The DNC leaks and Hilary leaks came from the USA DEEP STATE

Wikileaks, who some say is a British Intelligence psy-ops to manage and influence the USA obtains most of its top secret GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL PRIMARY DOCUMENTS from the USA (I can't think of the last time its documents came from another country)

Chelsea Manning is originally British.

Edward Snowden sounds like a British name.(Americans of British origin)

Julian Assange comes from the British colony of Australia and at one time belonged to a cult that encouraged its followers to dye Nazi/'Village of the Damned children' like peroxide colored hair and child sex (A typically British elite fetish from the royal family down). Julian himself dressed up as a drag queen at one time, in his earlier incarnation, back in Australia. Often wears black, with shades and fast sports cars.......NOT THE SYMBOLISM OF AN IDEALIST, HUMANIST WHISTLEBLOWER. Nothing wrong with that of course, if men from MI-5 go home in the evening, kiss their wives and children, and then put on the old make-up, suspenders in the quiet of their bedrooms (Whats the harm?)
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This hero holed up in the Ecuador Embassy, may thus be an elaborate hoax as to why governments around the world need to 'tighten up' internet surveillance and security to 'better protect' the interests of the global community, and less about exposing UK government or any governments criminality and mafia like behavior.(Scot Creighton--American Everyman)
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Assanges escape car from the Ecuadorian embassy.

I can reveal to you through my sources that this has nothing to do with Russia. Russia and the USA's cyber-warfare agencies do hack each other regularly, but this is not an example. Russia wouldn't attempt such a high risk venture which could have gone pear shaped if exposed. The Russians are cautious, unlike the rampant, blustering, misguided, cock sure USA.

The current global International relations psychology, in the relationship between the USA and Russia set by the International Jews since 1991 is that the USA can harm Russia quite blatantly, up front, but the Russians must be passive and not react, and take it like OBEDIENT men up their rear. This is how its been with Yeltsin and Putin (Brought into power by the Russian Jewish mafia to consolidate the Jews power in the country, and also stabilize the wild West situation--even Jews need stability to do business in any given country, as long as its not Ay-rab).
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Putin maintains excellent relations with Israel, just as Russian forces fight Israeli proxy forces in Syria, and Israeli backed Nazi forces in the Ukraine. It is believed that the Jewish mafia smuggles opium from Asia into Russia and beyond, and for this reasons amongst others Putin must maintain good relations with Israel. Putin meets and phones Netanyahoo regularly. Russia will cut defense spending by 30% in 2017. The illegal slave trade of Russian girls into Israeli mafia prostitution will continue, around the world.


Several sources:

(i) UK Intelligence assets based in the USA.(Chelsea Manning)

(ii) USA DEEP STATE Intelligence assets who are unhappy with the CLINTON Dynasty, and their bizarre Neo-liberal policies since 1993, and very real criminal behavior  for the last 40 years in politics. 

(iii) FBI agents investigating the Clintons criminality since they came to power, but frustrated that their honest actions weren't going any where.

(iv) FBI agents who were angry by the behavior of Hilary as first lady during Bill Clinton's tenure, where she would throw objects at FBI agents seconded to protect the President, and of course unknown to all Hilary has a foul mouth and can also have temper tantrums induced by highs on Colombian cocaine.

(v) Paraniod Israelis in the Deep State of Israel and the USA. Hilary is Jewish, of Polish origin through her father. However there are many elite Jews who for brief moments become lost in their fake, put on, outward non-Jewish persona. Goebbels, Eichmann, Hitler, Himmler, Hess.....and Heydrich. Elite Jews can also hate themselves just like unhappy butch queers with a wife, mortgage and 2.4 children. Hillary has been heard spewing anti-Jewish swear words in private....kike....Yid....are the nicer ones to her multi-cultural staff. She has said nice supportive things about Palestinians under Israeli rule. Finally she stated that she could live with the Iran/USA civilian nuclear deal from 2015.....negotiated by her government and her successor John Kerry.

Hilary has enemies, and Russia isn't the biggest of them with the biggest MO. Hilary's biggest enemies are from the USA. ....people who have lived, smelled and worked with her in the public domain and the media for the last 40 years, intimately. YES, She has called Putin another Hitler, which is an extremely emotive and insensitive thing to say to the leader of the country which lost 30 million people, lost 50% of their economy and contributed 90% fighting towards the defeat of Nazi Germany. Under Putin, Russia has carried out nuclear drills just in case Hilary starts World War III, and yes the Russians have dusted off Satan II, just in case. But Russia is not the Soviet Union from 1991. It no longer proactively interferes in the internal affairs of any country, not even neighbors....and ESPECIALLY not the LONE hyper-power of the USA.

Wikileaks it must also be said is a honey -pot entrapment psy-ops mechanism run by British Intelligence with the connivance of the USA. Russia still has one of the best Intelligence Services in the world. The Russian Intelligence would know the difference between a lone whiste-blower out fit out to serve the public, and an well oiled PR Western Intelligence psyops operation. The Russians wouldn't be stupid enough to contribute to the latter, BUT may behind the scenes support the former. 

After Dubya II came to power in 2001, the number of unhappy dissenting government officers have exponentially grown in the USA, and to a lessor degree in the criminal UK state. Some have committed suicide, others have taken to drink or some other deviant subculture.....or just go home and beat the crap out of the wife and family...then kiss and make up. The human conscience impels all of us to do all sorts of colorful things. How does a government deal with so many whistleblowers? Well set up wikileaks and get them to blow the whistle towards Wikileaks...'Controlled Opposition'. Manage the problem, and finger the 'traitors' who play fast and loose with state secrets.

For every Chelsea Manning, there must be hundreds of dead and disappeared pure whistle blowers who are normal, look normal, who haven't been into any weird cults and other such things.

Mr. Julian Assange of all people should know that you never repeat a slur in the process of denying it in public, the very thing you have been accused of by your enemies and detractors.


Accuses Clinton Campaign of 'Neo-McCarthyist Hysteria'

by Jason Ditz, antiwar.com
In an interview with John Pilger, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has confirmed today that the organization did not get any of the hacked emails they published from the Russian government. WikiLeaks has a long-standing policy of not commenting on sources, so even such a denial is highly unusual.

Assange insisted however that it was necessary to deny the claims, saying that Hillary Clinton’s camp “has been able to project a neo-McCarthyist hysteria” with false claims that Russia’s government in behind the hacked emails as part of a plot to rig next week’s election.
Russia has long denied being involved in the hacking, but the Clinton campaign has run heavily on the issue, accusing Republican candidate Donald Trump of being a “puppet” of the Russian government, who they are trying to install by leaking embarrassing emails.