We agree with the playboy

I am against dynastic politics, which then becomes a sort of family business milking the gravy train of the state, as well connected insiders wheeling and dealing, but not really ruling in the interests of the state. In the case of the misnamed Gandhi's or is it Ganda's its arms purchases from foreign countries which has earned them about $2 billion in Swiss nest egg lolly. OK, OK its now $4 billion.....$2 billion in the early 1980's from commissions from the Soviet Union.

However that does not mean big time crooks are always wrong in what they say, or do.

Hitler wasn't always wrong......he was after all a vegetarian who with the help of his Jewish banker contacts revived the German economy in a few short miracle years.

Stalin wasn't always wrong, turning the Soviet Union from a very backward agrarian society, into the second most industrialized country in just 13 years (1928--1941) with the help of his international Jewish banker contacts from whom he took direct orders, and American technical help.(The Jewish bankers told him to destroy the leadership of the Soviet armed forces in 1937; dismantle ALL Soviet armored formations in 1939, and make an agreement with Nazi Germany for the partition of Poland, which would free Hitler to invade and attack the whole of Europe......thus giving Hitler time and the resources of the whole of Europe to attack and invade the Soviet Union eventually with such devastating consequences in 1941, for which Stalin allegedly never anticipated and seriously prepared for)

But in India we have Rahul the International Playboy(Pizza, Italy), educated at least officially in the USA/UK saying the right things for once. Why not?..........Why not, since what he is saying is already in the minds of most educated Indians of the younger generation, whose vote Congress can count on or would like to attract through Rahul.

The stupid Ayodhya Circus is a silly distraction vehicle invented solely by the BJP, who benefited politically from the circus for a while in the 1990's. The Ayodhya circus is wholly irrelevant to India's needs of good governance, infrastructure investment, industrialization, full free education, economic prosperity and greater trade.(India exports a mere $175 billion, whilst pedophile hub Belgium with 10 million people exports close to $400 billion)

The stupid Ayodhya Circus is almost as bad as the dynasty politics of Indian politics along with its rampant corruption. Lalu has brought out his son, now and why not? It smacks of religious obscurantism of the worst sort.....its fuzzy haired, coconut cracking, grass skirted, kala sala, bongo bongo with spears primitive and ultimately irrelevant. At Ayodhya 1992 and at Godhara 2002, it was after all these low caste illiterate kala sala who were involved in the dirty deeds, and not any noble Aryans with some education??? True?

The BJP as alleged staunch India nationalists should be hopping mad and concerned about India's isolation and diplomatic ineffectiveness in South Asia, rather than dredging up past percieved wrongs and wounds over 1000 years back.......looking to the past with anger and grievance, rather than to the future with optimism, modernity and hope.

The Turco-Afghan rulers may have destroyed 5000 Temples over 1000 years, God knows? They were superior fighters who dominated North India for 600 years. In the case of the Afghans they are directly related to most Brahmin's in India genetically, and many themselves were once Hindus.

But once you set a process of calling all old mosques ex-temples, then you start a very regressive negative trend that empowers the wrong sections of society in India. It shifts the debate to the wrong arena, for all the wrong reasons.

Partition of South Asia on the basis of religion was wrong; The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a failed state number 10 that is destroying itself through religion. The settlement of the Ayodhya Circus purely on the basis of religious sentiment will be wrong.

Babri Mosque was a historical fact established back in the 16th century, what ever its origins, which subsequently should not have been allowed itself to be transferred into the Ayodhya issue of 1992 as a politicized vehicle for the BJP, whilst Congress passively quiesced in its destruction from the sidelines..........it created and simplified the debate in a negative simplified way between 460 million South Asian Muslims, and Hindus, as with Partition. This was a wrong type of debate which aided the wrong type of people. Religious Fundamentalism is bad, progressive modernity implemented effectively is good.


Congress defends Rahuls Ayodhya remarks


Congress on Friday defended party general secretary Rahul Gandhi's remarks that issues like education and development were more important than the dispute over ownership of the Ayodhya site.

The party said the young leader's views expressed during a visit to Guwahati on Thursday had actually reflected the aspirations of the younger generation of Indians. "He contextualised the Ayodhya dispute; his statement reflected the aspirations of a large section of the youth," party spokesman Manish Tiwari told reporters.

He said even at the time of demolition in 1992, a large number of young people felt that issues pertinent to the everyday life of the common man were more important than the dispute.

Replying to a question during a session with IIT students in Guwahati, Rahul had said that issues of education, development and infrastructure were more important than the shrine dispute.