Its not merely about "requesting" and "objecting"

Pakistan has been a failed state since its inception in 1947. A large part of that initially was the nature of its birth in 1947, starved of institutionalized resources and logistics; 90% or more of which went to India, either by default or deliberate British policy. Munitions meant for the Pakistan army from the huge armaments depots in South India built up during WWII, were found dumped in the Arabian sea, and trains carrying logistics for the state never arrived......due to it was said "Partition" and "border" problems.

Pakistan should never have been created.

Gandhi should have called the British Raj bluff and unusually high pressure tactics, and not acceded to a partitioned India.("OK we're leaving India right now, no time to loose, going right now.......1948 is too late for us.......Jinnah will die by then, so we've been told........so what if we've been in the region for 200 years.....we've got to go, massacres will follow and escalate if you don't make a quick hasty ill judged decision now) But he was shaken by the Bengal communal riots, organized by the Muslim League in 1946 (British Raj).

But that was 63 years ago.

Since 1951, when the Pakistan military carried out a soft/hard coup, the ONLY source of Pakistan's failed nature have been the Pakistan military, through the ISI.....the military's think tank and chief strategist................................set up by the British in 1948, with a British General running it from 1948--56(58?).

To make Pakistan stable the ISI would have to be disbanded; cut ALL military ties with the USA/UK......and cut the size of the Pakistan military with its 191 multi-millionaire generals, and 1,100,000 military machine which probably eats up around 8--10% of the real unofficial GDP(Ayesha Siddiqa"Military Inc---Inside Pakistan military economy")

Unfortunately in Pakistan, as in many nations around the world, the military think they are the rightful and only custodians of national security and defense of their country.......and for this to be fully appreciated and realized, THEY must actually run the government of the country either directly (Indonesia, where the generals wear civilian jackets, with ties) or from the back seat...Pakistan where they basically decide Pakistan's security, and foreign policy---the civilian government has little or no power and simply cannot compete against an armed organization of 1,100,000 men......3,000,000 reserves and retirees...and finally 500,000 trained, armed Islamic Fundamentalists such as the LeT, HuJi, Taliban...at its back and call. FINALLY, the diplomatic and financial backing of the USA.

This is all good for the Pakistan military, with lots of military equipment, hardware, but not good for the Pakistan STATE, with its people of 180 million.

The Pakistan military strategically, acting for itself, guided by the gora via the ISI over cocktails in Pindi/Islamabad "pushes" and "shakes" the state for its particular interests......but each time it does so, it FAILS Pakistan one notch further:

1. 1951---1958----destabilization of civilian governments, after the soft/hard coup of 1951. GREAT for the Pakistan military because with each destabilization it brought them closer to power, BUT extremely bad for a new unstable young nation struggling to survive and legitimate itself......through the normal avenue of civilian government.

2. Signing a Security Pact with the USA in 1954, as an anti-Communist bloc country. Great for the Pakistan military where most of the $1 billion aid promised was defense related. But bad for Pakistan the young struggling nation state because it could now be interfered with politically by the USA using military aid/training as a leverage unto the present 2011.

3. 1965 war, where the Pakistan military committed to war against more powerful India, with their American supplied arms and 1 weeks worth of military spares and ammunition......hoping to i) defeat India, ii) Capture Kashmir iii) Hold Kashmir/Repulse Indian counter attacks. What actually happened was failure of i and ii objectives obviously, and failure of iii when India decided to crank it up, but saved by USA diplomatic intervention. STRATEGICALLY, India very naturally then focused on East Pakistan defended by a lone weak division, from 1965--1971.

4. The 1971 Civil war in East Pakistan, organized and conducted by the Pakistan military as the leading actor in the tragic drama. East Pakistanis cannot rule Pakistan; East Pakistanis cannot rule themselves(1958--1971)......so said the gora run Pakistan military. Just to prove that point we'll destroy East Pakistan, its infrastructure, and its people......in the name of defending Pakistan.

5. Over throw of the democratically elected government of Bhutto in 1977. For the first time the Pakistan military acted on the direct orders of the USA, overtly. From 1977 to the present, it became common currency for ALL who may have had a slight interests in power in Pakistan to kiss gora ass. To this day, because of the events of 1977 where the Pakistan military killed Bhutto for the USA, senior politicians and generals alike go the American embassy, like serfs visiting the high emperor. If this is not a fundamental destabilization of national politics, I don't know what is?

In such a scenario will the Americans listen to the Pakistani Coolies? Generals, politicians or civilians.

6. The backing of hardline Islamic Fundamentalists, over more moderate Afghan's against the Soviet invasion in Afghanistan between 1977--1994 by the Pakistani military/ISI. Psychopaths such as Hekmatyar and Geelani would never make good rational leaders of a war torn country. The USA of course backed all this, as it was now all in favor of Islamic Fundamentalists, such as the Islamic Brotherhood, and the mullah's of Iran, from the 1970's, using them in specific arena's.(Egypt, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan)

7. The backing of the Taliban for "strategic depth" by the Pakistan military at the behest of the USA, from 1994 in Afghanistan. The backing of the 'al-Qaeda" hologram for the USA, conducting military ops, and capturing 'al-Qaeda' members for sustaining the USA hologram. The Pakistan military must take sole responsibility for allowing Pakistan to be named terrorist hub number one. A source of shame for most nations, but not for the millionaire Pakistani generals who hope to make more money as the useful dogs of the fake USA war known as GWoT.

Good for a few Pakistani generals, but not good for Pakistan the nation state.

8. Pakistan is a failed de- legitimated state. Its President did prison time for corruption, and is known as Mr. 10%....with $3 billion worth of looted state funds. The nations future looks bleak as it embarks on a ceaseless, American backed war against 'terrorists' who in the American defined sense don't exist. The Pakistan state faces massive population and other socio-economic threats which need to be addressed calmly, strategically and logically.......working side by side, honestly, sincerely with India.

HOWEVER in a nation where the military lie through their teeth to the Pakistan people, day in day out as an exercise in cleverness....and secretly collaborate with JEWSA geo-strategy in Pakistan, which is destructive to Pakistan all too evidently.....then such a state has no future, no future except self destruction.

CIA Panetta says he is doing his duty for his country launching drone strikes into sovereign Pakistan territory........which has killed 1500 innocent civilians, and a few purported Taliban people, ratio of 1:50. The Taliban and 'al-Qaeda' are the responsibility of the USA, nobody else. Certainly large number of innocent civilians should not be killed in the process of fighting these two CIA created and run creatures in AF/Pak. Bombing Cambodia to fight the Vietcong should not be repeated in Pakistan.

What then is the true Duty of the Pakistan military?

The Pakistan Military, with its 63 years of "strategic genius"......how long is this fake USA show going to go on for on Pakistani soil?

The drone strikes are bad; they kill innocent dirt poor fourth world people. What is far far worse however is the American GWoT narrative, which says Pakistan is terrorist hub number one; The Taliban is a global challenge as is 'al-Qaeda' in Pakistan. The drone strikes reinforce that image, which for the long term is very very dangerous for Pakistan......given what is happening around the world, and neo-colonialism.

For the largely Punjabi Pakistani generals, they make money, they get arms aid for the loss of some Pashtun civilians. In their world this might be an acceptable loss...in a nation of 180 million. Whats a few Pashtuns to them? Whats a few Baluchis to them? Whats a few East Pakistanis to them? whats a few civilians to them? Whats a few soldiers to them (Kargil 1999, 4000 Pakistanis killed---derail any chances of an Indian/Pakistan peace deal----peace with India, no need for big military in Pakistan)

But the sum total of their thinking is destroying Pakistan.

Shuja Pasha does not need to merely "Object" "argue" and "request" to the USA about drone strikes in Sovereign Pakistan territory; he needs to take real action.

1. Drone strikes cannot take place on Pakistani soil, unless the Pakistani military provide the coordinates first. Stop assisting the JEWSA killing innocent Pakistani civilians.

2. It is past incredibility that the Pakistan military, with its ISI, the 'best intelligence service in the world" do not know the where abouts of American covert operatives!!!!!! The ISI with its previous British Raj legacy and 150 years experience has a very long record of tracking warring tribals in the NWFP certainly, if not the rest of Pakistan. How difficult is to spot a gora, for fuck sakes? Pakistanis on average aren't cosmopolitan people.......they should be able smell a gora from a mile off. More dis-information from the Pakistani military geniuses. Americans wearing make-up should be easily spotted.

3. 70-80% of supplies to the Occupation forces in Afghanistan go through Pakistan. CUT IT OFF. If that's difficult, squeeze the supply to 30-40%.

4. Go to the Pakistan Media and tell the real story of the Taliban, and 'al-Qaeda". Instead of repeating the American false lies lets tell the truth that OBL is dead; "al-Qaeda" does not exist; the Taliban is a force created by the USA.......side with the Pakistan people and their interests, BEFORE a peoples revolution and not AFTER, where you have less control.(Egypt----Mubarak a former airforce general, 82, old, being prosecuted by his former colleagues in the Egyptian military, who otherwise benefited under his regime, because that is what the mob in Tahrir Square wants).....and the Americans, and the ascendancy of the Muslim Brotherhood there NOW.

Panetta Spurns Pakistan’s Calls to End CIA Drone Strikes

Insists Strikes Part of His 'Fundamental Responsibility'

by Jason Ditz at antiwar.com

According to officials familiar with the conversation, CIA Director Leon Panetta rejected demands from Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence head Lt. Gen. Ahmad Shuja Pasha to end drone strikes against his nation and scale back operations beyond those coordinated with the ISI itself.

The officials said the multi-hour talks ended with Panetta insisting the drone strikes were part of his “fundamental responsibility” and that they would continue. He also apparently rejected the other calls, insisting the US government would do whatever it thinks is in its interest in the region.

Despite rejecting every single demand of Pasha, CIA spokesmen insisted that the talk was “productive” and proved the two spy agencies have a “solid partnership.” It is a partnership involving considerable hostility, however.

Pakistan has been taking a renewed look at CIA operations after Raymond Davis, a consulate employee charged with murder, turned out to be a CIA operative. Officials have since said they believe hundreds of CIA agents are operating in Pakistan above and beyond the ones working directly with the nation’s government.