That Ayub Khan and Musharaf moment

Yes ladies and gentlemen that Ayub Khan moment (1965--69) and Musharaf moment (2007-8) is coming. This is when the JEWSA gets its knife out and unceremoniously gets rid of their kuta Coolie puppets.

Wikileaks which is an American Intelligence front, established to promote American foreign and security policy, without the policies appearing to come directly from them is now demonizing the ISI (Pakistan military). This is not a difficult task for the Americans..........because, yes its absolutely true the Pakistan military (ISI) DO TRAIN, FUND, ARM, ORGANISE AND DIRECT terrorist groups such as the LeT, HuJI, Asian Tigers, Taliban and others for operations against Afghanistan, India, and within Pakistan itself against political opponents of the military (notably journalists seem to be common target) community leaders, lawyers, Sufis, Shia, Ahmedis, Christians, Hindus within Pakistan etc. There are believed to be 500,000 Sunni Jihadis trained by the Pakistani military and they are an integral part of the Pakistan military's security strategy.

This is common knowledge among the entire Pakistan military.

Some observations about the latest "leaked document":

1. The USA funds the ISI, and oversees a lot of its operations through so called fusion centers-----If the ISI is an an annex of "al-Qaeda" as per the leaked document, why is the USA funding the ISI? Why is the USA funding the Pakistan military? What is the principle of this policy?

2. The USA, lone Superpower on earth, with an estimated $1500 billion actual security budget according to Chalmers Johnson isn't exactly a little girl lost in the woods. It may well be that it knows more about Pakistan's security than the Pakistanis themselves.......having worked with them closely since 1954, and trained a good many of the critical military personnel. Most Pakistan generals are defacto CIA agents. The Americans must have known about the linkage between the Pakistani military and Sunni Jihadis from the 1970's.........so why does it come as surprise now to the USA that such a nexus existed.

3. One mans terrorist is another man's death squad. The USA as a matter of policy in South America, Africa especially now, and Asia encouraged many of its client states to create paramilitary organizations, operating outside of the structure of the conventional military. The USA encouraged such a policy, and even funded such policies/entities during the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's, 1980's, 1990's and into this century in its client states....so why should it come as a surprise that the Pakistan military has links with various extremist paramilitary groups?

4. The "REAL TERRORIST GROUPS" which exist in Af/Pak run by the Pakistan military, and are not mere holograms for false flags....constitute a threat to Afghanistan ONLY, in the form of the Taliban. Afghans rightly should be able to seek a future with hopes of reasonable development, without being hampered by the likes of the Taliban, a home grown ISI backed Afghan insurgency group created by the USA, as "Controlled Opposition" using the services of the ISI.......with their strange medieval policies.

The Taliban is not a threat to the USA; Mullah Omer has never made any threats to the USA. The Sunni Jihadi terrorist groups controlled by the Pakistan military constitute a threat to the Pakistan State which has experienced 300 terrorist incidents since 2001, killing 4000 civilians...........but are not a threat to the USA, regardless of American imagination and commentary by some. The Sunni Jihadi terrorist groups controlled by the Pakistan military constitute a threat to India, but NOT the USA. The Sunni Jihadi terrorist groups controlled by the Pakistan military constitute a threat to Iran (Jundallah) but not the USA.

So we wonder about the intentions of the USA (The Zionist section).....and their "leak" to demonize the Pakistan state. The ISI is the premiere security agency of the Pakistan military that formulates state security, and even foreign policy. There have been previous allegations down the years, all of which are totally true that the ISI had links with the Taliban.......but this is more serious because its "al-Qaeda"..........and the Americans are saying the ISI is a critical gofer for "al-Qaeda"....providing what? logistics, money, arms, training, intelligence.

This is an allegation at a far more serious level..................AND UNLIKE THE 500,000 JEHADI SUNNI terrorists.......this latest allegation against the ISI/"al-Qaeda" is wholly untrue......because......because......because.......

So Pakistanis must wonder about why this allegation has been made, and why now?

Any normal person would be outraged by such allegations....and would take serious umbrage .......and significant consequential action:

(i) Seek out American ambassador for full clarification and apology.

(ii) Reduction of the American embassy personnel in Islamabad from the Iraqi/Green Zone Civil war mess levels to about 30 fully vetted personnel.

(iii) Cease taking American military aid, if all they think after so many years of effort---3000 Pakistani soldiers killed fighting the Taliban insurgency is that the Pakistan military are mere gofers for the "al-Qaeda" hologram.

(iv) Expel all American military personnel.

My fear is that the Pakistani military will merely shrug their soldiers, overlook this significant and serious allegation and continue with their coolie kuta ways. "Those 85 mini drone toys look so beautiful sahib........."

This is dangerous........the American puppet Ayub Khan can be removed, as can Musharaf....but what happens when the Americans make an allegation against an entire state organization?


Leaked US Doc Terms Pakistani Govt Agency an ‘Associated Force’ of al-Qaeda

US-Pakistan Tensions Likely to Worsen Even More Over Claim

by Jason Ditz of antiwar.com

Tim Osman who after being transferred to Taliban Afghanistan in 1996, was run as an agent of the ISI for American Intelligence, to build the "al-Qaeda" hologram/narrative....until his death in Pakistan in December 2001.

The leaked US “Guantanamo Files” focus mostly on the dubious reasons for the more-or-less permanent detention of various captives, but perhaps the most serious release of the bunch is the “Matrix of Threat Indicators,” a list of various excuses for the detentions.

That is because among those reasons is “association with Pakistan ISID,” the Inter-Services Intelligence agency, which is the Pakistani government’s top spy agency. In addition to the agency’s significant influence, the current army Chief of Staff Gen. Parvez Kayani also was the former ISI chief.

The document didn’t stop there, either. Near the end, the file lists “associated forces” of al-Qaeda, and again lists the Pakistan ISI as having “an established working, supportive or beneficiary relationship for the achievement of common goals.”

The leak comes less than a week after Admiral Michael Mullen accused “some” elements of the ISI of having terror ties. The document appears to take this much further and treats the agency in general as a terrorist auxiliary for al-Qaeda.

This has spawned further concerns that the leaks will make the already tense US-Pakistan relationship even worse. The Pakistani government has been railing at the US for drone strikes and CIA operations for weeks, but the Obama Administration appears to have largely ignored the demands and continued with business as usual.