How to encourage the 5-7 million Iranian expat community with $2 trillion personal assets to return to their country

The primary problem is the mullah puppet regime brought into power by the USA/UK.

Under this mullah regime an unprecedented number of Persians mostly middle class have left the country for foreign shores. Not since the Arab invasion of Persia in 638 AD have so many Persians left the country. 

What a huge tragedy created by the bastards in the USA/UK.

These 5-7 million Iranian expats are important for 2 reasons:

(i) These Iranians are middle class, and a modern state is really about the middle class...their size and wealth. A rich modern country has a huge middle class, with the middle class essentially running the country..........a poor country has a very small middle class, with a few very rich people at the top which is what the Jews in London/NY desire for their respective countries.........and for their satellites. It is easier for the elite to manage illiterate people than middle class people.

(ii) These expat Iranians of 5-7 million have assets worth $2 trillion from the sweat of their brow and the honest application of their skills. This sum is bigger than the current PPP GDP of Iran which is about $1.4 trillion.

The donkey mullah puppets of Iran OBVIOUSLY don't want these expat Iranians back, otherwise they wouldn't have let them go in the first place. They constitute a legitimate challenge to the utterly absurdistan mullah rule in Iran.

The mullahs in Persia inshallah will one day pass from the page of history, and the Iranian people will finally in the future learn to grapple with the snake like schemes against Persia from the USA/UK........and their dogs.


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