Polymath Omar Khayyam

I can't recall a real life major movie that has been made of Omar Khayyam either in Iran or the West.....what a pity!

Or of Cyrus the Great, Darius, Parthia, Sassanian or Ferdowsi or Rumi.....OR Ismail the I

But a lot of low quality Pedestrian movies are made NOW about this that and the other.

To remember the past glory of Persian history, is to truly invigorate Persian Psyche and national defense...for each Sipahi will come to learn beyond their books what sacred land they are defending.


I understand finally and belatedly, Iran will hold a public holiday for Omar Khayyam. 

When a nation comes under foreign subjugation it tends to lose its bearing. It loses its identity.

This is what happened to Iran under Greek Invasion, Arab Invasion and the Mongol Invasion....and more recently Western Imperialism.

Rumi is the best selling poet in the USA.

Or Hafiz Nazeri with his allusions to Iranian classical music and poetry topping the charts in the USA.

Perhaps this is the secret WEAPON Persia needs to bring peace and understanding with the Jewish led West. Or Perhaps not.

This and a very effective military machine, well versed in conventional LAND warfare with air defense and electronic warfare.

The Ukrainians will now have peace with Russia. The East Ukrainian Russian self defense forces, numbering a few thousand WON the PEACE for themselves, as each waves of Ukrainian armies were defeated, with Russian covert guidance.

This is not a victory where Iranians fight Iranians, but least there will be peace.

Once puppet mullah donkey Iran loosens itself from the covert guidance of London and Israel, Iran too will have a strong military and thereafter peace will follow. Iran's REAL military weakness invites open threats. 

Whilst Iranian culture flourishes in the USA and the 1.2 million Iranians are the leading economic group along with the 2 million Indians (In some cases surpassing the Jews) , general American goodwill towards the Persian State does not. The USA prostrates itself to the narrow extremist Jewish billionaires.

The Americans don't want to be identified as working with Persia, and therefore wish to continue the hostile stance. They have turned down the generous open Iranian offer to work with the USA against Israel's ISIS manufactured CRISIS.

The ISIS MANUFACTURED CRISIS exists so that Arab nations can be Balkanised and Eretz Israel created. ISIS is supplied through Jordan and NATO Turkey, from where most of the recruits from foreign lands come.

Iran MUST mobilize to fight  ISIS in Iraq and Syria.....backing the right Kurds and Iraqi government in Baghdad. Iran must also make her defense more credible. 

Consider ISIS as one giant live training exercise for the Pasdaran and Artesh.


Omar Khayyam’s statue to be set up in New York

By Presstv.com

A statue of the internationally celebrated Persian poet, astronomer and mathematician, Omar Khayyam Neishaburi is slated to be set up in Manhattan, New York City.
.(NEW YORK...is the biggest Jewish populated city in the world with perhaps 3 million Jews living there. At a symbolic level this small gesture is very significant towards eventual peace between the two great nations....on the other hand peace between nations are not decided by ordinary Jews, who are like everybody else love peaceful coexistence, or the Israeli lobby, BUT the elite Jewish billionaires who through the corridors of power exert far greater influence over government policy)

The officials of Manhattan municipality decided to install the statue of the classic Iranian poet as a Persian symbol in the city.


The two-meter tall statue along with two other copies was created by the Iranian sculptor Hossein Fakhimi.

“I have conducted two years of studies before starting the carving of the statues, since it was important for me to know different aspects of Khayyam’s character,” Fakhimi stated.


 The two other copies are scheduled to stand in Khayyam’s hometown of Neishabur in Iran and in Florence, Italy.


In paying tribute to the poet Khayyam, the poet’s statue had been earlier unveiled in Complutense University in Madrid, Spain.

Born in Neishabur, May 18, 1048, Khayyam is recognized worldwide as one of the most wildly acclaimed Persian poets and astronomers.

(Not in the USA...there it is Rumi)
He was popularized in the West through the translation of his magnum opus Rubaiyat.

Khayyam's fame as a poet has caused some to ignore his scientific achievements, which are significant.


His contributions to mathematical include his Treatise on Demonstration of Problems of Algebra, which gives a geometric method for solving cubic equations by allowing a hyperbola to intersect a circle.


Khayyam  was also the chief contributor to the Jalali calendar, an ancestor of the current Iranian calendar. It is believed to have been introduced on March 15, 1079 by Seljuk Sultan Jalal al-Din Malik Shah I, based on Khayyam's recommendations.

In Persian speaking countries, Khayyam has had an impact on literature and societies through the translation of his works and popularization by other scholars.

Among English-speaking countries Scholars; Edward FitzGerald (1809-83), who was the most influential, introduced Khayyam to the West through translation of his quatrains.