Saudi building a massive billion $ embassy in Israel.

Saudi Arabia is the home of Makkah and Medina, and the Saudis are the official custodians of these extremely holy places.

Saudi Arabia has as its state religion Wahabism/Salafism which is one of the most extreme puritanical forms of Islam that looks back to the Middle Ages, or even the Dark Ages of 1300 years back.

Saudi Arabia is very close to the UK, USA and Israel in terms of its SECURITY.

Saudi Arabia part sponsored the Islamist Afghan Mujaheddin from 1979, as well as encouraging 1000's of young men from the kingdom to join the jihad against the 'infidel godless Communist Soviet Union'. (Osama Bin Laden)

Saudi Arabia nurtured 'al-Qaeda' or al-CIA-duh' for the CIA. Osama was its head.

Saudi Arabia openly sponsors ISIS.

Saudi Arabia wreaks venom against Persia, one of the most important Muslim countries in the world.

......and now they are secretly building an embassy in Tel Aviv, to be opened in the future secretly and operated secretly for a few years, until...

There are some bizarre anomalies here. The most puritanical, head chopping, burka wearing Muslim state which sponsors 'al-CIA-duh' and ISIS is opening an embassy in ISRAEL?

ISRAEL? The shitty little entity that is a perennial woe to the world, operating its influence AND power through the USA. destroying several countries in the Greater Middle East?

The answer in the anomaly lies in the fact that the Saudi tribal clan originated from Iraq (Basra) and are alleged to be of Jewish origin. Their original trade was to loot caravans carrying pilgrims to Mecca and Medina. 

They were originally highway robbers and thieves from the 18th century.....whose talents were spotted by the British Empire in the early part of the 20th century.

The Jews organized WWI, and after the destruction was complete and 10 million people died they promoted their Jewish puppets into power and privilege. In Western Asia, the skilled and educated Christian Armenians were removed and in their place the Deonme became the most powerful community, including the military/bureaucracy in modern Turkey, to this day. In Iran the illiterate Colonel Reza Khan was appointed to lead the country by the British. In Arabia, the Saudis.


Voltaire Network: Saudi Arabia Building Embassy in Tel Aviv

PARIS, (ST)-In preparation for bringing the Saudi-Israeli secret relations to light, Saudi Arabia has begun the construction of a huge embassy in "Israel", probably the most important in Tel-Aviv, according to Voltaire Network.
The Saudi King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz has nominated Prince Walid Ben Talal (5th world fortune with Citigroup, Movenpick, Four Seasons) as the Kingdom’s next ambassador in "Israel", the network said in a report on Sunday.
Meetings between Saudi intelligence officers and Israeli officials have recently become open, reflecting the two sides' insistence to boost mutual relations.

Shedding more light on the Saudi-Israeli cooperation, the network said that the two sides do not maintain official diplomatic relations, however, the Quincy Pact, signed between US President Franklin Roosevelt and Saudi King Abdelaziz in 1945, and renewed by President Bush and King Fahd in 2005, stipulates amongst other things that the kingdom of Al Saud would not oppose a "Jewish" homeland in Palestine.
The network pointed out it was not the United States, but former Saudi King Abdallah bin Abdul Azizi who financed the Israeli aggression called "Cast Lead" against the Gaza Strip in 2008-09 in which thousands of Palestinians were martyred and wounded.

Currently, the network said, Israel and Saudi Arabia are fighting a war together in Yemen, from a command centre in the non-recognized state of Somaliland. They are planning several operations for the exploitation of oil reserves in Yemen and the Horn of Africa.
It is worth mentioning that the recent meeting between the Israeli and Saudi spy chiefs over expanding cooperation indicates that Saudi Arabia gives no heed to the Israeli occupation crimes against the Palestinians and against other  peoples of the region.