The Rothschild's Jewish puppets.

I'm not praying at the Jewish/Talmudic altar.

By Henry Makow.

"The goyim are a flock of sheep, and we are their wolves. And you know what happens when the wolves get hold of the flock?" (Protocols of Zion-11)

I had as much satisfaction as anyone from the humiliation Vlad Putin dealt the Zionists in Georgia recently. However I'm not joining in the general celebration evinced by articles like "The Zionist West Has Met Its Match" by Karl Schwartz (August 23,2008.)

(Yes the 'West' is Zionist managed to varying degrees, though not necessarily controlled. Why would Russia be portrayed as independent from Zionism? Its richest elite is Jewish, having good linkages with Russian security.....the traditional Jewish tool in Russia, which brought Putin and his secret service friends into power, at the behest of the Jew and their agenda's.)

To equate the New World Order with Zionism is incorrect. Zionism is just one pincer in the NWO. The other is Opposition-to-Zionism, represented by Russia's Putin and Iran's Ahmadinejad. The Rothschild's control them both through MI-6.

(The NWO is Jewish to be more exact---Jewish world government, where the Talmud tells the vile filthy Jew that the earth belongs to them.....for them to rule over all others.......
And the other point, well maybe its correct in relation to SIS, though given the Jewish Bolshevik experiment in Russia by the Rothschild's it would be more logical for them to control Russia through the Jewish Oligarch's, through the 90 or so odd billionaires and multi-millionaires that Putin hasn't touched. I mean, why use an essentially WASP organization such as MI-6 with its foreign hostile connotations for Russia (accusations of spying and undermining the central government in Russia more recently), when you have perfect local recruits of your co-religionists such as the Oligarchs. Where do a good deal of the criminal Jewish Oligarchs go?

In the case of Iran it is certainly more plausible, given the historical relationship of the UK to Iran.......this is more acceptable, where London ahead of FATA, is the number 0ne hoarding ground for Islamic terrorists, and fugitive Jewish billionaires)

This dialectic succeeds the Nazi- Communist one of WW2. You can't have a Third World War unless you have two sides. This time round, Putin and Ahmadinejad have been cast as defenders of Nation and Religion. But don't be fooled. This is the Rothschild Modus Operandi. They routinely simulate the opposition or pretend to fight themselves. (Read Protocols 12 and 17 for examples.)This way they can initiate profitable conflicts and orchestrate the outcome. Meanwhile the idealistic plebes fight and die for a "good cause." How do I support this view of Putin? To begin with, his body language. Putin doesn't have the gravitas to be anything more than a front man. He lacks chest hair. Have you seen how comfortable he is with George W. ? They are both veterans from central casting. If Putin were for real, he wouldn't be able to stand W's presence.

( Don't tell me you are psychic Henry. I am seeing a Jewish numbers game here. And I thought you were an exception to your vile race..........having gravitas doesn't necessarily make you a great leader......Hitler had some gravitas (ever see him smile in public, he was constantly shadowed and coached by Hess, anybody can pull off gravitas with a bit of publicity/training)........as did Stalin, both puppets of the Rothschild's.)

For those who demand more substantial proof, I spent a half-hour on Google. I learned that Putin is on intimate terms with the head of the largest faction of Russian Jewry, the Chabad Lubavichers. The Rebbe relates how when young Vlad was hungry, they fed him and he has felt gratitude ever since. Maybe they're still feeding him? Remember this is an anti-Zionist!

(Putin has never stated publicly he is anti-Zionist, however as a credible nationalistic leader he has to follow the mood of the Russian people, and in superficial tactical concession to this he cryptically nodded in the direction of Antisemitism by referring to them as 'Jackals', and has reigned in one or two out of the 100 or more Jewish Oligarch's who stole and hoarded Russia's wealth under Yeltsin. His alleged anti-Zionism is thus quite superficial.................so you are correct Henry.

What he should have done as a proper Russian leader is hold a comprehensive state inquiry exposing the crimes of the Jewish Bolsheviks and the murder of 60 million Soviet citizens and a decent state memorial to the victims, but Putin still glorifies the Communist era as a great period of Russian history to be proud of, and Stalin the Jew competes with the Czar as the most favored Russian still.

Putin should have also held a Public enquiry into the crimes of the Yeltsin era...........Yeltsin is still portrayed in Russia as a cuddly drunk clown who was a little misguided, thats all!

Also, Putin should have dealt with ALL the Jewish Oligarchs, regardless of the overt/covert nature of their criminality................he should have confiscated all their assets and sent them off to Israel along with the
rest of the Jews in Russia.

To do these things would be to put real perspective and understanding of Russian history, but failure to do so could risk repeating the mistakes of the past.....and that is what a real Russian patriot would have done........who is to say that in the near future the Jewish Oligarchs do not elect one of their own, change his name and he becomes leader of Russia as in the old times under the Bolsheviks, and the same round of problems ensue. )

Then I found the website of an MI-6 defector Richard Tomlinson who trained with young KGB agent Putin. They both learned to serve the Illuminati who were 'born to rule', the self-elected custodians of society.

(As I understand it Tomlinson is a Marxist still, of the type that came out of Cambridge, made up of misguided Englishmen, with no real understanding of the true nature of the Jewish Bolshevik Revolution funded from NY, and London ----I would not say that Tomlinson is a NWO tool, as he has been very critical of MI-6, writing articles about them in prominent papers in the UK, divulging their secrets in a book, and he has been seriously harassed around Europe. Now all this could be a show for a specific purpose of some kind..... but I doubt it.

As to what he says about Putin, obviously he was until 1995, and after in a better position to know about these things then most of us.
From the Henry Makow perspective it would make sense..........Jews funding their puppets, and working through intelligence agencies, building up future adversaries to create perpetual war.........and thus boost their MIC profits.)

Putin was brainwashed and controlled by MI-6 and may still be. This may explain his muted reaction to the sinking of the Kursk by the US and the Beslan massacre aided and abetted by MI-6. Tomlinson says Putin was a Royal Arch Freemason but is no longer a Freemason and has broken free of his mind programming. I wonder.

( The idea that an organization like MI-6 with 2000 members somehow literally hand picked the future leaders of Russia in a banana republic roughshod way, from the ranks of the old KGB with its staff of 700,000 is a little bit unbelievable, given the fact that the KGB was quite an effective organization at one time and was infiltrating Western leaders. But then again with the Rothschild's connection, and the Third World like collapse of the old Soviet Union, when everything was extremely fluid inside Russia, this may be plausible.

But I always thought the Rothschild's and their family members served in MI-5 traditionally keeping an eye on their serfs and kingdom, and not MI-6, though I am sure there are a few Jew Bonds in the past and present
serving in that organisation)

Then there is the
famous picture of Putin kissing the stomach of a young boy in public, suggesting he has the pederast foibles typical of his kind. I don't believe Putin's break with the Rothschild's and the West is more than stagecraft. Does Russia have a central bank controlled by the Rothschild's? 'Nuff said.(Is the Pope Catholic?)

(Yes these are better indicators of his international Jew links.....regular visits to the Crawford ranch like a very eager boy. Initially his total ignorance of the International Jews drive to isolate Russia, and ring it with missiles until it became grossly too obvious. This simply is not credible for an alleged formidable intelligence operative. His and his handpick Medvedev constant pathetic pining to be accepted into the Western club even into 2008. The War on terror narrative in Russia pursued with zeal, and the establishment of close collaboration of intelligence agencies between the West and Russia, juxtaposed with all the negativity against Russia building up and activities of Western intelligence against Russia.......Putin is a real Russian leader!

.......and the false flag ops in Chechnya, Beslan involving little children, Moscow theaters, hospitals and apartment blocks, all highly emotional targets carried out by Russian intelligence, AND VERIFIED SO by retired intelligence officers in Russia. And no I don't think Chechen men are super human fighters who travel hundreds of miles deep into Southern Russia and other parts and carry out such deeds with out state assistance and knowledge. Yes indeed these are the actions and orders from the International Jew, and their puppet did his work exactly. Besides this there are more basic indicators, where one does not have to ponder too deeply at the MO of the Chechens.)

I'd love for Putin et co. to be for real. But I'm not buying it.



Here is the Iranian President giving the Masonic "thumb and finger"
sign of recognition. Two fingers pointed upward is a negative sign.

One of David Livingstone's Iranian readers claims that Ahmadinejad is a crypto-Jew. He pointed David to a Wikipedia article which notes that his family changed their name in the 50's from Saborjhian, which he claims is a typical Jewish name.

( I am afraid Jews might be at the center of the Iranian Islamic Revolution, and we note again that the key tool of the totalitarian state, the intelligence agency, was defacto run by a Jew, Saeed Imami, until recently)

He continued: "I really hope this be a way to expose the real danger we all are facing globally, Iran, USA and Russia hand-in-hand bringing the third world war."

"Inside the political establishment of Iran everybody is concerned about crypto-Jews that have a strong grip on the most influential politicians just by having corrupted them all or they know about their dirty past, for example : Mohsen Rezaei ex-commander of Revolutionary Guard said last summer: " Ahmadinejad's mother is a Jew, and from the establishment of Islamic republic in 1979, the crypto-Jews were in the highest position in decision making in the State." but he is silence now!

(This would go a long way towards explaining his theatrics and rhetoric just at the right time. He has been picked by the mullahs to serve a second term as President given his great record, and forget democarcy and free choice in Iran, and do not apply for the 2009 Iranian Presidential elections, Khamenei the whore of the Jew has made his choice for the 70 million Persians.

And perhaps one could read some of the enlightened comments of Ayatollah Khomeini to see the true Jewish nature of the "Islamic Republic", a couple of blog posts below............The connections with pedophilia, child slave sex trafficking implicating key members of the mullahtocracy, and the Jewish international narcotics trade.

In doing so we should not rule out the possibility that Colonel Reza Shah who came to power in Iran in 1921 with British help, a man who could not read or write and an officer in the Persian Cossack Brigade, may have been Jewish also, and thus so too his son Shah Pahlavi who had more than excellent relations with Israel
..............We see this game has been going for quite a while. One wonders which of the 60 odd leaders of Muslim nations are Jewish also)

This would be consistent with reports that Israel may have helped Iran develop nuclear weapons. Recently, an ex-Mossad chief said Ahmadinejad was "Israel's greatest gift" by posing as a threat to Israel.

(No Henry don't slip in such bullshit, and make an attack on Iran more plausible. Whilst Trita Parsi's book 'Treacherous Alliance" states that Mossad was present when Khomenei was anointed in Tehran in February 1979, and thus by implication played a major role in the overthrow of the Shah, I don't think the Mossad would go far as to arm and enable a nuclear weapons Iran run by mullahs, a few 100 miles from Israel, which thus fuels a huge nuclear arms race in the Greater Middle East.

There are many complex reasons why the British, USA, France and possibly Israel toppled the Shah, but one notes that once the mullahs came into power one of the very first things they did was shut down the Shah's ambitious civilian nuclear program of 24 reactors which envisaged spending $90 billion over 30 years, and the British mullahs really didn't reopen it until the early 1990's, and only then haphazardly, as with most things in British mullah Iran. So the point is if you instal the mullahs with the part objective of halting Iran's civilian nuclear program, then why would Mossad go out of its way to contradict such a significant policy, contrary to the wishes of the Americans and British. To be sure the Israelis trade American technology to get favors from nations that America doesn't approve of (Cybil Edmonds revelations amongst other sources), mullah Iran included, but such a suggestion would be quite out of the ordinary.

Iran is not Libya, it has a huge nuclear science community, and technology to produce nuclear weapons with the assistance of Russia, unofficially, and Pakistan (AQ Khan's network) but the desire was never there. But the point is if Iran really wanted to, the country could have made her own nuke bombs a long time ago.

In light of what has been said by you it is interesting to see that it is Russia which is building the nuclear plant at Bushehr, and Iran plans..............19 more of these?...or was it 6 more of these with Russian assistance?

Henry you also need to observe the Israeli efforts against Pakistan's nuke program over 30 years to understand why Israel would be the last country which would help Iran build nuclear bombs as a Casus Belli for war with Iran.)

"Ahmadinejad is our greatest gift," Halevy told the Arab language television network Al-Hurra on Tuesday. "We couldn't carry out a better operation at the Mossad than to put a guy like Ahmadinejad in power in Iran."

Halevy added that the Iranian president's extremist statements "proved to everyone that Iran of today is an Iran that is impossible to live with. [Ahmadinejad] unites the entire world against Iran."

I hope average Israelis see how they are being used as pawns, as the Jews of Europe were with fatal consequences.

(Keep at it Henry, we may yet convert the vile filthy Jew yet, and his 3,000 year old habits...........thats why the protest of liberal Jews against the genocide of Afghanistan and Iraq is soooooo deafening)



Americans have been effectively disenfranchised. They get to vote for the Neo-Con of their choice. Obama's logo is the familiar Illuminati dot in circle & rising sun motif. His motto "Change" is great if you like Communism. Obama was financed in his 2004 Senate race by George Soros and this Rothschild cut-out is again financing him.

Randy Scheunemann is John McCain's chief foreign policy adviser. He has also worked for the Republic of Georgia and for George Soros' Open Society Policy Center. (See his Wikipedia entry.) In addition, McCain has been accused of taking improper donations from the Rothschilds.

So you see, both sides are beholden to the Rothschilds. Americans have been disenfranchised. But then, slaves always are.


I won't bore you with details when all you really need is the paradigm. Our political life is a grotesque carnival designed to convince the rubes they live in a democracy. This is so they will pay taxes and lay down their lives for their betters.

Our rulers have determined that we shall have no real say in our collective future. Like livestock, we will chew our collective cud on sex, drugs, toys and trivia, which they will supply in abundance.

This explains why the mass media (incl. movies) and education long ago ceased to deal in reality, or teach civics or history. Instead they are purveyors of deception and conformity.

The US election is really a job competition where a shortlist of candidates vie for the privilege of deceiving the public and implementing the banker agenda. Even this process is fixed, as the bankers naturally prefer the most corrupt and dissolute and therefore most blackmail-able and obedient leader.

There hasn't been a President in the last 100 years who hasn't been controlled by the Rothschilds via the Rockefellers. The ones that resisted were poisoned (Harding); murdered (JFK) or framed (Nixon.)

(You might have mentioned Abraham Lincoln and President McKinley to the list of American Presidents assassinated by the Jew, with guidance from the Rothschilds)

The bankers use the US as the Zionist half of their dialectic leading to world government. At the same time, the US is weakened so it can be properly submerged.

Our world is a B-movie Horror where the town's leading citizens secretly join a satanic cult and betray everybody else. This is essentially the position of people who align themselves with the central bankers, which is a prerequisite for success in most fields today.

This is why so many of our "leaders" are drunks and perverts. They have sold their souls to the devil and know it.


Our leadership class belongs to an international satanic cult beholden to the Cabalist (i.e. Masonic) central bankers. The mass media and education systems function to legitimize the criminals, perverts and traitors, I mean "leaders."

Don't doubt for a moment -- mankind has the smarts to solve all its problems but we are being actively sabotaged by the money-masters. Our collective life is a fraud because our national credit is controlled by private banking families. They are inaugurating a new Dark Age that may last for eternity.

The tragic wars that have marred modern history and inflicted unspeakable suffering were caused by a relatively few sick minds who hate God and humanity. Their demented centuries-old plot is entering its final stage.

(Why use the same old cliched sentence to end your writing? Why not offer a clear strategy of combating these Satans? Why keep reminding us of their great power, and how unfortunate we are.......and really by implication 'we' should all take a hanky, go to the corner and cry and cower)

(HITLER, STALIN) Putin, Ahmadinejad, Obama and McCain are all stage actors. Rather than getting sucked into this pseudo drama by siding with one side or another, we need to make our own plans. Essentially we are on a bus driven by a psycho. We need to find a way to get off.

(And the solution is specifically? You have basically written the same line over many years.......so whats the pragmatic practical solution to all this?)

Source: Henry Makow


The New Jewish Cold War.

Here is part of an article from Antiwar.com, a site which is listed below, about the demonetization of Russia by the usual suspects..........the writer is too polite to mention who....leaves enough clues though.................part of the problem of writing in the Peoples Republic of the USSA..............and being taken seriously:


Russophobia: A Political Pathology
Why the new cold war with Russia?
by Justin Raimondo

No one ever believed the Americans' explanation of why they wanted to base interceptor missiles in Poland, of all places, some 20 years after the fall of the Soviet empire – not even the Americans. The idea, said Washington, is to defend the Poles against the alleged threat of an attack from… Iran, which has yet to exhibit any hostile intentions toward Warsaw, and in fact does not even possess the sort of missiles the new system is designed to intercept.

(The only problem is that those who matter, in the USA, MIC and their people in Capitol Hill do believe in this multi-billion dollar system...........the target Russia is waking up belatedly to this fact...even though only a few weeks ago Medvedev was talking about cooperation and partnership with the West in a vague way, but I assume he was being sincere, but at the same time delusional given whats going on around Russia....the Cold War was dead; it was useful for the MIC, and it was useful for the Zionist Empire builders. "The Muslim hordes are at the gates" argument is wearing thin, and so this new drive against Russia, and there after China one assumes, built up with their Capital.....and so on....the concept of peace for them does not exist)

Putin's pained
response – "We are being told the anti-missile defense system is targeted against something that does not exist. Doesn't it seem funny to you, to say the least?" – showed signs of the sort of exasperation that reached a crescendo last week with the Russian counterstrike against Georgia's invasion of South Ossetia. Since Bill Clinton invaded the Balkans and severed Kosovo from the Yugoslav torso, the incredibly patient Russians had stoically endured years of abuse, insults, and increasingly open belligerence directed at the Kremlin. Yet still they tried to have normal relations with the West. The turning point was reached only recently, as the Americans defended the Georgian invasion of South Ossetia and implicitly justified the murder of a dozen Russian soldiers, who were on a UN-sanctioned peacekeeping mission.

(Russia is the largest country in the world, with vast untapped trillion $ resources....the Jews want that....given the fact that the Jews have controlled the country previously through the Jewish Bolsheviks, and have since lost that control partially, means they want it back again as before, but the Russians will not allow it.....so more wars to come......we have only seen the preliminaries with Russia directly so far.....the initial skirmishes, to test the Russians, and those multi-trillion $ resources Russia is sitting won't be given up that easily. As to the Balkans, I think it was one big training exercise by the Zionist Clinton administration, leading up to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia.....what was the phrase....7 countries in 5 years...that was the talk wasn't it? In that scenario the ops in the Balkans was a warm up exercise for the Zio-imperialists.)

The War Party has had a hard-on for Putin ever since the run-up to our Iraq misadventure, when the Russian leader opposed the drive to war, tried to buy time for the Iraqis via the UN, and openly mocked the lies that rationalized the whole disaster. Back in the spring of 2003, when the hunt for those famed "weapons of mass destruction" was becoming too much of an embarrassment even for the coalition of the willingly duped, Putin let loose at a London press conference with Tony Blair:

"Two weeks later they still have not been found. The question is, where is Saddam Hussein? Where are those weapons of mass destruction, if they were ever in existence? Is Saddam Hussein in a bunker sitting on cases containing weapons of mass destruction, preparing to blow the whole place up?"

The Times of London described Blair as standing there "grim-faced." What a lovely sight it must have been! That alone, given the British temperament, is reason never to forgive the Russian leader, but Western animus directed at Putin predates the Iraq war, and is rooted in the Russian leader's personal character.

Putin's predecessor, Boris Yeltsin, gave the West an easy time of it. Continuously drunk throughout most of his reign, the formerly minor Communist apparatchik plunged his crisis-stricken nation – still reeling from the impact of the Communist implosion – into a crash program of what might be called Bizarro economics, with predictable results.

Bizarro World, as you'll recall, is an alternate universe where all natural laws are inverted and common sense is turned on its head: up is down, right is left, and the winners of auctions are the lowest bidders, not – as in our world – the highest.

This last example applies directly to what occurred under Yeltsin's regime, at his direction: "auctions" of property formerly owned by the government and/or the Communist Party were won by those with the most political influence at the court of Czar Boris, not necessarily those who bid highest. Yeltsin sold off the assets of the nation cheap, often to the lowest bidder; even more often there was only one bidder. This is how control of the national assets passed from the old Communist Party to the children of the old Communist Party elite, who were now "businessmen," albeit a lot closer in type to Al Capone than to Bill Gates.

Having seized control of much of the nation's industry – the oil sector, the banks, the electrical grid, the trade in aluminum, precious metals, and big item manufactured goods, like cars – these "oligarchs," as they came to be called, became powers unto themselves. Setting up their own regional and industry-wide fiefdoms, they allied themselves with various criminal gangs, thus acquiring an army of enforcers.

As Yeltsin stumbled about in a stupor, this union of the oligarchs with the Russian Mafia established a center of power that quickly came to rival the Kremlin. The country was sinking into chaos when Yeltsin finally succumbed to the ravages of his vices.

Before he bowed out, however, he had one more moment of glory. Yeltsin's first such moment marked the takeoff of his career as a politician, when he stood on the barricades in front of the Russian parliament and declared that the Soviet coup-plotters – who sought the overthrow of Soviet reformer Mikhail Gorbachev – would not pass. This gesture propelled him into the presidency after Gorbachev's exit, forever after imbuing a weak leader – who presided over the most precipitous national decline seen since the sudden demise of the Aztecs – with an aura of patriotic heroism. The end of his career, too, was punctuated by Yeltsin rising to the occasion, and, in a moment of clear-eyed sobriety, actually serving the interests of his country, by designating Putin as his heir.

Perhaps it was Yeltsin's way of confessing and atoning for his crimes, because Putin immediately moved against the oligarchs, and this was his first great sin in Western eyes, the beginning of the long campaign to defame him as Stalin reborn.

(Putin has dealt with some of the Oligarch's, but to say he has dealt comprehensively with the Oligarch would be misleading. We must not forget that Putin was approved by them initially, and backed by them. His war on terror was their script from which he read from dutifully, visited Bush at his ranch....and has yet to denounce GWOT as a complete Zionist fraud scheme. It is stated by some that he still has very close relations with some Zionist Oligarchs, and we must not forget that whilst Putin dealt with the most blatantly criminal elements of the Zionist Oligarchs, and sent them off to exile in safe havens abroad with their Russian loot intact, most of the rest of the Zionist Oligarchs are are still operating successfully within Russia, when everybody but Putin knows that their profits and wealth was a big fraud against the Russian people.....and in that sense that is the weakness of Putin and Medvedev.....to put it a little bit more blatantly, ANYTHING , after the rule of Boris Yeltsin and his Zionist handlers would have looked good in power.

If Putin had not dealt with the notorious elements of the Oligarchs, then he would have had zero credibility within the Russian security establishment which brought him to power, along with other elements of the Oligarchs. Putin had to move against them, as Russia was literally disintegrating.

In that sense Putin and the Christian elite of Russia have a long way to go to really solidify Russia, beyond the superficial recovery of an economy where living standards in Russia are still below that of 1991(after 17 years), and a nation dubbed by some rather unkindly, but never the less true to a great extent as 'Saudi Arabia with trees'. Putin needs to stop seeking approval from the West, and constantly trying to join its club----the Zionists will not allow that to happen. He needs to ditch his St. Petersburg mentality, and adopt a rather more Moscow one.)

This, of course, is what those who want to keep Russia weak and properly compliant would say about any strong leader in the Kremlin. Yeltsin, surrounded by a host of American advisers and in a state of constant inebriation, was a pushover. Putin is anything but, and therein lies the real source of the bile directed at him by Western governments and their attendant elites, especially in the U.S. and Britain.

( I would say that is not a policy reserved for Russia only.........many countries especially in the Third World are in the same situation...weak corrupt leaders installed by them, and the nation failing all around.......Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, and so on..............Zionist Imperialism...and their puppets are a threat to many nations not just Russia)

The oligarchs found themselves hated in Russia as much as they were valorized in the Western press. With huge bank deposits overseas, where they stowed away most of their ill-gotten wealth, they fled Russia a few steps ahead of the law as their various acts of embezzlement, intimidation, and even murder were uncovered and prosecuted. Upon their arrival in the West –
many fled to Britain, where they quickly gave sagging real estate values a big shot in the arm – they were hailed as brave political "dissidents" in the tradition of Solzhenitsyn and Sakharov. For the past decade or so they've been agitating for regime-change in Moscow, to which they dream of returning in triumph, regaining their "rightful" place at the pinnacle of power. The revival of the cold war is proving very useful to this crowd, which is behind much of the anti-Russian propaganda that has filled the airwaves for the past few years.

( To repeat the same point as above, only a handful of the Oligarchs fled Russia after Putin, possibly the most flamboyant and high profile in Russian public consciousness terms, and very few, one or two legally dealt with like Yukos boss, and Simeon Moglevich, thats just two out of at least another 90 Jewish billionaires residing and having a ball with the Russian peoples wealth in Russia now, under Putin.

I would add that since Lenin ALL Russian leaders have been secret Jews up to Boris Yeltsin, where the Jew was confident enough to let go of the top position and manipulate from behind the scenes thereafter (USA/UK). The inner core Jew state within Russia which has run the country since 1918 is still there (I deliberately contradict what I said about Russians being truly free from the Jewish Yoke, its a matter of perspective, and manipulation)---- they didn't just suddenly all emigrate to Israel and NY. Putin is thus still working within the parameters of this hidden Jewish state in Russia, where they control ALL the wealth of the country.

Then there is the issue of Medvedev, whose mother is alleged to be Jewish, which under Jewish law makes him Jewish too. If you work for Russian intelligence, you should know that all prominent Jews before they take the Russian leadership change their names or hide their Jewish identity----Joseph
Dzhugashvili------becomes Comrade "Stalin" so that common Russians don't ponder too much on the name, its origin, its ethnicity----things you would discus about the leader normally. So my point is when Medvedev was chosen why wasn't a background check made about him? Then again if the KGB/FSB is running Russia, wasn't that the primary Jewish tool of power in the Soviet Union, with several Jewish heads including Yuri Andrapov............and finally, which law states that all Russian leaders have to come from Leningrad.....a city that sorrowfully and yearningly looks at West Europe, and ignores the rest of Russia)

Economic factors also play a major role. The sudden resurgence of Russia on account of its status as a major oil producer has got the Americans and the Brits in a real lather, as their economies respectively plummet into the depths of what some are calling another Great Depression. Russia's prosperity sticks in their collective craw, and, in response, the Russophobes have developed an entirely novel theory of political economy, which is an outgrowth of the environmentalist fad and the extreme nationalism of our ruling elites. It is the absurd idea that any and all countries that depend on oil to generate the bulk of their national income are unnatural, inherently flawed, and even intrinsically aggressive and a threat to the security of the West. Oil-producing states are inclined, by their very nature, to authoritarianism, they argue, although somehow I don't think they mean the state of Texas.

The Bizarro World "logic" of this new economic fallacy is based on the concept that oil is, somehow, not a commodity like any other, that it has some special status over and above all others, and yet this is clearly not the case. Oil – like wheat, cow's bellies, and platinum – is subject to market forces and is unevenly distributed geographically. The economic arrangements that go into the production, distribution, and sale of oil are not fundamentally different from those related to any other commodity, from bananas to high-grade steel. The U.S. has been a major oil producer, at least in the past, and that didn't distort or retard our economic and political development: quite the contrary, it fueled a new era of industrial and intellectual innovation, freeing the individual from the land and inaugurating a new era of political and economic liberalism.

Yet now we are told that oil is a curse that empowers tyrants, who can't be entrusted with such a precious commodity in any event. This is what is behind much of the buzz against Putin's Russia, flush with oil revenues, and the real source of friction between the Kremlin and the West. It is pure nonsense, economically, but, then again, like most war propaganda, it doesn't have to make sense; it only has to demonize the enemy from as many different angles as possible.

Congruent with this oil-as-the-root-of-illiberalism thesis is the idea that the Russians and the Chinese, along with their clients and allies, constitute a new pole of ideological attraction, in opposition to the liberal democracy of the West. In true Bizarro World style, this gets it completely wrong.

Looked at in terms of the last hundred years, or so, it is Russia – which threw off the yoke of the most oppressive regime in modern times – that is moving in the direction of freedom, and the West – where the surveillance state is a fact of modern life, and that document known as the U.S. Constitution is just a scrap of paper – that is moving toward authoritarian rule. As for China, it has progressed from the Cultural Revolution to the Beijing Olympics in less than the historical blink of an eye.

The U.S. and its allies in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus seem determined to provoke the Russian bear into a confrontation, and the crisis over South Ossetia is just the beginning. As I have warned in this space for what seems like an eternity, a new cold war between the U.S. and Russia is a project dear to the War Party's heart – and it seems to have come to full fruition in the past week or so.

The War Party never sleeps – they've always got a new angle up their sleeves, a new "Hitler" who must be crushed in the name of democracy and decency, and against whom all the resources of the West must be mobilized – until a new enemy is found. The latest such enemy is Putin's Russia, specifically, Putin himself, who is now being characterized as a hybrid monster, an authoritarian admixture of Hitler and Stalin.

Aside from an upsurge in the profits reaped by the makers of armaments, the revival of the cold war also means that the Kremlinologists of old will be back in fashion in Washington – and that all those doctoral dissertations on the history of the Czechoslovakian Communist Party were not written in vain. The cold war wasn't just an era, it was also an entire industry, consisting of high-level policy wonks, professional anti-Communists and domestic subversive-hunters, as well as the military-industrial complex, which generously subsidized the activities of the former. This whole network collapsed, along with international communism, back in the 1990s, but anti-Putinism will bring it back to life, thus providing employment for a certain narrow segment of the population, even if the rest of us are selling pencils in the streets.

The Western media is in truly high dudgeon, these days, inveighing against Putin and newly "authoritarian" Russia, but this narrative is belied by the facts. As one analyst writing on the blog of the Foreign Policy Association put it:

"What is troubling is the U.S. media's willingness to similarly toe the party line, but in the absence of any of the coercive measures, such as the state censorship, that the Russian press endures. There have been no William Dunbars on CNN, despite the fact that every report I've seen on the channel yesterday had been framed as 'Russian invasion,' with endless clips of Saakashvili alleging Russian crimes, etc., in a loop of totally pro-Georgian coverage. Georgia is a key U.S. ally, the 3rd largest troop contingent in Iraq, and occupies a strategic, oil rich zone. The self-policing in the U.S. media, which has basically been uncritically promoting government talking points, is very disturbing. "

( You mean you have just realized this now-----about the Jewish control of your media---)

Go read the whole piece, which is unsigned. It's about how the Russian and Western media combines reported two entirely different wars, which had very little to do with one another.
One explanation is that with Russia moving toward more freedom, in fits and starts, and we in the West moving toward much less, we're converging somewhere in midstream. Indeed, one could make the case that the Americans and their British counterparts are too well-trained to go off-message, while in Russia they still have to be constrained by formal rules and regulations. Official censorship simply
isn't necessary in the West, because everyone knows what to say – and, more importantly, what not to say.
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The wimpering wimps chicken hawk attempt on the "Grand Chess board" strategy.

From Zbigniew Brzezinski's book, "The Grand Chessboard"

"Two basic steps are thus required: first, to identify the geo-strategically dynamic Eurasian states that have the power to cause a potentially important shift in the international distribution of power and to decipher the central external goals of their respective political elites and the likely consequences of their seeking to attain them;... second, to formulate specific U.S. policies to offset, co-opt, and/or control the above..." (p. 40)

I think it is already very clear which states you are talking about Zbig (Russia and China), so we can skip searching for emerging Eurasian states, on a speculative basis, harming nations along the way on the assumption that they might somehow in the future pose a threat to Zionist global hegemony.

Russia was identified as a threat a long time ago, and whilst on the surface America sweet talked into Russian confidence in the early nineties, and then used Yeltsin to basically dismantle and dismember Russia along with the help of the criminal Jewish Oligarchs, America in addition was doing the dirty all around Russia, to the point where it has become all too obvious now.

Since this book was written 11 years ago both Russia and China have emerged stronger than before, and on the flip side America is weaker than ever before. The American military is exhausted, especially with the critical part that matters, the army. So whatever you are peddling isn’t working out to well in reality where it matters in Eurasia.

As to “dynamic Eurasian states that have the power to cause a potentially important shift in the international distribution of power” China obviously comes into that category………and is steaming ahead, and unstoppable, regardless of your analysis and strategy of managing emerging powers in this theater. America has zero policies to manage China, and even if such a policy existed America is too weak to do anything against the Chinese. China can quite literally shut America down tomorrow. Come to think of it the Russians can do similar damage now with their dollar holdings, both to teach the Zionists a lesson over Georgia, and to prevent an attack against Iran and further encroachments into Russia’s backyard.

With Russia, whilst I think she can be a significant regional power, I don’t perceive that she can truly be a global power ever again as she was, as part of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union was a UNIQUE Jewish experiment and a dream, funded by the Rothschild’s of London and their puppets in Jew York. Whilst Russia as of now is still dominated by Khazar Jews, it is not in my opinion operating as a client state within the Jewish power grid mechanism, like the USA and UK for example. In addition the posturing of Russia diplomatically and militarily doesn’t strike me as the intentions of a nation out to do the empire game.

The only nation which seems clearly out to do the empire game at the expense of other nations is the USA, at the behest of its Jewish masters, with 800 military bases around the world, and an unofficial security budget of $1.2 trillion (Chalmers Johnson).

The PNAC document and its signatories in 2000 testify to this fact. The build up to it in the false flag ops of 1993 WTC, Oklahoma City bombing 1995, 9/11, the invasion of Afghanistan under false pretenses where al-Qaeda was created as a mythical organization in the 1990’s, the invasion of Iraq under false pretenses, and the attack on Somalia using Ethiopia as a witless proxy all point to an aggressive Zionist American empire, with the critical involvement of Israel in ALL these acts.

That is the sum total of the Eurasia strategy. Fight endless wars and where war is not practical covert ops to install plaint governments….and that’s it, its dumb and stupid and must fail............because people at the short end it will recognize it from a mile. Needless to say this is a very narrow tool to use, to gain an empire. Such a strategy has limitations, no matter how good it might be for your particular friends in the defense industry.

So now the provocation against Russia in Georgia and the death of up to 2,000 innocent civilians…..the same old black ops tactics as before, using their local trained and installed puppet by the Israelis, and Jew defence minister in Georgia, then the media blitz demonizing Russia. The world has been through Iraq and Afghanistan, and is to say the least is a little tired of such tactics by the Jew in America, along with their fronts.

Will the Russians take the bait? Or will they stay clam and not play the Jews game on this occasion, and simply pump more strategic weapons into Syria and Iran, AND off load every dollar holdings that they have into the international market.

No matter how the Russians present it, ultimately it does not look good for a nation of 142 million waging war against a nation of 4.5 million. Even with the Zionist complete control of the American media the majority of Americans are against their involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the standing of America in the international community is at an all time low.


Anti-Christ and the state of pure evil.

According to this article John McCain is the true anti-Christ.

I read it with a little amusement, and I assumed the article was written as a tongue in Senator McCain's cheeks joke. Our eternal quest for the ultimate evil one. The one who will attempt to destroy the world, and all humanity with it, but according to their scriptures will also fail.

The article is written by a Jewish writer....................and I would have assumed given the history of the twentieth century, and the early parts of this century that he would have identified one of his own tribe, as the anti-Christ. But of course according to the American media there are no bad Jews, let alone the ultimate anti-Christ.

Does the anti-Christ exist? No of course not...........evil resides in all of us....and it really depends on how we focus and nourish this aspect within each one of us that determines the size of our individual anti-Christ.

Why Romania, or Transylvania, from where Mihai will appear? There are no credible facts which would suggest that the anti-Christ will appear out of that part of the world. Romania is a very pedestrian near Third World country within the EU, and part of NATO, so in another words just another well managed nation within the Jewish power grid.

For a 'Mihai' to suddenly appear out of nowhere in Romania, and usurp the Jewish power grid of the EU and NATO, and then boldly take over the world, massing his armies at the gates of Jerusalem is a little bit too 'Biblical' and would be a 'miracle' and thus not really feasible in the real world.

The only thing I will agree on is that the anti-Christ has to come out of a 'Northern Hemisphere' country which is rich and powerful, and has a global reach, that can affect the whole world in a meaningful and comprehensive way, and there are only a few candidates for that: The USA, China, Russia and the EU as a political entity, which can be manipulated by groups to become a truly global military force (NATO ops in Afghanistan-beyond its traditional sphere).

Babylon during the time of the Israelites formation as a distinct group from their migration from Nubia and North Africa to the Levant was an important power. Any 'Desert fairy tales' epitomized in their manufactured stories in the bible would obviously include the mention of Babylon, the power that usurped them, and enslaved them once again, and took many of them to Babylon. IT is no surprise therefore, given the historical experience, that the anti-Christ should appear in Iraq, within the context of their fairy tale.

But for the rest of us, in all practical matters, Babylon/Iraq is not going to be a great power that consumes the earth, and unites the dark forces to fight the forces of light, unless you happen to be reading a comic book. Babylon's actual performance in MASS HIGH TECH WARFARE in 1980-88, 1991, and 2003 suggests that this in fact is the hard reality---beyond the spin of the religious fringe.

To put it in more overt racists terms, Iraq's swarthy people, of 27 million aren't going to shake the world any time soon, producing an anti-Christ that seriously challenges Israel's power. But I would understand why Jews might peddle this myth, to squeeze a few more billion for Israel out of the USA. What is however inexcusable is the gullibility of the donors.

The idea that the forces of darkness must confront the forces of light is also very simplistic and incorrect....good verse evil..........that Israelites and the America are good, and the forces of darkness from Eurasia and Babylon are going to confront the forces of light again is incorrect....the world is a lot more complicated than that.....And cognitive facts..........disprove this fairy tale.

The actions of Israel and America in tandem would suggest that they are in fact the true forces of darkness, and not the other way round------GWOT, Guantanamo, Abu Gariab...........the death of one million or more in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the creation of a fascist police state in America; the desire to create a global empire with 800 military bases dotted around the world; the desire to fight endless wars for 100 years or more; the sheer duplicity and lying in their political action.................these are truly Lucifer actions.

One can say that by the actions of the USA it is the primary vehicle of the anti-Christ, given the actions of its government, and these actions are the results of the desires of the American elite, which is dominated by International Jews, and their co-religionists in Europe and Israel. It is this group which is making war around the world, and has the largest nuclear arsenal, and is contemplating wars for many more years to come.......Bush is merely their witless front, who has been trained in their rituals for many years, but otherwise a wholly worthless individual, devoid of any practical skills.


Why John McCain isn't the anti-Christ, and this is a myth as a biblical story.

He is a struggling old man in the twilight of his years, fumbling his lines and is not the epitome of a man with supreme control of anything, least of all himself. He is the classic front of the shadowy criminal forces, being shepherded around by his Jewish handlers and Wife, reading their prepared script.

I would imagine that the true anti-Christ would take a rather more lower profile than our John. True to form he would be working from the shadows, manipulating and conspiring.

I think also a real anti-Christ would be more impressive as an individual, certainly intellectually, physically and by his appearance. John is not.

His whole life has been one failure to the next......whereas the real anti-Christ would be a sleek, self assured individual who through his powers would have a very successful life.


What are the things which come closet to being described as the anti-Christ.

Well, as has been mentioned before there isn't one person as such who can be called the anti-Christ, but certain groups and organizations with a heavy Jewish bias, have tendencies which ca be described as anti-Christ.

Devil worship amongst European elites, the Bilderberg group, the Illuminati, the Jewish bankers, is common and is the Jewish way of introducing their religion without overtly calling it their religion into the Occidental power elite and aristocracy.

It is sold as thus to the Occidental elite...
...........Because standard religion that preaches good wholesome things stated below, belongs to plebes and the commoners and thus rather boring, passe and out of fashion for sections of the Occidental elite. Thus to be in the 'in crowd', one must worship 'alternative religions' with exclusive memberships, involving truly gruesome initiations. Somehow the worship of Lucifer is more sophisticated......an exclusive.....essentially a lure of the Occidental elite into the Jewish religion without making it so overt. Pedophilia, child sacrifice, human sacrifice, torture with a sexual orientation (as in Bagram, Abu Gariab, Guantanamo------secret prisons), high crime involving billions is thus the high water mark of this 'religion'.

And it gets better........

During the late seventies and early eighties they created machines that can capture peoples Soul and destroy them in countries such as Germany, the UK .............and of course in their layer......Switzerland.

Perhaps this is the worst, not because Child sacrifice is less evil, but the soul represents the GOD in us, and to destroy the SOUL is to destroy a part of GOD. You are assuming a higher position than GOD.

All this is related to their extreme Egotism, avarice and much more---and their desire to control everything. In the process of trying to do so, they can destroy everything.

Thus pure evil does not reside in an individual anti-Christ but in groups amongst elites of Europe and North America.......with a heavy Jewish bias.


What makes us least like the anti-Christ.............................

To be be in a state of child like innocence and happiness.

To have lower expectations in life and not to want, want and want more.

To avoid alcohol.

Not to lust.

Not to crave money and material things.

To be happy, and avoid being angry, or any other negative feelings.

To avoid ambition and power.

To avoid bad company of others.

To love, and be loved. To love people, to love work, to love ones country....it has many forms.

To appreciate GOD's creation, in the form of nature. Psychologically we are happiest when we are surrounded by greenery and the country.

To listen to good soothing music..........not hard rock/heavy metal music/angry music with a 'message'.

To pray regularly, and meditate on God individually.

To avoid the corrupting media.

And of course all these things have already been written in the great books, for those of us who wish to follow them.


Concessions made.

What concessions did the Musharaf regime make in relation to the Americans after the threat to bomb Pakistan back to the stone age by Richard Armitage from September 2001?

Do concessions include American access and monitoring of the Pakistani nuclear arsenal?

Did the Musharaf regime tacitly agree that the Americans could bomb FATA, and all the Musharaf government would do is protest publicly for domestic consumption but nothing more?

How does the Musharaf government feel about kidnapping innocent Pakistanis and Afghans, and then handing them over to the West to be tortured, raped and murdered on the basis that these people belong to al-Qaeda, an organization the Pakistani security elite surely know does not exist; a myth the Pakistani security elite help the West sustain to this day........because the Bush administration needs a group of people captured to help sell GWOT and their whole security program in America?

When the West started destabilizing Pakistan through the Pakistani created tools of the Taliban from 2 years back, what counter strategies did the Musharaf regime adopt?

Giving interviews on their shows was going to change their mind?

1977-2008 Public enquiry into state funding of weird sounding gora backed Islamic fundamentalists.

In addition between 1977-2008, a separate Public inquiry needs to be held, using civilian experts only, who are NOT security insiders or linked in any way to the security establishment of Pakistan to find out:

  • What role did the Pakistani security services play in creating the Islamic fundamentalists of Afghanistan. Yes I know its an obvious question, but it is a question which needs to be officially addressed by the GOVERNMENT of the Pakistani people.

  • Why and who in Pakistan thought of the bright idea of inviting fundies from other Muslim countries, training and arming and then sending into combat----including Western sources---? If you want to manage the Afghan scenery why was there a need to involve outside political ly volatile actors in your back yard.....Can a full database of their names be compiled?

  • Which Western sources were deeply involved in training and logistics of the Afghan resistance? What was the nature and extent of the training?

  • Who invited the Mossad into Pakistan and why? What benefits to Pakistan did this entail?

  • What role did the Mossad play in the recruitment, training, logistics and drugs market of the Mujaheddin resistance? Some suggest that they completely controlled the arms supply to the mujaheddin......via the ISI....is this true? Is it still true with the present Taliban?
  • Which elements within Pakistan helped create the Taliban? Who are these people, what were their motivations?

  • What role did Western sources play in the creation of the Taliban? Who are these people? What does the panel think was their true motivation? Do these motivations conflict with the interests of Pakistan's?

  • Does al-Qaeda exist? Which elements within Pakistan created this myth?

  • Is OBL dead? Where is he buried? Who were the liaison officers from Pakistan who dealt with OBL.

  • Which Western elements encouraged the creation of al-Qaeda? What does the panel/inquiry think are the reasons why this mythical organization was created by gora sahib? How does the gora objectives of creating the myth of al-Qaeda conflict with the interests of Pakistan?

  • What role did Pakistanis play in creating the fabrication of 9/11 in the USA? What role did general Mahmud Ahmed play in all this?

  • What is Mossad's role in al-Qaeda? Inside Pakistan, and outside Pakistan.

A full open public enquiry will give legitimacy to Pakistan, as a 'failed state' number 9, and protect and bolster Pakistan, when the Americans once again accuse Pakistan of not doing enough in the, Sisyphean task of curbing Islamic fundamentalists in Pakistan. Published report paperback 40 rupees.

Kargil Public enquiry.

What needs to be done is a full and open Public inquiry consisting of respectable, reputable, retired senior officers from the armed forces, and civilian 'experts' to look into:

  • Which officers initiated the Kargil war in 1999, and what was Musharaf's true role?
  • Which foreign elements had a key role in encouraging him to attack India, just when PM Atal Behari Bajpaiyee was coming to Pakistan to institute significant peace talks. Which foreign gora elements gave Musharaf the 'Dutch courage' to do such a stupid act, just after the events of 1998?
  • Once the operations started, which officers in the army were in charge?
  • Why did the Pakistan army do so poorly? For such an important operation, cum likely war which could have easily widened, but for the superior restraint shown by the Indians yet again (BJP government) why didn't the the Pakistani high command make greater preparations? Is military action taken that lightly in the high command of Pakistan?

  • What was the true military objective of the operation? Was it a precursor to the military coup in October 1999, to destabilize the Sharif government? Was Musharaf really playing golf whilst the Kargil operation was being lost, thus: (i) He really was not interested in winning the Kargil operation. (ii) He wanted to scupper the peace process with India, which would give credit to the Sharif government if it had succeeded. (iii) He wanted to destabilize the Sharif government. (iv) Was he really happy playing golf and thus sacrifice in the process, the lives of thousands of servicemen to achieve his personal political objectives, and the image with propaganda of being a tough national savior/commando is totally bogus and belies the reality of a little man with narrow political ambitions, operating way beyond his means, and ability, given the situation in Pakistan now. (v) Is Musharaf a foreign agent, who has had high powered meetings with Israelis in New York and in Paris.

  • Why were the Northern Light Infantry used, which was a defacto paramilitary organization, along with lightly armed poorly trained irregulars? For a operation of this magnitude and seriousness why weren't more professional heavily armed units used......SSG, and other units?
  • What was the true magnitude of Pakistani losses, and why didn't the army at first claim these people initially? It has been suggested that 4,000 soldiers were killed by some; Pakistan's worst military performance.
  • What role did foreign elements continue to play in determining Pakistani military action in Kargil? What recommendations would the Public inquiry make for breaking such influence for ever?
  • How can the command and oversight of the military be improved so that such disasters which seem to be repeated don't happen again, AND make the Pak military more professional so that they truly serve Pakistan's national interests, rather than be the 'acha bacha' of gora geo-politics in the region.

The findings of the Public inquiry needs to be comprehensive, and the results made public as a paperback report; 40 rupees. Its purpose should not be to serve as a political vendetta between two or more individuals, but its scope should be much wider so that its comprehensive results are an analysis of system failure, and how future scenario's such as these can be avoided, with more responsible administration.