Please please!! Do not attack 'al-CIA-duh'.... our destabilisation fifth column in the Greater Middle East

'al-CIA-duh' was created in the 1990's by the CIA to destabilize certain countries and expand the security empire of the USA, under the guise of GWOT and security cooperation with other states around the world(eg black site rendition gulags in several countries)

'al-CIA-duh' on the one hand did not exist as a proper organization, but was a brand name created by USA intelligence to justify their manufactured terror around the world. The so called 5,000 al-Qaeda' operatives in 2001 did not owe any fealty to Osama Bin Laden (Tim Osman)...and did not follow his orders, but they were hardline Sunni Jihadis. 

It was a very loose confederation of like minded individuals who were available when and where USA intelligence needed their mercenary services around the world.....in the case of the 1990's Sudan, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kosovo, Southern Russia.........in 2000--2010...Iraq, Yemen, North Africa, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Pakistan....in 2011-2016..in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan.

Note that the USA is not mentioned as an 'al-CIA-duh' target in 2001. That was carried out by pro-Israeli sections of American 'security'. Nor has Israel been ever targeted by 'al-CIA-duh' for obvious reasons.

Terrorism in Pakistan and Indonesia by so called al-Qaeda' affiliates was in fact carried out by local 'security' under the orders of the USA. These 2 countries security in particular enjoy close security relations with the USA, and such terrorist acts suited the wider GWOT narrative out of the USA, and the trained, armed security men existed in these 2 countries to carry out such acts from the local military.(Special forces..SSG and Komando Kapassus)

.....AND now to make the hidden link more obvious, the USA diplomats in secret private talks requested that the Russians should not attack 'al-CIA-duh' in Syria. 


The Russians have killed since September 2015, in the space of a few months 30,000 ISIS fighters in Syria alone....for 'al-CIA-duh' no figures are released by the Russians.

In a few months. 

In just a few months.

The Russians are killing them faster than the CIA can recruit, train, arm and finance 'al-CIA-duh'.

The Russian military is effective in a few months. The Russian military is sincere in fighting ISIS. The Russians have been fighting 'al-CIA-duh' inside Russia since the 1990's. For the Russians it is a real struggle against them, rather than an existential one.

The USA since 2001 has not been sincere.

Because ISIS and 'al-CIA-duh' are USA foot soldier, fifth column destabilization tools who need to be alive to fight for the USA.

Russia needs to intensify its airstrikes against ISIS, and covert campaign against 'al-CIA-duh'..in Syria and Iraq.


Russian FM: US Asked Russia Not to Attack al-Qaeda in Syria

State Dept: More Effort Needed to 'Distinguish' al-Qaeda From Other Rebels

by Jason Ditz, at antiwar.com

Russian officials had previously said their halt on airstrikes against al-Qaeda’s Syria affiliate, the Nusra Front, was a result of requests from rebels. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov today revealed that the US had actually been the ones to request the halt.
“They are telling us not to hit Nusra, because there is ‘normal opposition next to it,” Lavrov insisted saying Russia wants the rest of the opposition to leave the positions alongside Nusra. Russia has been trying to convince the US to agree to a joint operation against Nusra, but unsuccessfully.
The State Department did not appear to contest Lavrov’s account, saying they don’t have a problem in theory with airstrikes against Nusra, but that “a more complete effort needs to be made in order to distinguish between al-Nusra and the parties to the cessation.”
This has been an ongoing problem throughout the ceasefire. Nusra, which is not a party to the truce, used it to expand its territory, and some of its rebel allies, who are in the ceasefire, have gone along for the ride, only to express outrage every time Syria launches counterattacks.