Russia's defence, and the Rothschilds banker wars preparations

The Rothchilds were Jewish money lenders from Frankfurt originally, eaking out a modest existence within the Jewish ghetto:

1. They discovered that greater profits could be made by lending to the heads of the German princely states which invariably were at war......one big loan to one big borrower, which would always be guaranteed to pay the money back with interest....rather than 1000's of loans to other ghetto Jews and gentiles, which were complicated and not always repaid.

2. Then they discovered that initiating war in EUROPE through their agents in government was profitable, because the huge armies would need huge amounts of funding and the European governments with minimal budgets (18th/19th century European national budgets would be anything from 5--12% of GDP.......at a time when the concept of having a 'war economy' and 'national mobilisation' was unheard of).....required sudden inflows of funds or their small professional armies would come to a halt.

3. Then they discovered that you could get far greater profits by funding both sides of the conflict over an extended period of time.........French Revolution and the subsequent Napoleonic wars 1789--1815. The American Civil War 1861--1865......WW1 1914-1918 and WWII 1939-45. The Cold War 1949-1989. Iran/Iraq war 1980--1988.

4. The Rothschilds family in London also make (PRESENT TENSE) a lot of money from narcotics, high finance and financial speculation, and oil.

5. The Rothschilds family also control global finance by manipulating PRIVATE Central banks of all nations save for North Korea and Iran.

6. The mullahs of Iran are manipulated in other ways by the Rothschilds.....Iranian Jews and Iranian fifth column working for the UK, developed since the 19th century.

There must be an awful lot of stupid Poles who think becoming a FRONTLINE HOSTILE STATE smack in the middle of Central Europe, next to Russia essentially, WITH very good flat TANK country should sabre rattle against Russia and host belligerent NATO military exercises.

What exactly does Poland gain from all this.......parts of Belorussia in the future? Gaining territory through war in the 21st century?

Sections of the Polish elite right like to tout their Christian/European heritage in an exaggerated way vis a vi the savage East. That is why they hosted CIA gulag, torture and sex BDSM secret sights in their country presumably. Most normal governments did not.

The Polish people with a good mixture of Slavs from Siberia and thus connected to Russia racially from circa 900 AD, and of course Indo-Europeans (Germans and Iranians) circa 2000 BC, should talk and think sensibly and not do things to please the Jewish banker Rothschilds of London.......the true merchants of death (Black and red colour)...number 5.

Red shield....Rothschild.

War       Destruction of nature            Narcotics through war and conflict (Vietnam, Afghanistan, and the war on drugs in South America)

Brzezinski the Slav parachuted into Washington by the Rothschilds, along with Kissinger, Soros and Rupert Murdock of fuck the news...foreign born European pivotal figures in American foreign policy in the post war 20th century and 21st century. Family home now in Ukraine, annexed by the Soviet Union under Stalin. Presumably he would like that bit of Ukraine re- attached to Poland courtesy of dead American/Russian soldiers.


Polish Government Rocked By Resignation of Generals As Tensions With Russia Build

Five generals resign ahead of major NATO exercise in Poland scheduled for July of this year

Originally appeared at Breitbart and Russia Insider

The surprise resignations of several key Polish generals have rocked the new conservative government, which is facing a barrage of criticism at home and abroad over a host of controversial reforms.
“Five generals have submitted their resignations over the last few days,” Szczepan Gluszczak, spokesman for the general command of the Polish armed forces, told commercial television channel Polsat on Friday.
The generals quit just as tensions run high with Poland’s Soviet-era master Russia.
The resignations came months ahead of a large NATO exercise in Poland, as well as the western defence alliance’s next summit, set for July in Warsaw.
It is the latest hurdle to trip up the governing Law and Justice (PiS) party that came to power in October after eight years in opposition.

The PiS has introduced controversial reforms giving the government more control over the constitutional court, state media and other institutions in a move that has alarmed the European Union and inspired street demonstrations.
Critics also say the new government has weakened the economy and two global ratings agencies have responded with warnings.
Gluszczak did not specify who had resigned, but local media reported that the generals in question included joint staff chief Ireneusz Bartniak and the commanders of land forces, the navy and the armoured and airborne forces.
“We have (the) Anaconda (exercise) coming up and the NATO summit in Warsaw, and here we have commanders, the captains of the ships, fleeing,” deputy defence minister Bartosz Kownacki said Friday, according to Polish news agency PAP.
He did not say why the generals had quit, but former defence minister Tomasz Siemoniak said “it’s just the beginning of the end. The atmosphere is very bad” in the army.
Local media are speculating that the resignations could be in response to recent announcements by new Defence Minister Antoni Macierewicz, who is on a crusade to stamp out all traces of the communist era.
Macierewicz wants to block promotions of servicemen who joined the army before the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989, especially those who attended military schools in the Soviet Union.