CIA Morsi

The Muslim Brotherhood were created by the British Empire in 1920's Egypt, to Weaken the nationalist secular movement, which wanted full Egyptian independence, and an independent modern state.

Indeed the first mosque owned and run by the Muslim Brotherhood, as a center for their organisation and promotion of the party was funded by the British.

Unfortunately for the Muslim Brotherhood, WWII took place, and the USA emerged as the lone superpower....accounting for 50% of the entire worlds GDP in 1945, and also a massive global military power for the first time, courtesy of the war. Prior to that, traditionally even in the late 1930's, the USA maintained a small military of about 100,000 professionals. With WWII it mobilised 12 million men and nearly 45% of its GDP for war by 1945.

In the Middle East American foreign policy was independent of the UK. The fashionable thing for the USA was to promote seemingly "radical" young strongmen with a Socialist Populist inclination......GAMAL NASSER, SADDAM HUSSEIN recruited in the late 1940's and 1950's and GADDAFI in the 1960's.

Then in the 1970's the House of Rothschilds, one of the most powerful Jewish families in the world sent one of their personal emmissaries......Bernard Lewis, of Jewish extraction who served British Intelligence and had close links to the British Foreign Office to "educate" Americans to the idea that backing Islamic fundamentalists was smart and good for.....GOD knows for who?


The safe loyal puppet Shah of Iran (for the USA) was toppled by the UK/USA in 1979........left to roam the earth unceremoniously in complete bewilderment in the perphery, until Egypt gave him a safe haven in 1980.

From July 1979, the "Bear Trap" was set in Afghanistan, using Islamic Fundamentalist in Afghanistan.

In 1981, Anwar Sadat was killed by Muslim Brotherhood members, with an attempt to take over power.

In 1982, the Muslim Brotherhood attempted to take over power in Syria, through a popular uprising, but were put down by the Syrian security forces, trained and supplied by Soviet Union.

Since that time Muslim Brotherhood members have attempted revolts in Algeria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia where they took over power for a while.

Then in 2011, again with the backing of the USA 'al-CIA-duh" toppled Gaddafi in Libya, Ben Ali in Tunisia, Mubarak in Egypt and as of now Syria.....on-going attempt.

The idea is to create weak, ineffective Islamist states which are de-legitimated, and under constant attack from the armed forces of NATO/USA/Israel.......which allows the creation of GREATER ISRAEL...ERETZ ISRAEL.

In this short summary, Morsi of the CIA and his Muslim Brotherhood should not run Egypt under any circumstances. Morsi who spent many years in the USA is a CIA agent, who will destroy Egypt. If Mubarak was a puppet of the USA, Morsi is far more so.......and a beard who will divide and destroy Egypt so that Eretz Israel can be created.

It is undersable that CIA Morsi wants absolute Paraoh powers, for thats precisely what the Iranian mullahs did with their so called "referendum" in 1979, to create a Shariah Islamic Emirate in Iran. Then the mullahs using the "legitimacy" of the "referendum" took over everything in government from the courts to the government ministeries and eventually the armed forces.

Morsi must be removed from power. The Muslim Brotherhood must be removed from power.

Egypt’s Morsi Flees as Protesters Storm Presidential Palace 

Demand Egypt Abandon New Draft Constitution

by Jason Ditz, at antiwar.com

This Massive numbers of protesters, by some estimates 100,000 or more, marched on Egypt’s presidential palace in Cairo, storming the outer gates and entering the grounds of the compound, forcing President Mohamed Morsi to flee.

The protesters were both condemning Morsi’s edict granting himself unchecked power until a new constitution was in place and the referendum, scheduled for a week from Saturday, on a proposed new constitution.

Morsi’s edict has been hugely controversial and has sparked multiple protests, but he has defended it as temporary and designed to prevent an unfriendly court system from ousting the constitutional committee just days before the draft constitution had been finished.

With the vote looming, however, the protesters are now condemning the constitution for having been written by Morsi’s allies in the Muslim Brotherhood. Yet after last year’s parliamentary elections ended in an overwhelming victory for the Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), it is unsurprising that party got a solid major of the seats in the constitutional committee.

Specific complaints about the draft have been few, with most condemning it on the basis of its authors, and in the end it seems that the referendum will likely pass on the back of Islamist supporters, ending the most onerous of Morsi’s own power grab by finally giving him a constitutionally defined role.