Check the FACTS, before reacting.

The Indians should check their facts before huffing and puffing about alleged foreign troops in Gilgit and Baltitstan, especially if its based on reports from the Jew York Times.

The GAME is quite clear.

The International Jew Banker game is quite clear.

Build up two countries as foes, and get them to fight each other until enormous damage is done to all sides. Then come in and impose your peace terms, and increase your power and control over such embattled and weakened society, as the savior.(The role of the USA in the aftermath of WWII).

Nazi Germany vs the Soviet Union, with both sides being funded by the Jew Bankers in Jew York and London, The City.

Ancient GREAT nations such as India and China who before the arrival of Jew Communism never fought a war against each other as neighbors for thousands upon thousands of years, but merely exchanged scholars, Monks, travelers, traders and teachers..........should not fall for this Jew GAME. The two nations should try and co-exist, and be happy and content to live in their traditional spheres of control and influence.

Though unfortunately China has been more aggressive towards India, systematically, over many years in various areas which ordinarily are not based on Chinese vital strategic interests, but seem more to do with containing India, and flexing China's muscle at India's expense.

It would indeed be very unfortunate should China choose to go down the path of International Jewish banker designs, which do not fit the traditional NATURAL destiny of any given nation. China IS a great nation already, and can be an even greater nation, but this process does not require bashing India directly or indirectly through Pakistan and India's other neighbors.

Like wise India needs to be careful it does not become the proxy of the USA, standing to attention when the USA arrives.......as with the Jew York Times article recently. There are well over a dozen nations which have far greater trading linkages with the USA, than India (paltry $40 billion between the two giants) This is where India needs to obtain real concessions from the USA....say $200 billion trade between the two nations by 2015.

There are Chinese troops in Pakistan protecting Chinese workers who are helping the failed state with strategic projects such as ports, dams, power stations, steel mills and so forth. China is doing this kind of work in many countries in many continents, not just Pakistan. It would be a fresh change if India did like wise, even in Pakistan. Chinese workers have been attacked in this failed lawless state, hence the need for Chinese security, where the Pakistanis have failed to provide security.

I myself have advised that Pakistan should tilt towards China and rely less on the USA. The reliance on the USA since the late 1950's has brought nothing but national disaster and shame on Pakistan, and the situation is getting patently worse for Pakistan as can be seen. Greater reliance on China for Pakistan is cost free, and preferably better relations with India ultimately.

If a small infantry division of China is stationed in Pakistan, OBVIOUSLY it should concern India. It would be remarkable if it didn't. But that concern should be privately held and actioned on......1) Verify clearly if they indeed are there. 2) If they are there, ascertain why they are there. 3) If they are there, then bolster the Indian army with additional artillery, mortars, mountain units etc (see earlier posts).....but don't talk the matter up at this time.4) Convey the Indian government position to Pakistan and China after verification.