The Treachery of the Punjabi Gunga Din military

A simple tragic narrative of the conflict in AF/Pak.

'al-Qaeda" doesn't exist, but is a fiction created by American intelligence with Israel to serve their geo-strategic agenda's.......unlimited war, and the weakening of Israel's percieved foes using the cover of 'al-Qaeda" in the Greater Middle East. Osama Bin Laden worked as an American agent until his death in December 2001.(code name:Tim Osman)

The Taliban on the other hand is very real, with about 10,000 regular fighters armed with ak-47 and some RPG's. On the whole it is ineffective in combat sustaining huge losses of 30,000 since 2001, against the alien occupiers losses of about 2000 killed. It has no heavy equipment such as mortar, artillery, light SAM's, ATGW etc........numerically small 10,000 regular Taliban fighters verses 70,000 American troops, 35,000 NATO, 90,000 private contractors from the USA, and about 250,000 Afghan security forces of various quality. The Taliban's strategies are much to be desired. The odds are enormously stacked against the Taliban.

The Taliban were created by the USA in 1994, when Sandy Berger the Jew National Security adviser told the Pakistanis that creating the Taliban would be a great idea, giving Pakistan strategic depth viz India. It never crossed the Pakistanis mind why a filthy smelly Jew from the USA would give such advice to the Islamic Republic "Islamic Bomb" Pakistan.

The greatest weakness of the Taliban is that it is not a true national liberation movement with charismatic leadership (Ho Chi Min, Fidel Castro, Gaddafi ALL of whom at one time were trained and armed by USA intelligence were/are charismatic leaders who overcame severe weaknesses to "win" and maintain power in their countries. In Gaddafi's case Green Berets maintained him in power, and provided him with vital intelligence about his opposition mainly based in Europe). The Taliban thus is an annex to American foreign/security policy, being USED as "Controlled Opposition" to justify long term American occupation of that helpless conflict ridden country. It is directly controlled and supplied by the ISI/Pakistan military to keep the Afghan pot boiling, for the USA which in turn controls and funds the ISI.

Thus the "Afghan Conflict" is wholly artificial, and logically the loss of life, any life whether combatants or civilians are unnecessary in the Afghan theater, but for the faggotty Jew drive of some powerful Americans in the elite structure of that country.(Petraeus with the hook nose). The criminal Jewish elite in America and their associates in the UK, linked to the big high street banks make anything from $50--80 billion laundering the Afghan heroin profits through the high street banks. For the troubled Jew banks, Afghan Heroin is a vital source of liquidity which sustains their greedy corrupt practices.

For the Americans Afghanistan also serves as a launch pad against operations in Pakistan.......long a target of Israel, once it announced its intentions to build nuclear bombs. Iran and Central Asia are also targets from Afghanistan.

For the Pakistani military a mixture of threats and inducements are used by the USA to win their "co-operation".

Since 1965 the USA has made various veiled and unveiled threats against Pakistan. Threats are an integral part of American foreign policy, especially where Third World nations are concerned. In 2001 the USA threatened to bomb Pakistan back to the stone age if it didn't stop supporting the Taliban immediately in the wake of the Israeli orchestrated 9/11 tragedy. MOSSAD Busharaf complied, and gave various significant concessions to the USA since 2001, including control of several Pakistani military bases, and access to sensitive Pakistani military installations with American oversight. Part of that arrangement gives the USA the right to attack sovereign Pakistani territory with drones, with the assistance of the Pakistani military to kill innocent Pakistani civilians, in the pursuit of a FAKE NARRATIVE, which justify's America's presence in Afghanistan, so that they can harvest the Afghan Heroin for as long as possible.

The Pakistan military brass know this as do the Americans.

To reinforce this the Americans have made another veiled threat against Pakistan. America as with the Times Square bomber will manufacture, another fake terror event associated with Pakistanis, and this time the American response against Pakistan will be more severe, as per Hilary Clinton's numerous utterances. So underlying this threat, Pakistan MUST "co-operate" with the USA....capische signor? Or else......."Co-operation" means endless military operations against the Pashtuns in the NWFP , and it seems Baluchistan. One also believes 99% of the so called Islamic fundamentalist terrorism in Pakistan which has claimed the lives of some 3500 people in 300 such incidents mainly again in the NWFP since 2004, is the work of the Pakistani military with American assistance, to destabilize Pakistani society, and weaken civilian rule.

However American policy is not all about threats and generous carrots have been offered towards Pakistan. The USA has marshaled possibly $25 billion over a decade with aid being funneled through USA aid, IMF and WB loans. The money goes primarily to bribe the civilian politicians and of course the military, AND into their Swiss accounts. Pakistani military brass Brigadier up are guaranteed millionaires as long as they don't rock the boat. Only an exceptional character of great integrity would reject such American generosity......and there are not too many of them in the Pakistani military. If they existed at all, they would be screened out after becoming colonel, before being sent to the USA for further training as top brass.

The final inducement for the Pakistan military is the off the books one. 70-80% of the logistics for the occupation troops in Afghanistan goes through Pakistan.........The cost of Afghan operations is officially put at about $90 billion annually, excluding yearly unforeseen supplements, and off the books expenditure. So the logistics going through Pakistan to Afghanistan could be anything from $100---130 billion annually. There most likely is a "fell off the back of the lorry" agreement with the Pakistani military where they might get say 5% of the logistics.....5% of 100 billion is $5 billion worth of logistics; equivalent to the entire Pakistani annual military budget.

Seen from this perspective for the Punjabis in the Pakistani military, a state which is not suffering but prospering further, ANY OPERATIONS against Pashtuns might be seen as an easy sacrifice to make for the 'Greater glory of Pakistan".

However, its obviously not that simple. Strategically speaking American intentions and operations in Afghanistan/Pakistan is doing greater harm than good, OBVIOUSLY, in the long term. Estimates of Pakistani economic losses for sustaining the artificial war against its own people vary from $43 billion to $60 billion by some estimates since 2001. The $25 billion aid marshaled by the USA over 10 years will not cover these losses. The only people who benefit from such a situation in Pakistan are a narrow few politicians and military people who obtain bribe money.........otherwise Pakistan the nation state overall OBVIOUSLY is suffering.

The only solution to this is a popular Revolution against the American imposed puppets of the Zardari civilian government, and more critically the Pakistan military. It is of course easier said then done. The Pakistani military is well organized, and backed by the USA.

However if revolution does occur, the first thing that must be done is the complete elimination and dismantling of the ISI. There are 20--30,000 serving and retired members of the ISI, and after a revolution their members must be hunted down and dealt with, otherwise any popular revolution will be met by a counter-revolution by the ISI. There after the top brass of the Pakistani military Brigadier up must be dealt with..........all of them. Psychologically the ISI and the Pakistani top brass must be treated as one...we are NOT talking about separate entities.

There after once the hardest part is achieved, the corrupt politicians of the PPP must be dealt with. A national government must be established, without having elections immediately. After that quite obviously ALL agreements with the USA, security and economic must be abolished, and the ejection of ALL Americans from Pakistani soil, save a dozen embassy staff.

Pakistan can raise an extra $10--15 billion in revenue annually if the Tamindars/Zamindars and Commercial families are properly taxed......Pakistan does not need a penny of Gora Jew money which any way goes mostly into Swiss accounts and does not benefit Pakistan generally.

Pakistan can live in dignity, and national pride as a prosperous South Asian country which is not a slave of American Imperial designs, AND as a failed state number 10 dominated by USA trained military people who kill Pakistani civilians for a sake of a few $. It no longer has to PRETEND for the USA to be the terrorist number one hub for the sake of American Imperial designs in the region.

For this to be achieved the Mir Jafar's and Mir Sadiq's have to be recognized clearly and dealt with first within Pakistani society.


The Dead were Completely Unrecognizable

Interview With Family Devastated by US Drone Attack

By Asim Qureshi

CP: Could you please introduce yourself?

Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem

Haider: My name is Haider. My brother-in-law, Mohammed Asghar, lived in Peshawar and worked as a money exchanger in the markets there.

CP: Where did the drone attack take place?

H: The attacks took place in North Waziristan, Miranshah in District Ahmadkheel. My brother-in-law had friends he was visiting in Waziristan. As he was a guest there - and as is the custom of the people - many of the locals gathered to welcome him into the area. He was sat with a group of these people from the community when everybody gathered to pray the evening prayer (‘Isha) together. The drone attack happened in the middle of the prayers and the entire congregation was martyred.

CP: Were there any Taliban or Al Qaeda in the gathering or were they all civilians?

H: All the people gathered were locals from the community who had come to welcome the new guest to the area. The people are renowned for their hospitality and it is unthinkable for them that somebody would come to visit and they would not have a gathering to welcome them. In total, 31 people were killed. Drone attacks are so powerful nobody can escape them merely injured.

CP: How did you find out this happened?

H: Between our area and Waziristan is an 8 hour journey. The drone attack happened at night time and we all knew about it by the following morning. People who had witnessed the attack had come to tell us and described what they saw of the remnants and damage in the aftermath. They said the attack was so severe that they could not even distinguish the bodies from one another- even the bones of the people were completely blown apart. The dead were completely unrecognizable. My brother in law’s coffin was tightly sealed and we were not allowed to open it to view anything. We had the coffin with us for 30 minutes before it was taken away for burial.

CP: Why do you think the US/Pakistan government do this and what do you think they hope to gain?

H: We just don’t know. We don’t know how much authority Pakistan has given the US to attack our areas and we don’t know until when the US are given free license by the Pakistani government to carry out these drone attacks. So far between 1400-1600 people have died as a result of these attacks. Nobody takes responsibility for these civilian deaths. Ask the journalists or officials for the true statistics, we know that it is 1400-1600 civilians, women and children killed. In this, they would have been lucky to even have 11 or 12 ‘militants’ amongst them. These attacks are so widespread that even my brother in law who lives in Peshawar was made a victim of it. Who do I appeal to? Where can I go? I don’t even know who to hold responsible for his death and how I do it.

I am shocked that the US can come to attack Pakistan in this way and Pakistan does not even have the authority to question them on the deaths they are causing. The civilians in all these regions are extremely frightened and fearful. They can’t work in the day, nor can they sleep during the night. As soon as they hear the slightest sound of an aeroplane, they flee in panic from their homes and buildings trying to find a place for security. The whole community is in a state of fear and I just cannot explain to you how unbearable these calamities are for the people. Every household has at least half of its people martyred (i.e.: killed) as a result of these attacks. I simply do not understand what the understanding between Pakistan the US is on this matter.

CP: Haider, thank you for taking the time to speak with us and we are sorry for your loss.