The Muslims in India are a diverse lot, and not a united single block

Of the 180 million Muslims in India, all come from a diverse background.

Most were converted by Sufism and guided by Mystic Pirs. The fanaticism that existed in sections of the Delhi Sultanate, Mughal military, and court did not exist within the majority of Muslims.

They consisted of Hindus converting to Islam...over whelming majority, since most Muslims look Indic. Save for beards and particular attire they pass as Indian to most foreigners..naturally.

Iranian immigrants and Central Asians settled.

A significant number of Afghans, primarily Pashtuns...with the settlement of entire Pashtun tribes in UP and MP.

 I fanticise that I have Afghan lineage..and indeed at an early age I was referred to as 'Kabli.'

There are Shia Muslims and Sunni Muslims (But very few if any belonging to the Wahabi Jewish sect from Saudi Arabia, where the Casino Brothel loving Princes impose a harsh form of Islam on every Saudi except themselves)

 There are North Indian Muslims and South Indian Muslims.

There are poor Muslims and well off Muslims.

 There are educated Muslims and uneducated Muslims.

Some Muslims yearn for the days of Shahenshah Akbar, Sher Shah and Khilji.....but many more live in the real world of a RISING India and all the opportunities it may bring to themselves and their community.

Sufi Meditation and Contemplation; Timeless Wisdom from Mughal India

But generally most Muslims in India are poor, with lower income levels than the national average....and I have been told lower income levels than the Harijans. The battering ram that is used in most riots for political or mafia purposes.(Maybe PM Modi knows more about this than me?)


Then there is the issue of identity.......the individual verses the community. Do most Muslims go around thinking I'm Muslim most of the time?........no not really. Most NORMAL people think in terms of individual identity. Who am I ? What are my needs? What are my specific interests? The farmer ploughing the field doesn't Think...I'm a Muslim...I'm a Muslim.......the market vendor doesn't think I am a Muslim...I'm a Muslim.


We like putting people in categories....especially I'm told the Americans. It makes life so much more simpler..............but you can't categorize people that simply. Human beings of all shades are nuanced. Mexicans are not Turks...Turks are not Arabs...Arabs are not Iranian...Iranians are not Indonesians.....and Indonesians are not Somali...and Somali are not Indian.....and Indians are not Brazilians...and so on.

As to the 'al-CIA -duh' nonesense....well as the name suggests it is an Israeli/American Intelligence fiction to destabilise and invade Greater Middle countries, as a fifth filth column. We know who carried out 9/11...and to THINK THAT 50,000--100,000 American armed Toyota driving ISIS suddenly came out of the blue through NATO TURKEY AND SCUMBAG SPECIAL OPS JORDAN without the Americans having the slightest clue is orchestrating imagination to the limits.

'al-CIA-duh' is a worn out sales pitch so enter ISIS....or 'al-CIA-duh' 3.

India is not in the Greater Middle East....but Pakistan and Afghanistan are.

Provided RAW and the IB don't work for foreign entities and narratives like Mir Jafar in Mumbai 26/11....then India will be OK.

So what happened with Pakistan? 

Pakistan was created by the British using the Muslim League, founded by the British, and Jinnah a British agent who orated his best speeches in English, drank to excess and scoffed down ham sandwiches.......never in his life seen near a Mosque during his whole public life. I dare a researcher to find a picture of Jinnah near a Mosque. And of course you can get any rent a crowd to start Communal riots...dime a dozen. The British especially started this process from 1880....its called divide and rule.

In modern times it is the BJP/RSS together with Safron terror who instigate it for political purpose.

Perhaps a greater percentage of Pashtun origin Indians can be recruited into the Indian army, beyond the meager 2% figure........they are the worlds BEST MOUNTAIN fighters...instead of wallowing in poverty wasting away their sheer talent. 12% of the Indian army, inducted into mountain divisions...we can see them fight and die for India. The Mughal army had 30% Hindus.


Indian Muslims will live and die for India, PM Narendra Modi says

Times of India.

"Indian Muslims will live for India, they will die for India — they will not want anything bad for India," Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said in his first interview after assuming office.

"My understanding is that they are doing injustice towards the Muslims of our country. If anyone thinks Indian Muslims will dance to their tune, they are delusional," Modi told CNN's Fareed Zakaria when asked about the head of al-Qaida issuing a video and an appeal trying to create an al-Qaida in India- South Asia.

He was also put a question about the remarkable phenomenon that out of the 170 million Muslims in India, there seemed to be no or very few members of al-Qaida even though it is in Afghanistan and Pakistan. "What is it that has made this community not as susceptible?"
Modi answered that first he was not the authority for doing a psychological and religious analysis on this.

"But the question is whether or not humanity should be defended in the world. Whether or not believers in humanity should unite. This is a crisis against humanity, not a crisis against one country or one race. So we have to frame this as a fight between humanity and inhumanity, nothing else," he said.