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Haley takes her orders from Adelson, Kushner, and pro-Israeli Sikh clerics

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U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley is taking her cues on U.S. Middle East policy from casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and pro-Israeli Sikhs clerics. Haley, an Indian-American whose Sikh parents were born in India, considers herself a Christian, but practices a hybrid religion, one in which she also attends Sikh religious services.
Revelations from Michael Wolff’s tell-all book about the Trump administration, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” describe the influence Adelson, Kushner, as well as Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, have over Trump’s Middle East policy. This has resulted in the United States casting aside 70 years of policy on the status of Jerusalem by recognizing the city, holy to three religions, as the capital of the Zionist state, and moving the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
America’s Israeli-controlled policy has also resulted in increased economic sanctions on Iran, an unsuccessful and rejected attempt by Haley to have the UN Security Council intervene on anti-government demonstrations in Iran, cutting U.S. contributions to the Palestinian Authority and the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) in Palestine, continued support for jihadist rebel elements in Syria, severing security assistance to Pakistan, backing a joint Saudi-Israeli genocidal campaign against the people of Yemen and draconian sanctions against Qatar, and an Israeli visa ban on American Quakers/Friends.
Haley and her Zionist puppet masters have also tried to upend the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)—or “P5+1″—nuclear agreement with Iran.
Wolff’s book describes an early competition in the Trump White House between Jewish factions. One surrounding Jared Kushner and which included his chief lieutenants—Avi Berkowitz and Josh Raffel—all three Orthodox Jews and arch-Zionists plus former Goldman Sachs president Gary Cohn. The Kushner faction also now includes Trump strategist Stephen Miller, escorted by building security from CNN’s studios in Washington following a cantankerous January 7 interview with Jake Tapper. Miller, reportedly became Adelson’s new favorite in the White House, after chief strategist Steve Bannon’s departure. Miller, who is Jewish, sidled up quickly to the Kushner faction after Bannon’s firing in 2017.
The other White House faction, which no longer effectively exists, included Bannon and his fellow White House staffer, Sam Nunberg, who considered themselves tight with Adelson. Nunberg, who like Bannon is no longer at the White House, recently admitted having called Trump an “an effing fool.”
Although Haley’s links to fundamentalist Christians in her home state of South Carolina and Zionists in the Kushner faction in the White House, most notably Ivanka Trump, have helped color her anti-Muslim and anti-Arab views, it is Haley’s continued dalliance with anti-Muslim Sikh clerics that should be of primary concern to professional diplomats at the U.S. State Department. According to Wolff’s book, one Trump White House staffer referred to Haley as “ambitious as Lucifer,” a reference to her desire to replace Trump as president. Haley, who was known as a “bed hopper” during her meteoric rise in South Carolina Republican politics, from Lexington County Republican Women chairman to South Carolina General Assembly to the governor’s mansion, spent “a notable amount of private time” with Trump aboard Air Force One, according to Wolff.
Haley has never been open about her parents’ immigration to the United States via Vancouver in British Columbia. Vancouver has, for decades, been a hot spot for Sikh terrorist organizations, including Khalistan independence movements, who were responsible for some of the most heinous terrorist acts in Indian history. These include the 1981 assassination of Lala Jagat Narain, the Hindu owner of the Hind Samachar group of newspapers; the 1984 assassination of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by her two Sikh bodyguards; the killing of 80 train passengers in Ludhiana, India in 1991; a 1991 assassination attempt against Indian Ambassador to Romania Julio Ribeiro in Bucharest and a planned assassination of Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi during a 1985 visit to New York to celebrate the UN’s 40th anniversary; and the 1995 assassination of the chief minister of Punjab, Beant Singh.
The most egregious example of Sikh terrorism was the 1985 bombing of Air India Flight 182 over the North Atlantic of the Irish coast, while it was on the London-Delhi leg of its Montreal-London-Delhi-Bombay route. The attack, which killed all 329 aboard, including 280 Canadian citizens, was tied directly to Sikh militants in Vancouver. Another Sikh terrorist luggage bomb was placed on Canadian Pacific flight 003 from Vancouver to Narita, Japan. However, it exploded prematurely before being placed on Air India flight 301, which was destined for Bangkok from Narita. Two Japanese baggage handlers were killed in the explosion. The mid-air explosions of Air India flights 182 and 301 were to have been simultaneous.
Haley’s anti-Muslim attitudes, which stem from her Sikh religion, mesh nicely with the Zionist view. Sikhs and Sunni Muslims have been at loggerheads since 1675, when Guru Tegh Bahadur, the 9th Sikh guru, was executed by Muslim authorities in India for opposing the forced conversion of Hindu priests to Islam. Bahadur’s son, Gobind Singh, the 10th Sikh guru, decreed that Sikhs should always be prepared to defend themselves and the Sikh “sword” has been a Sikh religious symbol ever since. Haley’s stance toward radical Sunnis appears to be at odds with traditional Sikh beliefs that the Shi’as (who dominate Iran) and the Sufis, a moderate and peaceful Islamic sect, are the natural allies of the Sikhs. Sikh terrorists have made common cause with the Afghan and Kashmiri mujaheddin, since they all consider Hindu-dominated India to be their common foe. Nevertheless, Haley’s Zionist friends have found allies among Sikh clerics, including militants, around the world. In 2008, Britain’s Chief Rabbi, Lord Sacks, said: “Sikhs and Jews share a lot in common. They tried to kill us.” Sacks was clearly referring to Muslims. Haley has apparently bought into this Zionist rhetoric concerning Jewish-Sikh commonality.
The Sikhs have maintained a long association with the Mossad. This has mainly been facilitated by Syrian Aleppo Sephardic Jewish families, most notably, the Dweks. In 2006, prominent Syrian Jewish businessman Solomon Dwek was arrested by the FBI in New Jersey for a $50 million bank fraud scheme involving PNC Bank. The Dweks of New Jersey, who are Orthodox Jews, are linked to the shady business and real estate dealings of the Kushner family. Haley should be at home in the milieu of Sikhs, Syrian Orthodox Jews, and the Kushners.
The Mossad, using Winnipeg, Manitoba, as a base, arranged for a weapons supply line to Sikh terrorists in India and elsewhere that involved shipments from Detroit to either Winnipeg or Windsor, Ontario, with an onward route through Toronto, Montreal, and then, on to ships in Sydney, Nova Scotia, and Glace Bay, Cape Breton Island. The arrangement was overseen by a retired Israeli Defense Force colonel using a security and intelligence firm front in Winnipeg and a retired Indian Army commando in Nova Scotia, who represented the interests of the militant World Sikh Organization, Dal Khalsa, and the National Council of Khalistan. 

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B’nai B’rith was also involved in Jewish support for Sikh terrorists in the 1980s and 90s. The ADL helped arrange for a Khalistan Government-in-Exile to be established in Quito, Ecuador, where its interests were protected by the large Mossad station.
There are Mossad stations all over Delhi, in India....guiding Indian security. This occured after Modi came to power, with Israeli/Londonistan backing and finance.....and false flag terrorism during national elections.
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