Bye Bye CIA created EU

The CIA created the EU to operate as an unified, regimented bulwark against Communism and Warsaw Pact countries, which would ultimately act through the shadowy direction and guidance of Washington. The Marshal Plan was a forerunner concrete foundation for that project.

Shadowy being the Nazi NWO Bilderberg Group, The Trilateral Commission, NATO and the CFR.

Supra national regional economic unions can be good for some countries, but not so good for others. It rather depends on:

1. The situation of the individual member country. Its main aims, strategic objectives and needs.
2. The ultimate/ulterior intentions of the main parties to the union.

Quite obviously if the CIA is setting up a supra-national organization there can be very little valid reasons for having it in the first place....other than it acting as a vehicle for CIA/Washington interests.

The economic system imposed by Nazi Germany on occupied countries only lasted as long as the Nazi occupation. It ONLY benefited Nazi Germany by looting the coffers and resources of the occupied countries, though there was a dearth of speeches and proclamations stating that Nazi Germany was fighting Communism for the sake of European civilization.

The same with the Japanese east Asian co-prosperity sphere....(大東亞共榮圏 Dai-tō-a Kyōeiken) was an imperialist propaganda concept created and promulgated for occupied Asian populations during the first third of the Shōwa era by the government and military of the Empire of Japan.(1931--1945) Only lasted until Japan was defeated. The Japanese killed 20 million Asians while they were proudly proclaiming the benefits of this new economic/military block without a hint of irony or guilt.

Comecon (1949--1991) was set up for the same insincere reasons, under Soviet hegemony. Nobody liked it, and it was not economically viable.....it was alleged that the Soviet Union was losing at least $100 billion a year providing subsidized goods to its Comecon partners.

AND so on............

Thus the Eurasian Integration System through the SCO and Silk Road initiatives are ONLY good, if the intentions of the main actors China and Russia are sincere, pure and impartial. In such a union most countries are in the developing block, and through shared initiatives all countries in the block can mutually benefit in the realms of infrastructure, industry, trade and general economic development. ........there is a huge room for development in this region.  Members states can re-orientate their trade with each other up to 50% at least for the bigger players, and thus reduce the $ dependency and vulnerability in the future.

More significantly ALL present and future SCO countries face external threats from the direction of Washington and its proxies, whether through manufactured Islamic Terrorism, Colour coded or umbrella revolutions or Conventional military threats by the USA. It thus patently makes sense for such countries to 'come together' under one unified SECURITY and MILITARY COMMAND to deal with the common threat from Washington and its initiatives to implement PNAC 2000 and Full Spectrum Dominance Doctrine around the world.

The UK for these very reasons does not need to be in the EU.

Sir Edward Richard George Heath, KG, MBE who was a serial paedophile, warned several times by the MPC for his activities, and also killed children as a side hobby on his yacht, is the PM who took the UK illegally into the EU in 1973.

The UK, is already very rich after plundering the world...with an economy of about $2.5 trillion, and a thoroughly modern post-Industrial sophisticated economy. It does not need the help of Germany or the USA to build up its infrastructure, industry, trade and economy. Its at the top already.

The UK is SECURITY wise extremely modern and professional. It is capable of dealing with external threats itself, as a major middle ranking nuclear power that has a tendency to put itself out and about rather too much all over the world.....and is a measure of its security confidence (More than Russia, China or India combined!). It also has NATO as an additional security guarantor, and special relationship with the USA. To attack and destabilize the UK, by say Russia hypothetically would thus be very difficult. 

ISIS is CIA and thus constitutes a zero threat to the UK in any real sense...indeed the British police and Security services HR for ISIS from the British prisons, and the back street tragic illiterate poor naive young ghetto gangs of the big cities of the UK such as London, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds and Birmingham. 1000's of em.

Japan is not in the EU, but it is doing fantastically well as an Island nation.

China is not in the EU, but it is doing fantastically well.  

Singapore is not in the EU, but it is doing fantastically well as an Island nation. 

Australia is not in the EU, but it is doing fantastically well as an Island nation. 

Switzerland is not in the EU, but it is doing fantastically well as an Island inside the EU.    


Referendum: Britain Votes to Leave European Union


Cameron Resignation Seen Likely, Despite Calls From Allies to Remain


by Jason Ditz, at antiwar.com

After hours of counting in a razor-tight race, the results of the British referendum are in, and the kingdom will be leaving the European Union. Final numbers are still coming in, but British outlets have called the race in favor of the “Brexit” movement, with the margin expected to be around one million votes. The race was called around 12:00 PM midnight, eastern.
Voting saw overwhelming support to remain in the EU in Scotland and Northern Ireland, as well as Gibraltar, along with the area around London. The rest of England, however, was strongly in favor of leaving, and that was ultimately the difference.
UKIP Leader Nigel Farage declared it a victory for “real people.” The results were something of a surprise, as financial markets were trading heavily toward the “remain” vote. The British pound began slumping at the news,  quickly touching a 30-year low. A reversal of the FTSE 100 threatens to wipe out upwards of 100 billion pounds in the days to come. Asian markets were also strongly down on the news, with investors fearing uncertainty.
Politically, this is expected to fuel further calls for Prime Minister David Cameron to resign, though Conservative Euroskeptics had issued a statement ahead of the vote urging him to stay regardless of the outcome. Either way, the result is seen likely to dramatically change British politics, and Cameron is virtually obliged to set the table for a new election.
The overwhelming majority of Scotland being in favor of “remain” is likely to loom large in the future as well, likely to fuel a new push for them to withdraw from Britain and declare independence themselves. A previous Scotland independence vote narrowly failed.
The exact mechanics of the departure from the EU are still unclear, as the union has never had a member decide to leave before.