Rape, the weapon of war.

The American illegal occupation of Afghanistan is not going well after 11 years.

This is entirely the fault of the American occupiers who rule the Third World country through sheer bad faith.

The CIA/Pentagon use the poor country to harvest Opium on a plantation basis, and then using their military supply routes, logistics and mafia connections they spread it to the world, including their own country.

In order to stay around, and carry out this cutting edge productive business, the CIA/Pentagon have established a cover story, which is that the Taliban allied to "al-CIA-duh" is a threat to the world, and the noble CIA/Pentagon have to stay the course to fight such evil dastardly entities.

The reality of course is that the Taliban/"al-CIA-duh" are controlled entities, created by the CIA itself, and managed by the gofer/middlemen Punjab Pakistan military/ISI.....for the fake Punch and Judy show, in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan after 11 years of USA occupation is a failed state.

Since the Americans must rely on criminal mafia to run their illegally occuppied country, Afghanistan also happens to be an extemely corrup state.

99% of American occupation money is spent on "security ops"......very little on reconstruction, nation building, industry, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, infrastructure. INDIA and CHINA have contributed more in this arena than the USA.

Afghanistan is also used as a base for mischief against neighboring countries such as Pakistan, Iran, China and Central Asia.

US forces rape women in northern Afghanistan village: Locals

By Presstv.com
The residents of a village in northern Afghanistan say American troopers raped several women during a nighttime raid in the rural community.

The locals said that the incident took place in a village in the Chahar Bolak district of Afghanistan’s Balkh Province where US special forces carried out house-to-house searches, Afghanistan Information Network reported on Sunday.
However, the name of the village was not disclosed as the villagers said they had been threatened by the commander of the US forces with “consequences” in case of complaining about the issue.

During the operation, the troopers separated the men and women of about 15 families and raped several women, the locals said.

Since the beginning of the US-led invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, American troopers have on different occasions abused Afghans.

Last month, a US trooper involved in the mass killing of Afghan civilians in southern Afghanistan in March admitted to his crimes for the first time before a military court in the United States.