Auntie next door uploads on DEEP STATE CRIMES in a matter of fact manner.

Traditionally the likes of Alex Jones have delivered over 20 years in an animated style, that reflected the nature of the DEEP STATE CRIMES.

However, a significant section of the public found it unpalatable as they had been conditioned and brainwashed by TV and cinema about the REALITY OF THEIR comfortable suburban safe ordered world, where the likes of Hilary, Obummer and even Bill ...............SPOKE in pleasant, dulcid, platitude PLUMMY ...NE tones and DEEP STATE engineered talking points.....that were meant to be soothing to the passive submissive masses as they........ they were slowly led towards the gulag, and a police state and the GLOBALIST NWO of CIA linked MNE's and MNC's....billionaires. 

Some of these 'alternative' groups peddled 10% of the CIA propaganda, 20%....50% or even more with the normal rule of thumb being that the better the presentation with expensive background, the greater the surroundings....then greater the acceptance and management by the DEEP STATE (from where does the money come from for this fancy presentation and airtime, and legitimacy).

1. Stalin was a DEEP STATE operative managed by the NWO of Jewish banks and the troubled victimised son of a poor cobbler from Georgia. At one he worked for the Czarist Secret police betraying his closet 'friends' 'comrades' and he simultaneously also worked for the Bolsheviks. He was given a platform, and for his murderous, bank-robbing ways he was treated with kid glove by the Czarist security apparatus.
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Stalin (man of steel) with one of his 3 Jewish wives
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Stalin probably reading the Talmud or Tora, whilst his chief of secret police the NKVD, Levrenty Beria cuddles Svetlana, Stalin's daughter. Beria was Jewish, and his favourite out of office hours past-time was cruising the streets of Moscow in the early hours of the morning looking for school girls to abduct, rape and then strangle.......then off to the office in the Lubiayanka to start off the day.

The Secret police NKVD, KGB (CIA, FBI) was the basis of Bolshevik Jewish power in the Soviet Union.

2. Hitler is another classic example. The man who never did a normal 9-5 job in his whole life, or ever married, or produced any children for the fatherland, or owned a house with mortgage or own or DROVE a car......He operated as a male prostitute in Munich in Turkenstrasse around January 1919. He was hired by the German military secret police (Abwehr) in the summer of 1919 and from there he infiltrated and worked for both the Communists and right-wing groups in Munich.....getting involved in street brawling and inciteful hateful speeches (His 'speciality' skill...further honed by experts later in life). 
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Image result for gay hitler in the streets
This is the same prostitute from Munich who killed his best buddy Ernst Rohm on the grounds of immoral homosexual orgies.

This is the same prostitute from Munich who locked up 100,000 homosexuals in concentration camps and persecuted them.

This is the same prostitute from Munich who killed 6,000,000 million Jews but the allegation is that he was a self-hating Jew himself.

This is the same prostitute from Munich who ran Germany with a population of 80 million, and probably the most advanced Western nation of its time (Science, music, art)

This is the same prostitute from Munich who initiated WWII.

This is the same prostitute from Munich who killed DIRECTLY AND INDIRECTLY 60 million people around the world.

This is the same prostitute from Munich who was rescued by the CIA to live out his days in Argentina until 1965.

3. Gandhi was appropriated by the DEEP STATE in the British Empire when he was in London. After the Indian Liberation war of 1857--58, the sane sections of the British empire realised that India could not be ruled by the British indefinitely, least of all by the East India Company which was duly disbanded in 1858. Then the slow road to independence became a managed affair with the creation of the Secular Congress Party in 1885, with Gandhi parachuted into the country in 1915. The British also set up 2 sectarian parties to manage religious violence and the divide and rule.....'The Muslim League' 1905, and the Hindu RSS 1922 modelled on the fascist Nazi Party of Germany, and vice versa. Gandhi was a British puppet and they liked him, as he did not advocate violence....something which the British did not want to face after 1857-58 from 400 million Indians, in the interim period they ruled India.

Indian day-time pop history TV.

SOMETIMES violence and force is necessary to remove an oppressive unjust ruler who kills 30 million of your people, steals $1 trillion worth of assets, turns the country synonymous with fabulous wealth throughout history INTO dire poverty and degradation (1858---1919).......and tells YOU in your own country that YOU are worthless, subhumans.....along with all your culture and history. That kind of a foreign ruler doesn't require nice chats over tea and biscuits......it requires VIOLENCE.

BUT, with Gandhi's and his managed revolution slowly, painfully slowly  .......led India to 'Independence' in inverted commas. Giving Gandhi a PLATFORM and airtime for the whole world to see and lionise.

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Gandhi's Globalist handler, (he is not British, or from the empire) Hermann Kallenbach, on the right. Thought to be lovers.

Alex Jones is also part of this managed DEEP STATE matrix, with alleged DEEP STATE parents like Obummer. Over 20 years he has become the single most important alternative voice in America. There are many aspects of his performance which are DEEP STATE, which few of 'us' can read automatically without trying hard.........just 2 bits to name a few:

1. His fear-mongering.......is the classic tool of the Deep State to manage the masses.

2. His anti-Mooooslim rants.......Muslims constitute about 1% of the USA population and are a thoroughly diverse lot. Muslims are irrelevant to the MAIN CHALLENGES the USA faces in the 21st century. For Israel and the DEEP STATE, however, they have been made an ISSUE using patsies and false flags mostly.....and Alex Jones knows this from his DEEP STATE connections.

Alex is not Jewish I think, though he was married to one. He has two senior Jewish handlers from the DEEP STATE, Steve Pieczenik of the CIA going back over a decade and a new more pro-active one, Roger Stone. Of the two, Roger Stone speaks far more constructively with clear facts and advice. I thought that he would have made a good Chief of Staff for the Whitehouse (But I am not a Washington insider privy to all the games).

I am aware that the Islamic Revolution in Iran was engineered by the CIA, and that crypto-Jews played, continue to play an important role in the country, besides the mere 20,000 who live there officially. A former Deputy director of Savama, the mullah secret police was a Jew who spent most of his time and energy killing Iranian intellectuals. Former President Ahmedinejad is alleged to be a Jew, a great Israel baiter. He wishes to run again as President, but I believe the mullahs will not allow it......and it is alleged that General Qasem Soleimani of the Revolutionary Guard, the man who persuaded PUTIN to intervene in Syria is JEWISH, from Kerman. Say its not true.

Putin would only listen to a real Jew????!!!! Time to CRAWL back into the worn out couch and watch endless hours of day-time TV, AND GIVE UP.
Sardar Qasem Soleimani-01.jpg

So where are we going here??? Revolutions sometimes start for good reasons but end up with all the wrong reasons.

The American Revolution way back 200 years started out well and ended well if you don't count the 8 years of hardship, death and destruction. There were no mass executions after the revolution, mass graves, reprisals and so on that you associate with the worst of revolutions (Bolshevik Revolution). After the victory, a string of GOOD honest humble leaders more or less steered the new country away from old Europe, and into a new destiny........and by 1945 representing 50% of the GDP of the world, and the premier power in the world whom everybody including the USSR (saved by the USA lend and lease) respected.

The current American REVOLUTION can be subverted by official Jews, and convert Jews since MOST APPEAR to have LIBERAL GLOBALIST MULTI-CULTURAL pretensions whilst they root for racist Apartheid Israel covertly and overtly.

In a revolution, you can't have divided wishy-washy loyalty to TWO separate states with two separates ASPIRATIONS.