Finding Izzat and your balls in Pakistan

The USA is in Afghanistan to make maximum profits from the Heroin trade, and then put into place local satraps who will operate and protect this trade worth between $50-80 billion annually for the Anglo-American Jewish banking fraternity in London and New York.(Vietnam war)

The American military presence also affords them the ability to weaken Pakistan directly by backing the TTP, with various destabilization programs in the long term objective of neutralizing Pakistan's nuclear arsenal. (Israeli objective since the 1970's...when at first Henry Kissinger the Jew came to Pakistan to warn Bhutto...1974/75...and then the military coup against Bhutto in 1977)

The Pakistan military, the "best military" in the world, providing slave soldiers to the Gulf, fighting their biggest and longest battles against their own people, is the most important component of American strategic policy in and around Pakistan.

Mercifully for the Americans the Punjabi generals, trained in the USA, are not too strong on strategic thinking and pure Pak patriotism. Money is an important factor for this as ALL the generals are millionaires.....and there are an awful lot of Punjabi Pakistani generals....191 in an army of 612,000....so there is a general for every 3,000 jawan. The highest general to troop ratio in the world. I guess everybody wants a piece of the scam hey?

The other factor is that most of the Punjabi Pakistani generals are low caste Hindu converts to Islam...and whilst they may have great names like Lt Gen Ahmad Shuja Pasha, (straight honest headman...Turkish in origin) Lt Gen Muhammad Haroon Aslam ("Attaining peace by submitting oneself to the will of almighty god"...Arabic), Lt Gen Tariq Khan (as in Genghis Khan), Maj Gen Zawar Hussain Shah (King/emperor in Farsi), Maj Gen Shahida Badshah (King of Iran and Turkey) they haven't changed their centuries old habits.

Name changing and changing religion does not change race.....and unfortunately since the 1950's they have retained their low caste Hindu "natural" habits. Pursuing personal gain, and financial gain, and ego massaging way beyond their true capacity, hiding behind their guns and uniforms.......on a long trail of mass murder, rape and destruction in East Pakistan, Baluchistan, and now NWFP.

These Coolies never learn, but heap chaos and mayhem on Pakistan and its good people and then with a straight face blame it on Islamic fundies outfits which they run covertly, on neighbors such as India, Afghanistan and even Iran (Junallah).

These Coolies in the military kiss the gora ass, lick the gora pudi, fawn and smile at the gora like little shy girls, meeting regularly with the gora in various locations.........but against good honest poor fellow Pakistanis, their eyes turn red along with their guns. They regularly lie to the Pakistanis people.

You don't have to be strategic genius in the ISI, "The best intelligence service in the world" to know that the booming Afghan Heroin trade is harming Pakistani society.......millions.....but the ISI/Pakistan military is silent about this.

"al-Qaeda" is non-existent and is a hologram run by the CIA, through their agent Tim Osman, long since dead in 2001. But the ISI/Pakistan military maintain that "al-Qaeda" exists in Afghanistan and Pakistan and is a threat to Pakistan, which must be fought......in aid of this an assortment of unlikely Afghans mostly since 2001, numbering 700 have been handed over to the Americans to be murdered, tortured as 'al-Qaeda"........the Americans have released most of them, on condition that they work for the Americans as Islamists in the Taliban (TTP) or else where in Araby as "al-Qaeda"....Libya, Yemen, Saudi Arabia.

The Taliban was created by the CIA, through the ISI/Pakistan military of Pakistan from 1994. The Taliban is "Controlled Opposition" for the USA....which wages a very low intensive war, which gives the Americans the justification to be in Afghanistan for the last 10 years......Put simply, no Taliban, no American military presence in Afghanistan. The Pakistan military kets now this game. But year in year out the generals maintain this lie, with mullah Omer safely housed in Karachi and the Taliban Shura in Quetta.

The Americans in the process of destabilizing Pakistan have used their Western media assets to create the propaganda that Pakistan is terrorist hub number one, with "al-Qaeda" based there with the Taliban. Most amazingly the Pakistan military repeat this American created fraud and lie. Even as they know the truth. For them this American lie is an opportunity to make more money and line their pockets.......with more "military aid".........fuck Pakistani national strategic interests, and the very serious danger of building a reputation as terrorist hub number one which eventually requires NATO/American invasion and sorting out with ground troops creeping ever closer to Pakistan, along with attacks on Pakistani border posts.

The so called GWOT fraud is hurting Pakistan economically and therefore socially. The American aid, which arrives sometimes, and sometimes not is not enough or equal to the economic and social loss Pakistan incurs by actively participating in the American security game. The American aid helps some politicians in the ruling PPP, bureaucrats and security people, who then transfer their wealth to Swiss bank accounts, BUT Pakistan as a nation state, and the general people do not benefit. The economic and social cost to Pakistan of participating in GWoT is far greater then any American aid given to Pakistan. (high % military).........the country is gradually sliding down the abyss......The Pakistan military know this too well.

Around the corner, in the near future Pakistan will face severe water shortage created naturally. This problem can be resolved by effective governance, serious investment, and honest negotiations with India bilaterally. The population will reach 280 million by 2030........in a nation with high ratio's of malnutrition......The Pakistan military know that they can't sustain their present American directed security posture, AND at the same time seriously deal with these significant national challenges, just stated.

There is no hope from the Coolies in the Pakistani military......they look the same as before. They can't change even to save themselves and their beleaguered country.

The winds of change must be gently blowing from North Africa and the Gulf surely, and ordinary Pakistanis must gird their loins and roll up their sleeves for the coming revolt for their country and its future.

In changing the destiny of their country the Pakistani people must eliminate the Coolies in the Pakistan military......the primary tool of American mischief in Pakistan since 1951, nothing less will do.

The below article is CIA propaganda to give the impression that the PPP under $3 billion looter kuta Zardari, and the Pakistan military finally really do "CARE" about Pakistanis (We ought to believe them from now bhaisahab). After so many years of this game, EVEN as they help the American with their drone attacks against innocent Pakistani civilians (1,500 innocent Pak civilians have died at the hands of the Americans and their bogus wars).....without Pakistani military help there can be no
drone attacks.


Pakistan Demands Halt to US Drone Attacks, Cuts in CIA Ops

Officials Ask 335 Operatives to Leave Pakistan

by Jason Ditz at antiwar.com

In what officials are describing as further fallout from the Raymond Davis fiasco, the Pakistani government has asked the United States to remove some 335 operatives from the nation. They are also demanding that the US put its drone strike program “on hold.”

Pakistan’s government has faced increasing domestic unrest over the massive presence of CIA operatives and US special forces in the nation. This was compounded when Davis, who was ostensibly working for the US consulate in Lahore, murdered two Pakistanis on the streets, then demanded diplomatic immunity. He was released after the payment of “blood money” to the families of the victims.

The already controversial drone strikes came to a head in March as well, after a drone strike targeted a tribal jirga, killing a large number of civilians and tribal fighters loyal to the Pakistani government. The US insisted the attack was appropriate.

(Hints a total disconnect between Pakistan and the USA)

The demand to halt the drone strikes appears more serious than previous “formal requests,” which came as Pakistani officials were quietly endorsing the program. The current demands seem to originate within Pakistan’s ISI, which is likely in more of a position to require that such attacks stop.