Chinese troops in Pakistan, finally

This was a rumor and discussion between the two countries for a long time. It has the support of the Pakistan military.

China is Pakistan's best ally in all senses.

China provides military and strategic aid to Pakistan. 

China does not dictate to Pakistan or make demands.

The Chinese embassy in Islamabad is not a vipers nest of intrigue against Pakistan.

The Chinese do not promote military coups in Pakistan, against democratically elected governments.

The Chinese do not promote corrupt gangsters people in Pakistan.

The Chinese do not establish subversive NGO's in Pakistan which destabilize the state.

The Chinese do not send drones into Pakistan.

The Chinese do not commit terrorism in Pakistan.

The Chinese do not assassinate Pakistani leaders.

The Chinese respect and talk respectfully to their Asian brothers and others around the world. 

The Chinese want to lock Pakistan into its economic success and the SCO, which Pakistan will join this year.

INITIALLY Chinese troops were to be stationed in Gwadar, a strategic port where the Persian Gulf meets the Arabian sea so went the gossip, then the discussion moved to stationing a Chinese Brigade in FATA to fight the Chinese Uighurs and Uzbeks and al-Qaeda. Then there was a rumour that Chinese troops would be stationed in Gilgit-Baltistan to protect Chinese construction workers building dams, power stations and roads.

With the construction of the economic corridor between China and Pakistan worth some $50 billion, now there is some REAL possibility of Chinese troops in Pakistan. This is interesting for a country that has hosted in the past USA, Israeli, Arab and UK troops.

But China must be cautious and not overly naive about Pakistan. There are two Pakistan's which has baffled many experts. One is the hapless failed state of Pakistan, which is filled with very poor people....and the other is the Pakistan military. The Pakistan military has 1.1 million personnel, including paramilitaries and is the most powerful institution in the country.......not the elected PM, or the President.....or the Supreme Court.

Sadly this most powerful of institutions is the product of British colonialism, and the top officers are trained in the UK/USA. It was not disbanded and started afresh in 1947. What bastardised it even more is when the departing colonial power decided to create the infamous ISI within the Pakistan colonial armed forces in 1948. It was headed by a British officer from 1948-59. Thus the Pakistan military's world is seen through the prism of Washington.....which means terrorism, destabilization of Pakistan and neighbors 

INCLUDING supporting Chinese Uighur terrorists in China.  

This includes supporting the Afghan Taliban

This includes supporting ISIS in Pakistan/Afghanistan/China.

What may appear as common sense or what is Pakistan's best interests....for ordinary informed Pakistanis it is inverted in the twilight world of the Pakistan general staff. On the one hand they could be smiling and shaking hands with the Chinese for their shiny new weapons.....on the other they could be doing the dirty, for their gora sahib masters.

Presumably the Chinese troops stationed in Pakistan protecting the economic corridor will be fighting some of the elements mentioned above. 

But China is a big forgiving power which will treat Pakistan as yet another North Korea...a bothersome satellite that is strategically important.

This is a good development.

Can we hope for Chinese troops in Iraq, in the future? Second largest oil deposits, with the USA doing the dirty on them as per usual.......weak unpopular pro-American government in Bagdad.

Whilst the Iraqi governments forces fight ISIS, the USA supplies ISIS covertly.

Why does the JEWSA do this, risking exposer?

1. The USA does not trust MIT (Turkish Intelligence)......the main supplier of ISIS via Turkey

2. When the USA supplies from Iraqi bases the supply line is much shorter, quick and direct where there is a matter of urgency.

3. The more sophisticated weapons are supplied directly by the USA to ISIS, ensuring that the ISIS arms bazaar does not sell to the wrong people.......Russians, Syrians...

4. Whilst the ISIS operation in Syria is dominated by Turkey, the ISIS operation in Iraq is dominated by Israelis with over a 1000 active members of the IDF within its ranks.....and thus since the JEWSA is the best butt buddy of the Israelis the Americans give priority of supply through themselves to ISIS in Iraq....

........whilst they continue to marshal thousands of American troops who will pretend to fight ISIS in Iraq.

Iraq is resource rich, and near the silk road which can be linked to China through road and rail eventually....the Chinese government should embrace and seek out Sinophiles in Iraq.


Chinese troops likely to be positioned in Pakistan: agency

By Khaama Press
Chinese troops will be positioned in Pakistan to protect the 3,000-km-long China-Pakistan Economic Corridor that connects the Gwadar Port in Balochistan to China’s Xinjiang region, NDTV reports.
Besides, Pakistan has raised three independent infantry Brigades and two additional artillery regiments to protect the highway, security agencies have told New Delhi. A Brigade consists of least three regiments, each with about a 1,000 soldiers.

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor or CPEC starts from the restive Pakistani province of Balochistan, runs along the Makaran Coast turning north to connect Lahore and Islamabad, passes through Gilgit-Baltistan in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) and then runs into the Karakoram Highway, ending at Kashgar in the Xinjiang region of China.

Although China’s People’s Liberation Army or PLA will be positioned to protect the highway, its presence in Pakistan is a cause of concern for India. New Delhi has earlier objected to the presence to Chinese troops in the Gilgit-Baltistan area and a substantial portion of the additional forces being raised in Pakistan and the Chinese PLA are likely to be deployed in that area of PoK.

“We are closely watching these developments,” a top government official told NDTV, adding, “We have a fair idea of the number of Chinese troops that are likely to be positioned in Pakistan.”
There are indications that Pakistan is seriously attempting to annex this region into a fifth province of Pakistan, government sources said.

Pakistan’s moves to annex Gilgit-Baltistan have led to massive protest in the region and brutal crackdowns on the local population.

The first phase of the CPEC is likely to be functional by December 2016 and it is expected to be completely ready in three years, giving China direct access to the Indian Ocean and beyond.

The corridor is likely to be used, among other things, to transport fuel and petroleum products from the Gulf region into China. Its will shorten the route for China’s energy imports from the Middle East by about 12,000 km.

Chinese President Xi Jinping had agreed to build the highway and committed a whopping US dollars 50 billion for the project, during his visit to Pakistan last April.