Counter-Revolution against CIA Morsi....lessons should be learnt from the Iran "Peoples Revolution" of 1979.

In this world there is no place for religious based parties, or pseudo-religious based parties ie parties in power which display religious piety, but in reality are as corrupt as they come (mullah Iran, Hamas Gaza, al-Shahab Somalia). 

Such entities are created and backed by the CIA. Morsi is a CIA agent recruited in the late 1970's in Egypt, and then sent to the USA by the CIA to do his Ph.D, to give him an air of power, authority and knowledge.

Morsi is a divisive character who has maintained American policy intact in the Middle, through Egypt-----

unquestioned peace, unqualified peace with Israel, no matter what the little entity does.

The continued blockade of the Palestinians, in Gaza.

Support for the illegal overthrow of the Syrian government

Promoting Sunni nationalism, so as to forment division in the Muslim world between Shia and Sunni based societies.

To keep the Middle East backward, mired in religious obscurantism/fatalism/schism.

Destabilization of the Egyptian economy, along with capital flight.

Destruction of the Egyptian Middle class.

Morsi should not have been allowed into power.

It is truly fateful that the USA through the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt are using the same tactic the USA used in installing the Mullahs of  Iran.

Fake, compromised Referendum votes, and then the subjugation of power by the new Paraoh Morsi.

The Mullahs used thugs from the Zurkhaneh, and illiterate village boys between the ages of 16--30 riding on motorcycles armed with chains, knives and batons to control the Iranian people in the street ......along with the secret police....MORSI through the CIA will use the same tactics to control Middle Cass secular Egypt.