Vilification of Pakistan

Originally Pakistan was accused of the 7/7 attack on the Indian embassy through their Afghan puppets the government of Hamid Karzai.

The false flag ops of 7/7 2005, by Israel/MI-5 in London were also attributed to Pakistanis------though the case against the accused in the UK has fallen apart in the courts.

Clearly this is a concerted case of vilification, against Pakistan, by elements in the UK, Israel, USA and ....and other places.........this is a conspiracy against Pakistan and her people.

Now they accuse Pakistan of that crime directly without using the Afghans puppets, through their press in Jew York, through a Jewish run newspaper, without sourcing as to who in the USA government was making such direct accusations against Pakistan (Bush told Gilani that his sources had evidence that the ISI did it).

This is the same newspaper which had published a few days earlier an article suggesting to 'Wipe Iran off the map' literally using nukes, and thus kill 70 million Iranians and endanger others in the greater region-----written by a leading historian from Israel.....Professor Bennie Morris. No doubt a leading 'light' of Jew York.

There is something not quite right about the Jew.

Be that as it may, whoever did the Indian embassy attacks and for what ever purpose, one thing is perfectly clear in the present Afghan scenery; a huge number of bombs that are going off in that sorry country and killing a lot of innocent civilians, are not from Pakistan, but from the coalition narco enforcers ..........we do know who the perpetrators are in those cases....even though no apologies or compensations are offered, or a change of tactic to go after their manufactured fake enemy.

We do know that Afghanistan is deliberately run as a failed state (number 7 from the bottom out of 200 countries).

We do know that a majority of Afghans are food insecure.

We do know that law and order is very poor in Afghanistan, worse than it was under the Taliban.

We do know that Opium cultivation and Heroin production has jumped several thousand % over the last 7 years.

We do know that there is no reconstruction or development in Afghanistan.

We do know that the central government in Afghanistan is a criminal mafia organization, who are in effect puppets of the Americans, and Karzai an ex-employee of UNICOL. The $450 million offered by India to the Karzai government recently will be totally misused, and deposited in Swiss accounts as with most aid going to Afghanistan. Now is not the time for India to look for clever angles on a Zionist run vehicle viz Pakistan, but to work with the failed country.

We do know that there are linkages between the Narco-enforcers and the Taliban, best exemplified by the mass prison breakout under their very noses recently near Kandahar--pure theater, and that certain elements of the Taliban are actually paid and trained by the Narco-enforcers in Afghanistan (British, Americans, Israelis and others.)

We do know that Western forces have carried out false flag ops as in Afghanistan, where they have been caught red handed previously in Iraq.

All these things INSIDE Afghanistan have nothing to do with Pakistan. It is beyond Pakistan's capacity, and beyond ISI's capacity, given the situation inside Pakistan.

The current security problems INSIDE Afghanistan are not the creation, responsibility and problem of Pakistan.

And if this theatrical OTT umbrage is exploited by the narco enforcers, whilst showing absolutely no concern for the indiscriminate bombings against Afghan civilians, then this is a clear double standard, which deserves contempt at the very minimum

And the bombs going off very timely in India courtesy of the Mossad, in
BJP/Modi run Gujarat, where Muslim women and children have been massacred in their thousands not so long ago, don't add any credibility to the argument that the ISI is out of control, and therefore it must be reigned in.

Absolutely zero chance this was the work of the ISI. The ISI's hands are full in Baluchistan, the North West Frontier Province and inside Pakistan generally. The ISI operates as a
junior extension tool of Western intelligence..........The ISI is NOT an independent organization of Third World intelligence that is operating in its own theater, with a mind of its own, with its own set of unique agenda's, staffed by Einsteins. The ISI has essentially functioned with the approval of their Western mastersji over the last 60 years.

Precisely for this fact, the unmonitored ISI is at the core of the failure of Pakistan as a nation, because of its external linkages and its work, and its history. It will continue to be so........until the day Pakistan is destroyed by the USA/UK/Israel.

Any overt publicized 'reigning in' of the ISI at this juncture is a tacit acceptance by the Pakistani political leadership that it is the ISI which did all these things suddenly, for no reason at all, whereas other actors and their actions in the region would suggest otherwise. There fore one advises against any overt act, to please the sahib, of 'reigning the ISI in', symbolically, at least publicly------it sends the wrong signal, and it rewards inadvertently the wrong party.

There is a clear difference between 'reigning in' in the ISI to please gora sahib, and restructuring the ISI fundamentally to make it more effective, and so that it works optimally for Pakistan as a nation, and not as a junior extension tool of Western Intelligence, and their set of agendas, which contrary to the interests of Pakistan.

There are 60,000 Israelis in India, peddling drugs and presumably artwork, and Mossad and RAW since the early eighties, especially under the BJP since 2000 have drawn closer, and Israel now is a major source of arms and technology for India. Israel fixed India's Arjun tank, and has provided major missile technology in addition; has trained RAW,and is present in Kashmir!?! It is more than likely that at least in the case of India it is these actors which were involved.

I am not a fan of the ISI. I am not a fan of intelligence organizations generally. In North America, Europe, Ukraine and Russia they are the key tool of the International Jew, out to create his 'One World Empire'-through SMERSH tactics, where Jerusalem will be the Capital, after their Jew York, and London. Intelligence organizations generally personify the characteristic and habits of the Jew perfectly to a tea.

The ISI may even have been responsible for the massacre of the 270 Dhaka intellectuals in 13th December 1971, when Islamic fundamentalists (al-Badr and Razakars) were used by the defeated Pakistan army to kill Bangladesh's best, as a last farewell to Bangaali bhai, a few days before surrendering to India sahib.

The leader of the Islamic fundamentalists who did the dirty deed was Moinuddin Chaudhury, who later as with many others went on to live in London, leading respectable, 'leader of the local community' lives, and running very large Mosques in East London and else where, meeting and shaking hands with PM John Major in the 1990's and later Prince Charles, more recently. The war criminal is still touted by London's high society.

The ISI was created by the British in 1948, and they have very close linkages with British intelligence (in terms of respect it is British intelligence which is the peer figure, and not the Americans as some may think) It is the influence of British intelligence that led Pakistani "intelligence's" exclusive love affair with extreme weird hard line fundamentalist organizations, such as those of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar and others, starting in the 1970's (in terms of his weird beliefs and actions it is on a par with Ayatollah Khomeini----and seems to be the general British policy of recruiting and funding "Muslim religious leaders").

Contrary to popular belief most Afghan's are not hard line fundamentalists------but the recruitment and funneling of arms by the ISI from the 1970's on behalf of their British and American masterji exclusively to the likes of Hekmatyar and Haqqani, made the ascendancy of the Taliban inevitable, and of course the current blow back in Pakistan.

It is no surprise that London is the global center of Islamic fundamentalist organizations and their hardcore supporters wanted by several Middle governments.(Peter Goodgame: "The Globalists and Islamists: fomenting a Clash of civilization for a New world order"-----A excellent account, but in place of the British and Americans, replace it with the term International Jew)


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If I had the power, I would have disbanded the whole ISI organization and started a new one, with a URDU name. Cut all its linkages and training programs with the UK, USA and Israel (The Pakistanis hosted the MOSSAD on her soil, training the Afghans in the eighties-----and the relationship has continued since) and Zionist controlled Turkey, Israel's proxy.

Then I would have filled it with truly intelligent people, from the civilian sector, and not from the military, from the best universities in Pakistan, who have been educated wholly in Pakistan, and not abroad where they could have been recruited by hostile alien intelligence organizations---50% females. Put it under the control of the foreign ministry. That would be external intelligence. Then a separate organization for domestic intelligence under the control of the ministry of the interior, again filled with graduates from the civilian sector, educated in Pakistan's best universities---50% females.

The relationship of fundies and the ISI go back a lot earlier, earlier than when the Americans first massively started arming fundies from Afghanistan through the ISI in Pakistan from the mid-1970's to late 1970's under the Brzezinski 'Operation Cyclone' and the later 'Operation Greenbelt' to lure the Soviet Union into Afghanistan. It is a key relationship that has been indoctrinated into them by the British masterji----so its going to take lot of hard work weaning them from their fixation with fundies..............in fact it will be abnormally hard work...........given the fact that nearly ALL intelligence services around the world have close relationships with right wing paramilitary groups---------So Pakistan's "intelligence" has to be exceptional to the general rule!

However in Pakistan's best interests that is what the ISI has to do, not for the sake of pleasing gora sahib, because the gora sahib secretly backs these people anyway, but because Islamic fundamentalists are a fifth column, who will destroy Pakistan eventually, and allow the Zionist forces an excuse to attack Pakistan.

Neo-Nazi organization and demo run by the FBI

Not likely.

So what is the Pakistanis to do in the present scenario?

Americans in Afghanistan fired rockets into Pakistan, which if you think about it is act of war, whilst the the Pakistani PM landed in America. Then he was lectured humiliatingly about what he should do for them, and that he was not doing enough, and that Pakistan was solely responsible for the situation in Afghanistan going well past the South. The chutzpah of these people! Of course there is a Jew media drive to vilify Pakistan................these are serious times and serious issues.

For one thing blaming the ISI, for things it hasn't done and couldn't have done, in the scale of injustice going on in Afghanistan is not the solution. It would be too obvious to blame the ISI at this juncture. It damn well won't solve anything, but merely soften up another key institution of Pakistan before a major NATO attack on sovereign Pakistani territory.

This is what its really about.

All this fuss by the Americans against Pakistan has nothing to do with fighting terrorism, (Otherwise they would not have funded the fundamentalist Mujaheddin of Afghanistan, or the Taliban, or created the mythical none-existent al-Qaeda) but everything to with extending their ZIONIST EMPIRE, into Pakistan, and closer to securing the nukes, for Israel, so that they feel less threatened when they really attack Iran. Thats their policy.

How does Pakistan respond to this Zionist empire games?

1. Well I think the American military bases for starters have to go------in the current scenario they represent a threat to Pakistan....and Pakistan can't host such bases honorably whilst the Americans openly vilify them at the same time. IZZAT......

2. The foreign security personal from the USA and UK must also leave.
I am wondering what percentage are involved in making contacts with the Taliban, which causes the attacks in Afghanistan AND Pakistan. What % of them are Jews.

3. Pakistan needs to cease taking foreign aid especially from the USA. General O. Mitha, " It creates a beggar mentality" AND there is very little visible sign that it has done any good in Pakistan over 60 years.

Just a small point about the demeanor of Pakistani leaders, and general national leadership. Neighboring Iran is not a nuclear weapons power, and doesn't seem to be working towards one according to the IAEA, and American intelligence. But never the less they show great spirit and firmness in defending their sovereignty. Whilst they are puppets installed by the British, and for all the mess they have created inside and outside Iran AS BRITISH PUPPETS, one must respect them for showing this spirit.

Whilst I am not suggesting for one moment that Pakistani leaders adopt the style and antics of the midget Ahmedinejad and his ilk (meeting with Hugo Chavez, visiting Iraq, Cuba and other things at specific times to provike the USA), I would never the less like to see greater self respect being accorded by Pakistani leaders to their nation, and their nations sovereignty. This is a key to ultimately defending Pakistan................showing to the Zionist that you are a 'soft touch' is dangerous for Pakistan.

To understand the Zionist in his pure form.........he is an animal with basic instincts.......he understands power, might....etc......he has inordinate sexual gratification drive............hence his dominance of the porn industry in the Occidental world where he resides....control of the prostitution business/white slavery industry.......lust for material things.....and his dominance of money matters.........His desire to craftily capture other peoples things with minimal effort.............the waton destruction of everything to clear the way for his earth......and so on...exemplified by the base chakra-----therefore high human characteristics of compassion, humility, gratitude, consideration, culture, reasoning at the higher level will never come into his consciousness. You try and understand the Jew, then you are in a better position security wise. You try and understand his tools and modes and his true history.

Pakistan is a nuclear weapons power, and unofficially has 800,000 men under arms including paramilitary; has 170 million people,; an unofficial economy of $450 billion PPP, and is the only Muslim country that virtually makes its own conventional arms. Kiyhani, Gilani, and Zardari aren't they Farsi names?

Anyway, Pakistan has no reasons to beg or grovel to anybody, least of all to the USA, especially about Afghanistan.

And at the same time Pakistan needs to review the agreement of being used as the main conduit for supplies and imports to Afghanistan. Pakistan needs to cut the fuel, arms and spares going to Afghanistan to the narco-enforcers, so that they cannot be eventually used to attack Pakistan. Pakistan simply cannot be the main route through which all the arms and fuel goes to the narco-enforcers which is eventually used against Pakistani troops and her people. We need to make sure ordinary Afghans don't suffer. But obviously Pakistan comes first. This policy should be done with Iran also. They should be receptive, given the proposed blockade of Iran soon by the high all mighty. And Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.

Afghanistan blockade.

4. Pakistan needs to send at a minimum 50,000 additional troops, on top of the 100,000 already in FATA, into the border of FATA and Afghanistan; post them in 1,000 battalion strength posts at equal distance, along the border of FATA, flying very big visible Pakistani flags. Pakistan needs to show its sovereignty.

5. Pakistan high command needs to draw up contingency plans for the eventuality of large scale incursions of foreign troops into Pakistani territory; how practically, and militarily Pakistan is going to respond effectively; what will be the mode of resistance?

6. Zardari and Gilani visits The UAE, Greece, Turkey, London sahib (Mainly for pursonal business purposes I assume), and even America despite the threats, but both have not yet visited India I think? That is the first logical country to visit. Congress is in power, Singh shall we say is well disposed to Pakistan.

I am looking at 2009, Barack Obama, 'Yes I would attack FATA for my Israeli masters' will be President, and what if the BJP win the 2009 elections in India? From Pakistan's perspective you need to sort things out with India, before that juncture arrives. Before the scenario of a joint Israeli/USA/UK/India invasion arises again as it did in 2001, under severe threats via Richard Armitage in September 2001.

You need to sign an FTA with India immediately; this is not a hot political issue, but an economic one. It is straight forward and simple. This will boost the Pakistani economy, and is good for neighborly relations. Then you build on that by legalizing the LOC once and for all. Undefined borders as with FATA are a source of problems internationally, and can be exploited by evil forces from outside the region, and two nations which are relatively sophisticated should after 61 years be able to sort it out quickly for the best interests of both. Don't let it fester.

Pakistan has no legitimacy in claiming Kashmir----Pakistan is a failed state number 9 from the bottom out of 200 countries(2008) with a lot of help from the West, her pretend friends (There was something pathetic and ironical about Gilani going to Washington in the present circumstances-----he knew what to expect from them, and yet he went; you should stop seeking approval from them, and their funds).

Pakistan has done a poor job administrating in East Pakistan, Baluchistan and the North West Frontier, and thus on the basis of her past performance Pakistan should not claim the Kashmir valley. Leave it be under Indian control, they are marginally better administrative wise. Pakistan can never win over the Kashmir Valley militarily. So why persist with tired old policies?

It is time to face fundamental facts, and move on, and wrap things up quickly, whilst political situations in India allow, and secure the Eastern frontier of Pakistan.

This is about preserving and securing what is left of present day Pakistan, rather than pursuing meaningless dreams.

A state visit by Pakistan PM/Zardari to clear things should be organized and well agreed by both sides. It should not be used to score cheap political points or wag fingers at each other on what not. It is the Pakistan's leaders duty to go to India first. This is the mature and intelligence thing to do----override the ISI and its British masters.

7. Zardari has to get his act together with Gilani; set the key agendas for the government, and secure the country--------there are plenty of able people who can help him in Pakistan. Get the obvious corrupt crooks out of government power, out of the government, and build the team----the stakes are high. If you don't then you are out of power, and the military are back in, and I imagine that is a subject already being discussed by certain quarters. So watch it.

8. Pakistan needs to expand the army from 550,000 to 700,000. increase defense expenditure to 6%. Shift formations away from the Indian border towards the North West Frontier Province, and Baluchistan. Finally the personnel in the security and military need to be indoctrinated properly about the real threats and where they are coming from (USA, UK,Israel and others) India has never attacked Pakistan, unprovoked. It has always been the other way round in 1948, 1965, 1971, 1990 almost, 1999,...............the 2001 parliamentary attack, 2002, and the more recent attacks I am assuming are not ISI, but false flag MOSSAD/mossad-kuta ops. The behavior of Pakistan viz India over 1947-2000, at least, allows Pakistan to be demonized easily.

Thus taken as a sum total over 61 years, India is a potential reliable ally of Pakistan that has not really been engaged yet, beyond superficialities......bus links, a few meaningless border gesture agreements, nothing fundamental. Nor should Pakistan assume the Indians to be in this passive defensive mode for ever, as they have been over the last 61 years.

Real peace with India is a revolutionary strategic idea that Pakistan should attempt, rather than the present superficial meetings that Pakistan has, going on for years and years and years.

The Israelis are investing in India and through the sectarian BJP is bearing some fruit, against Pakistan (Remember the Israelis have been working at this agenda since the late seventies and early eighties, through Bollywood, through RAW, through military technology transfer, and through direct official to official contact--AND THE INDIANS HAVE ALWAYS RESISTED ANY OUTLANDISH IDEAS FROM THE ISRAELIS---because they have the common sense to think of the consequences of such action---but the JEW IS PERSISTENT).

Pakistan needs to invest in India in the manner I have suggested quickly. Investing in the Taliban, which I imagine a few in the ISI are still doing in the hope of capturing Afghanistan for Pakistan ,and Pakistan's strategic depth is a dead end.

My feeling is that it was an idea first floated by the Americans, and the Pakistanis adopted it, thinking superficially, without closely scrutinzing why a gora Christian country would be backing such a policy, in 1979 onwards, and 1994 onwards, leaving aside the British link with crackpot fundies that goes back years earlier.

IRAN, RUSSIA AND INDIA simply won't allow a Taliban resurgence.......they won't allow it......these countries won't allow it........these countries WILL make sure the Taliban don't get back into power...even if the the present coalition leave tomorrow (America and NATO).

In that sense RAW's presence in Afghanistan is perfectly legitimate, but we must be careful not to blame everything that goes wrong inside Pakistan on to RAW. The meetings and information conveyed to the visiting Americans in July about the security situation inside Pakistan, would suggest that the higher ups in Pakistani security understand this, and that it is Pakistan's so called allies who are instigating the vast majority of incidents inside Pakistan, over the last two years, as a way of pressurizing the GOP to toe their policies of greater control of the nuclear arsenal....and other such policies.