An Upside down world of the Rothschilds

The article wrongly alludes to former PM's treasonous work for a foreign power for money (Shekels) but Tony Blair is in REALITY as a puppet of the Rothschilds of London, as is David Cameron. 

In fact both are of Jewish descent, and there fore it is only natural that they both work for Israel first, and last.

Their hyper Christian fundamentalism and frequent pronouncement of 'al-CIA-duh' at England's gate as cover for their Jewish criminal backgrounds. 

Ironically most of Jew Blair's money is made in MUSLIM lands, where low IQ Sultans welcome him for his 'expert' advice.

But the basis of their rise and backing should be understood clearly.

Sexual deviancy (homosexuality, paedophilia, rape, cross dressing, buggering) are the means by which the Rothschilds control their compromised puppets for blackmail, should they not obey.......and in return for obedience they get money ($100 million in the case of Blair) and power.

It is sad indeed to think that 'Great' Britain for 10 years, and there after as its representative, was run by a man who in the 1970's and 1980's grubbily and impatiently waited outside men's toilets for sex with strangers.(The sheer futility and criminality of the act juxtaposed with his central position within the Criminal UK State......and his hoodwinking, pulpit sermonizing speeches)

(Viewer discretion is advised....if you under 18 please do not watch. If are of a sensitive religious disposition please do not watch. The video shows Tony Blair having sex outdoor.....for many deviants doing something illegal and criminal is a sexual thrill in itself, and is an affirmation of self power)

A man who killed political 'rivals' in his own party who disagreed with him on certain state issues, who were otherwise friends of his....and innocent good citizens of the UK.....along with public figures like Jill Dando and Princess Diana.

The Criminal UK State has no future...and is probably the most evil state on earth.

To think that Neanderthals with ill-gotten speculative money, European hereditary titles and fine clothes consider themselves above and beyond GOD.

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Tony Blair and the GQ Award cock-up