Robert David Steele


It was an Israeli submarine which fired an actual nuclear missile at Hawaii.....but it was intercepted by the USA military( So goes the latest narrative------). Similar to the USS Liberty situation.

There are 2 secret memos, NOT just 1.

Donald Trump is popular as ever, and probably increasing in popularity but that his sole reliance on Twitter to communicate with the masses is amateurish and needs a POPULIST OPEN SOURCE INFORMATION HIGHWAY....where all Americans can be heard, and vice versa the Presidents message can be delivered more comprehensively beyond just a few sound bite lines through twitter.

Qanon IS FANTASTIC, but again it has its limitations with a very limited reach......smaller than Twitter and only for those who like Scrabble and doing crosswords too.

PUTIN set up a parallel ORGANISATION outside of his party to mobilise the masses, and enunciate the POLICIES and directions of HIS Presidency. (2000--2018)...Trump needs his own.

Cosmic forces at work---THE AGE OF AQUARIUS.
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Israel's POPEYE Turbo II cruise missile

The Israeli cruise missile ‘Popeye Turbo’ designed as a Submarine-Launched Cruise Missile (SLCM) is a stretched and advanced model of the “Popeye” Israeli air missile designed for bomber planes. According to a report by the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) in 2002 an experiment was conducted in which an early model of the missile was launched from a Dolphin submarine.

Was there a hunt for the Israeli submarine? Or was Israel let go, just like 9/11.