Jewish, Ultra-Capitalist, Absolutist Monarchy, "al-CIA-duh" funding, Whore of USA..........opening handbag boutiques in Makkah.


I have never been to Saudi, and nor do I intend to ever.

The House of Saud is thought to be Jewish, and without the benefit of an open declaration by the Saudis of their Jewish faith, we can guess in that direction by some of their patterns of behavior in their neighborhood, and in the wider world.

1. It is alleged that almost 90% of the historical sites/structures of some 1400 years old pertaining to the area and later, have been systematically destroyed by the House of Saud in Makkah and Medina. The Jewish Saudis say that such "development" is necessary for "modernization" and to accommodate the increasing number of humble (1 billion followers of the faith) Ummah to the two Holy sites...of which the House of Saud is the self appointed Guardians, courtesy of the evil British empire.

HOWEVER, destruction of old Islamic sites seems also to be a policy of Israel in the Occupied territories, with the Dome of the Rock being a future objective target ........and Jewish directed Hollywood movies take great pleasure in the destruction of old historical sites in other Middle Eastern countries......Transformers....the Pyramids. 

In Iran, the USA/UK installed puppet mullahs of 1979 mobilized mobs to destroy Persia's pre-Islamic monuments, including the remains of Persepolis and the tomb of Shahenshah Cyrus. The Jewish funded Bolsheviks 1918--1991, destroyed over 5000 churches and many Mosques in the Soviet Union, and other historical buildings.

Clearly "al-CIA-duh" and OBL will not say a word about such grave desecration of very important historical sites and buildings in their own motherland, never mind their religious value and connection to this modern troubled era.


The Jew is confident, and wants to take things further along the path of self promotion, and the innate belief that they have been "Chosen by GOD" to rule the earth. To that end a real live Jewish Empire must be created for the first time in history...called " Etrez Israel" using Islamic Fundamentalist run by the CIA to destroy neighboring Middle East regimes.."al-CIA-duh".......Hamas, Islamic Brotherhood.

Additionally, Islamic and Pre-Islamic history must be erased in the region, for Eretz Israel to be safely established as the inevitable consequence of the Jewish rise. The JEWS cannot share and live with other cultures, and other civilizations that psychologically for them challenge their yearning for dominance, potency and unquestioned impatient power, based on war and conquest.

2. Saudi Arabia serves Israel's and USA's geo-strategic objectives in the region. Saudi Arabia funds terrorists and destabilization programs in the Greater Middle East for Israel and the USA.

3. The 10,000 members of the House of Saud don't live very Salafi/Wahabi orthodox lives, as their Jewish family religion dictates. Their time and considerable money is spent on the whore Houses and Casino's of London, Paris and NY.

4. Saudi Arabia sustains the petro-dollar, and most of the oil funds end up in the Jewish banks in London, and New York. Saudi oil money is not wisely used to make the country into a modern NIC, at a very minimum, where all Saudis benefit from the oil wealth, generated since the 1930's for 82 years. Saudi Arabia buys huge quantities of Western arms from the UK/USA...which then gather dust and rust due to lack of maintenance....and use.

Paris Hilton with theKhazar appearance is believed to be crypto-Jewish .....the wonderful thing is that when these creatures reach the pinnacle of society in Western countries, they adopt a Western/WASP persona, as a legitimating reflection of their financial status, and power, AND hide their Jewishness. This is the obvious Jew weakness....the "Chosen people" of this earth. Paris Hilton represents, another type of Jewish power....in her kind of artificial beauty, anti-social behavior, and her open flaunting of the law of the USA. Her decadence and her "celebrity" and success for being nothing and doing nothing in the Jewish run USA. SO YES! the Saudis should bulldoze the prophets and his wife's home (That is what the Israelis are doing against the Palestinians), and replace them with handbag boutiques run by crypto-Jewish Princess Paris Hilton, with the high class whore image....The perfect symbolism of Wahabi/Salafi Saudi Arabia in Makkah and Medina.


Saudis say No to the Prophet Muhammad, Yes to Paris Hilton

More and more people are speaking out against the Saudi regime, and the way in which its Wahhabi ideology has linked together an utter disregard for the historical heritage of Muslims with an unabashed embrace of vapid capitalism.     

In both Mecca and Medina, the Saudi state has already bulldozed over 90% of the Islamic monuments going back some 1400 years.     

In their place, they are putting up five star hotels, parking lots, and shopping malls.

Adding injury to insult: In the same cities of Mecca and Medina, where the Wahhabi-backed Saudi state has bulldozed the historical shrines and cemeteries of the family of the Prophet, now we have the establishment of shopping malls featuring…. Paris Hilton.   

Here was Paris Hilton’s excited tweet:
Loving my beautiful new store that just opened at Mecca Mall in Saudi Arabia!

Paris Hilton
So this is what it has come to.   

The so-called “Guardians of the two sanctuaries” bulldoze Islamic history, tear down the houses associated with the Prophet and his family, and in its place put up shopping malls by vapid symbols of the most crass capitalistic materialism the world has to offer.  

No wonder many are talking about the transformation of Mecca into another Las Vegas.

(Jew mafia/Mormon run city in the USA.....Romney Town)

Yes, the Saudis have bulldozed:

*An Ottoman Fortress overlooking and protecting Mecca, plus a whole mountain, was removed to put down the monstrosity known as the Mecca Royal Clock-Tower, aka “Big Ben on crack.

*The house the Prophet was born in, currently a library, is under consideration for destruction.

*The house of the Prophet’s wife, Khadija, who is referred to by Muslims as the “Mother of the Faithful” was recently torn down, and in its place a row of toilets were established.

*Old Ottoman and Abbasid columns will likely be torn down to make room for a 680 million dollar expansion of the Great Mosque.

*The old historic cemeteries of Jannat al-Baqi, containing the remains of the descendants of the Prophet, have been bulldozed, and nothing but a dirt mound remains of the former shrines there.

Sami Angawi, the director of the Hajj Research Center which is trying to preserve what’s left of the Islamic heritage of Saudi Arabia says of the Saudi state: 
“They are turning the holy sanctuary into a machine, a city which has no identity, no heritage, no culture and no natural environment. They've even taken away the mountains.”
Often the excuse is used that with the global increase in the number of Muslims coming to Mecca, these expansions are necessary to accommodate these pilgrims.    

However, there is no reason why the hotels for the pilgrims couldn’t be put outside the historical center of Mecca, thus preserving the monuments.

 YES INDEED, humble pilgrims from Somalia and Sudan will live in these rooms.

 Furthermore, in place of these historical monuments, many of which hold a sacred significance to all Muslims outside of the Wahhabi sect, the Saudi state is building five star hotels that cost as much as $7,000 a night.    

In other words, these policies are not only bulldozing the history of Islam, they are also subverting the radical egalitarian teachings of Islam most beautifully symbolized in the rich and poor standing shoulder to shoulder wearing simple unadorned clothing in the House of the One God.   

Now the poor teeming masses are below, and the ultra-rich can reside in their 5-star suites looking down at the Ka’ba.    

Lastly, these absurd towers even displace the very symbolism and centrality of the Ka’ba.

La hawla wa la quwwata illa bi Allah.
"They paved Paradise,
Put up a parking lot."
The Saudis make a great deal of their honorific as the “Caretaker of the two Noble Sanctuaries” in Mecca and Medina.   

One has to wonder about a kind of Care that says no to the legacy of Muhammad, bulldozes it, and invites Paris Hilton in its place.    

These shrines, these historical sites, indeed Mecca and Medina, do not belong to the Saudi state.   

They are treasures belonging to the worldwide Muslim population, indeed the whole of humanity (as the Prophet was sent as a Mercy to all the Universes).   If the Saudis insist on calling themselves the caretakers of the two sanctuaries, their first task should be in fact to take care of them--and not bulldoze them.  

If they can not or will do not so, then someone else has to step up to provide care for these historical and sacred heritages of humanity.

The Prophet Muhammad once said that Islam began in this world as a stranger, and it will someday return as a stranger.

In looking at the uber-Capitalist, history-bulldozing practice of the Saudi/Wahhabi state, one cannot help but cry at the strange kind of Islam that now rules over the House of God and the home of the Prophet.