is arming the same groups they vowed to destroy along with Russia. Incredible.
You really have to watch the whole interview. We'll try to find a video to embed. But for now, click here.
Oh, and here's the takeaway: Moscow is tired of Washington's games. Aleppo will be cleansed of Al-Nusra, with or without Washington's "help".