Turning on an "ally" Coolie kuta

It was Henry Kissinger in the mid-1970's who said roughly, "It is more dangerous to be an ally of the USA, then its enemy."

And so the Shah of Iran found out in 1978-79; Ditto Diem of South Vietnam; General Noriega of Panama 1989; Marcos of the Philippines; Saddam of Iraq in 1990/91; Gaddafi of Libya 2011; Mubarak of Egypt 2011; Field Marshal Ayub Khan of Pakistan from 1965--69; General Musharaf of Pakistan 2007--8; Mullah Omer of the Taliban 2001. Yes Mullah Omer of the Taliban and the USA were once great buddies, in fact the American's installed him into power using the resources, manpower and logistics of the Pakistan military........but despite all this Pakistani help, by pure definition mullah Omer was an American installed puppet.

America is a nation with competing Jewish interests (various elite groups). Being a puppet and a client state of such a nation imperils the long term interests of the ally of the USA, unless you are a powerful independent state, or at the other end a client state small and insignificant...the American's don't really need to impose any real new policies (Kuwait, Kiribati). When the competing Jewish interests are imposed on a client nation as policy, this may severely strain the relationship between the two states because the new American policy being imposed is so bad (drone strikes in Pakistan's case) that the client regime comes under strong domestic pressure, naturally.

The American reaction usually in the last scenario above, as the lone superpower is not to reflect, be circumspect and offer alternative solutions and policies.....but to change the puppet in charge who WILL carry out American policy in the client state.

Musharaf often referred to as Busharaf for obvious reasons, who conceded to the USA ON SECURITY within Pakistan, more than any other Pakistani leader (The Americans using the pressure tactics of the 9/11 false flag event, "We'll bomb you back to the stone age", courtesy of Richard Armitage), was still unsatisfactory for the American's who envisaged a colonial Raj takeover of Pakistan, under the guise of GWoT, to secure its nukes for Israel, post 9/11. Thus Musharaf was pushed out using Benazir Bhutto's death, civil society and a cooperative military.....to impose Zardari, Mr. 10% who was/is correctly believed by the USA to be totally amoral, capable of selling his own mother if the price is right. Such a man as Zardari was deemed more useful for America's agenda in Pakistan which is.....creeping occupation of Pakistan using GWoT, and the securing of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal, about which Raymond Davies may have been probing deep in the Punjab, as a pose to doing his work in the NWFP. Under Zardari drone strikes in Pakistan has increased dramatically.

Many in the Pakistan military, especially in the top brass love the USA....since many have under gone extensive training there. But as the examples of Third World dictators exiting show above, the American "love' is rarely reciprocated or permanent.

In the below article Admiral Mullen as head of the American armed forces, makes vague suggestions that the Pakistani government is somehow tied to terrorism. Building up the image that Pakistan is terrorist hub number one.

This is utter nonsense.......technically and specifically if we are referring to the civilian government of Asif Zardari of the PPP. 1) The civilian government of Zardari was brought into power by the USA, toppling Musharaf, and thus the American's must have had inside knowledge of Zardari's true nature....and what really motivates Zardari.......$/money. 2) The real power in Pakistan, thanks to the USA, is the military...using the ISI.....and thus the only real "government" with any control of events in Pakistan is the military.

Now if Admiral Mullen is pointing a finger at the Pakistan military and their ties to terrorism then he should be more clear, for everybody's sake, and say so. YES, if he were to say this then he would be correct.........the 500,000 Jihadi's in Pakistan now are ALL controlled by the Pakistan military, and have been groomed since the late 1970's. They represent the proxy militia arm of the Pakistan military which carry out the Pakistan military's policy both within Pakistan and outside......without having to use the regular forces (800,000) or the paramilitary (300,000)......(i) fighting Shia minorities in the extreme North, or NWFP....(ii) fighting India in Kashmir, ongoing (Kargil also)....(iii) fighting in Afghanistan to maintain Pakistan's interests as per the "strategic depth" policy put forward by the American's themselves.

(iv) Finally the 300 terrorist incidents inside Pakistan since 2001, with about 4000 civilian deaths have been carried out by the same Pakistan military controlled Jihadis......LeT, HuJI, Taliban, Swat Taliban, Asian Tigers and what ever other cock and bull names these Pakistani military controlled outfits call themselves for the week...........the objective being (1) To destabilize the civilian government since 2008 (2) Promote the truly bizarre perverse calculation and logic within the Pakistan military that uncle SAM won't let the Pakistan state fail, and will/must not allow it to fall into the hands of the Taliban.........the oft repeated mantra...and thus must pour security resources into the hands of the brave loyal Pakistani military fighting an epic hand to hand battle against terrorists within GWoT, for the USA. (Coolie Kuta logic which is dangerous for Pakistan). (3) Each terrorist incident carried out by the Pakistani military controlled Jihadis increases the positive profile of the Pakistan military in the eyes of the Pakistani people, as national custodians of Pakistan's defenses and security!!!!

In defense of the indefensible Pakistan military one has to say that many greasy Third World nations do run various "militia" groups in South America, Africa and Asia......often with full American backing, arming, training.......Guatemala....El Salvador.....Indonesia (Admiral Mullen is obviously behaving like the Pot calling the kettle black) BUT.....500,000 jihadis I have to say is too many for such a failed unstable strife ridden state as Pakistan.

But as with the above proverb, IT IS THE USA which fully advised, armed, trained, funded Pakistan's Jihadi monsters from the 1970's using the Pakistan military to fight the Soviet Union initially, and said nothing and did nothing to control this monster once the job was done in 1989. Instead the USA used them in other theaters, such as the Balkans in the 1990's.

The Taliban is the love child of the USA and the Pakistan military from 1994.

The fake phantom "al-Qaeda" is the love child of the USA/Israel and the Pakistan military........a threat to nobody unless a threat needs to be created.

Admiral Mullen purportedly is seriously concerned about American casualties in Afghanistan, a certain percentage of which he believes is the result of ISI backing of the Taliban. But as I have repeatedly stated, it is the USA who told Pakistan to create the Taliban from 1994. Also, given the ethnic links with Pakistan's 25 million Pashtuns and the huge porus border of Af/Pak, it is INCONCEIVABLE that the Taliban's kith and kin both within the Pakistan state structure (25% of the Pakistan army alone is Pashtun.....ditto ISI) and fellow tribals are going to cease supporting the Taliban.....OR ANY AFGHAN resistance, even if the weak civilian government with NO CONTROL over security in Islamabad wanted it.(Pakistan is failed state number 10)

Many Afghan Pashtun's are not happy that their country is occupied by foreign powers, and under International Law have the right to resist such an occupation, and seek assistance from neighboring countries such as Pakistan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan.......the evolution of this law took place in the 1950's and 1960's.....after the decolonization process around the world and the creation of new independent nation states. In recognition of this principle the UK, France and Italy are sending military advisers to Libya, to fight a former American installed puppet and directly help rebels.

Many Afghan Pashtun's are not happy that their country is being run as a defacto narco state, with criminal mafia elements around Karzai running the state.

Many Afghan Pashtun's are not happy that their dominant position for a 1000 years in the country and as the major ethnic group of 50% has been displaced in favor of the Tajiks who represent 25% of the population, but constitute 65% of the army, police, and paramilitary.

Admiral Mullen cannot be naive or ignorant of the above injustices, problems and poor American governance in Afghanistan, where they spend 90% of their expenditure on military operations against Afghan wedding parties, children, Friday prayers........and somehow twist and blame the problems for the USA on the hapless, in charge of nothing civilian government of Pakistan, or even the ISI.

The problems of Afghanistan for the USA is the USA's problems only.

Admiral Mullen of course can simply pull American troops out of Afghanistan; that would improve the situation for everybody. Constantly groping around looking for weird justifications to stay in Afghanistan, because the USA military is the gofer for Jewish Banker narco profits from Afghan Heroin.

The Jewish American empire must NEVER be allowed to build permanent military bases in Ariana, because it will destabilize Iran, Pakistan........otherwise American military bases in South Korea, and Germany OK.


Mullen Accuses Pakistani Govt of Terror Ties

Visit Aimed at Improving Ties, But Admiral Rails Against Pakistan Instead

by Jason Ditz at antiwar.com

Admiral Michael Mullen is in Pakistan this week with an eye toward improving ties with the Zardari government, a particularly important mission at a time when the two are increasingly at odds. The Pakistani government demanded last week that the US stop launching air strikes against their territory, and withdraw hundreds of CIA operatives.

Which makes it surprising that early in his visit Admiral Mullen appeared on television and accused Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency of ties with terrorist groups, and that those ties have directly gotten US soldiers killed.

The claim comes just one week after a high profile attack in Afghanistan’s Kunar Province, which President Hamid Karzai blamed on the Pakistani government. The Karzai government has regularly blamed the Pakistanis for violence in Afghanistan.

Experts have been warning that the relationship between the US and Pakistan is nearing a breaking point, particularly in the wake of the Raymond Davis scandal. Mullen’s comments reflect that damage, but may also compound it, threatening a full break between the nations.