Many logical solutions against the reality of absurdistan's situation

You know the problems of India and Pakistan both domestic and bilateral can be easily solved. All it requires is honest leadership on their part. Leaders who are also committed to working hard for their peoples real needs.

It is too obvious a statement.

One can even say with confidence that a good percentage of the aam admi of both countries, using simple village common sense could come up with policies that would benefit both countries internally and bilaterally, without the benefit of Oxbridge or Yale education.

The reality is of course different.

Politics in Pakistan or India does not necessarily produce leaders with the best of intentions for their people. Leaders are either incompetent, stupid, corrupt, lacking real education where it matters or are bought puppets of outside powers.

In the case of Absurdistan which is a failed state number das, it is controlled by the USA. The USA uses its massive military and economic aid to the failed state to buy its politicians and military men. Zardari smiling ear to ear, no matter what has done jail time, and is a known criminal, but since he has the backing of the USA, who like his personality he was elected in rigged elections in 2008, and remains in power into 2010. He is amassing greater wealth as a billionaire non-businessman while the country goes down the drain. He has daily briefings with the American ambassador who tells him what to do....when he is not abroad.

But the greatest problem in Pakistan is of course not the politicians, but the military........has been since 1951. They defacto run the country, and one may say with confidence that the ultimate responsibility of the mess in Absurdistan lies with the Pakistan military, proactive in Pakistan society since 1951. Zardari is a late very recent Johnny come lately fucker upper.....and of course a front for the real power of the Pakistan military/ISI.....and the Americans behind them. Zardari and his circus antics makes the chaudis in the Pakistani military look good.......you can even hear the squeals now in Pakistan"Oh can we have the military back"....sigh.

The next logical question is how does any "normal" country develop bilateral relations with Absurdistan without going into the American mode. Its impossible.

The Chinese have invested possibly $30 billion in strategic projects in the country, but are still playing second fiddle to the USA. The USA is so powerful that they are able to USE the Pakistani military to kill Pakistani villagers, and then get the Pakistani politicians and military to cover up the fact. On the other hand India offers a mere $5 million in flood victim aid, and the beggars in Pakistan are up in arms. Apparently the Harijan Coolies in Pakistan think this Indian aid is a national threat! Obviously the USA has indoctrinated the Pakistani leadership very well.

India is not much better.

India is run by Signora Sonia Meino, an Italian lady who as au pair in London in the 1960's married Rajiv Gandhi. In Third World India that is the qualification for being the leader of the country, even though she has no formal education. She decides who gets what jobs in the cabinet, and is heir to the $billions of commissions which the Ganda Family amassed from the 1960's from arms purchases from the Soviet Union first, and then the rest of the world later.......the practice was institutionalised in the 1970's, and both the BJP and Congress indulge in it now as a matter of course. Its become a highly ritualised process when India buys more worthless foreign arms. We are talking about the defense of the country faced with multiple real threats. Anyway, Signora Sonia Meino is now grooming her son, a playboy into becoming the next PM, based on the fact that he is a Ganda family member.

Constructive, highly organised, level thinking China is still grappling with controlling Pakistan vis the USA influence, despite giving massive strategic help, and assistance with the Pak Nuke Bomb. So how is ramshackle India going to engage in meaningful dialogue with such a state, originally created by the British Raj to niggle and weaken India.

The British created the ISI in 1948, and then it quickly went into work in destabilising Pakistan from 1951. For Pakistan to be "normal" first and foremost that organisation has to be totally disbanded. Its is the center of Pakistan's problems, and it is the center of South Asia's problems.


India, Pak defence & spy chiefs need to talk: Experts

By Times of India.

Defence service chiefs and intelligence chiefs of India and Pakistan should set up regular dialogue and contact as an essential part of confidence building between the neighbours, think tanks in the two countries suggested after a meeting.

Even though official relations between India and Pakistan continue to be tense, civil society is already working on a modus vivendi to get the two countries to work on the convergences rather than get stuck on issues that divide.

The Chaophraya Dialogues — between Indian and Pakistani think tanks Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies and Jinnah Institute, which was held in Bangkok last week — made a strong pitch for dialogue and extended contacts between the defence service chiefs and spy chiefs. Both these institutions form the main pillar of the Pakistani establishment, and it was felt that India needed to engage them openly.

Indian and Pakistani participants at the dialogue also asked for visa restrictions to be lifted between the two countries, to enable civil society to continue to build on people-to-people contacts, an essential part of the peace process.

On J&K, the participants recommended that India and Pakistan should have sustained dialogue, as well as facililtate a dialogue between all parts of the state. They asked India and Pakistan to implement CBMs already announced on cross-LoC travel and trade.

On terrorism, the participants said the two countries should facilitate the successful prosecution of those being tried for terrorist cases.

On Afghanistan, Pakistani and Indian representatives agreed that outside countries should not interfere in Afghanistan and any peace process should be Afghan-led.