Its not that difficult for Turkey

Deonme Erdogan, President for life and his criminal children doing business from/with ISIS activity in Syria/Iraq (business profit from pain, death, sorrow, misery, destruction and terrorism of neighbor Muslim nations for ISRAEL) ....15 years going and backed by the CIA/MOSSAD is in a moral Strategic dilemma.
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On the one hand Deonme Erdogan Abe must 'ISLAMISE' Turkey for Israel, like mullah Iran. It is a long SLOW sneaky process however with Turkey with a headscarf here and a head scarf/burqa there, because of Ataturk, and not like Iran/Libya/Egypt where a CIA puppet nation was flipped in just one year 1978-1979 ......2011....for a nefarious regional agenda of Israel.
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Deonme Erdogan Abe must help Israel in Syria and Iraq by backing ISIS.....and we all can say after 7 years of destabilisation in the region that it is mainly through TURKEY that ISIS is sustained, with a little bit of help also from Play-station Abdullah of Jordan, the mongrel from Londonistan.

This SUNNI/WAHABI terrorist policy of Deonme Erdogan Abe is also against IRAN, as Iran does not like Sunni religious terrorists, naturally. AND yet Mullah Iran is the role model for Deonme Erdogan in the long-term, and with whom Erdogan maintains good relations.

This Jew policy is so convoluted for Deonme Erdogan Abe, as Turkey invades and occupies ILLEGALLY UNDER INTERNATIONAL LAW, SOVEREIGN Syrian territory using the Turkish army under the BOKTAN excuse of fighting ISIS........and spews venom for the Jew masters against harmless good Muslim neighbour, Bashar al Assad. 

Alas for Deonme Erdogan Abe, it gets more complicated..... for now the JEW through the USA have helped create a GREATER KURDISTAN annex out of Syria, a war torn country which Deonme Erdogan Abe PLAYED THE KEY ROLE. 
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Greater Kurdistan created by the USA/ISRAEL will destroy Deonme Erdogan Abe'S country, TURKEY.
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A Donkey from Anatolia can see the final outcome of the plan from 10,000 miles away. At one time the Greater Kurdistan project was being bolstered and supported from Turkish/NATO airbases in Incirlik, but when humble bloggers pointed this out Deonme Erdogan Abe, quickly discovered his wisdom.

So what does Deonme Erdogan Abe do? 

He gives firey patriotic speeches against the USA, and makes idle empty threats. Waving the Turkish flag is easy, but doing what is right for the country is more challenging it seems for Deonme Erdogan Abe. 

He has even threatened to invade the illegal Kurdish enclave in Syria's North West called Efrin, but this strategically difficult mountainous area with 30,000 USA/ISRAELI armed Kurd's is an isolated CHALLENGING small problem. The main threat to Turkish sovereignty lies to the East where maybe 6--70,000 Kurds and 4000 USA troops are positioned. 

This is the area Turkey needs to invade, with or without THE PRESENCE OF American troops. When the job is done, hand the territory over to the Syrian government. Turkish Infantry is the best in the world, when Deonme Erdogan Abe does not fuck up the Turkish military, divide it and weaken it.

BUT Deonme Erdogan Abe must pretend to his people in the illiterate villages of Anatolia that he is indeed defending Turkish sovereign interests.

Pretend.......continue pretending to the illiterate villagers, and all will be well.


US Urges Turkey to Focus on ISIS, Not Attack Syrian Kurds

Tillerson: the US Owes Turkey an Explanation on Border Force

Several days of Turkish threats to attack the US-backed Kurdish forces in the Afrin District of Syria have finally gotten a reaction from the US State Department, which says they think Turkey should remain focused on fighting ISIS.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

Calls for Turkey to “focus on ISIS” have successfully kept them away from the Kurdish YPG for months, but with ISIS virtually defeated in Syria, Turkey likely believes they’ve already waited out that excuse.

Turkey had already given the US something of an out on this earlier in the week, suggesting they’d withhold the attack if the US abandoned its plan to create a new border force, and stop backing the YPG in general.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says he believes the US owes Turkey “an explanation,” and that they won’t be building a border force, though this assurance came with the same weasel words other officials offered earlier in the week, that the 30,000-strong force on the border is in some technical sense neither new nor an exclusively border-focused force.