India should follow itself, and find itself

The fascist Hitler loving RSS are important, because they are the spiritual guide to the ruling BJP, and the obstacle that sabotaged many a forwarding thinking and looking BJP initiatives under the maths professor Vajpayee government of 1998-2003.

That the RSS have greater power within the new BJP government is a problem. It is a bigger problem if the BJP party was brought into power by foreign powers (who expect greater aggression by India against Pakistan and China)

We hope Modi understand that he wasn't voted into power so that he could pick fights with Pakistan and China.

Couple of random pieces of wisdom, for what they are worth:

RELIGION, any religion does not maketh a great nation......RACE does.....CULTURE does...amongst other things. Religion is irrelevant in a MODERN STATE. Religion is for poor uneducated people.

Great successful nations are made by great ultra-patriotic leaders.....who don't shuffle around the world looking at their friends off shore bank accounts.

Excellent government policies which boost and compliment the nations development....Japan's success since 1945 has nothing to do with the so-called FREE TRADE or FREE MARKETS, but the careful planning by the bureaucrats in the government. THEY targeted specific industries for development and export....mostly successfully with some famous mistakes.

Effective management of the resources of the state directed into the right things.....especially for a developing country ....INFRASTRUCTURE and INDUSTRY. The big question is how does the central government create an efficient tax system which raises the tax to GDP ratio from the current poultry 13% to 30%. How does the BJP get its hands on the $2--8 trillion off-shore black money, and bring it back home? How does the BJP get its hands on the $4--8 trillion in-shore black money, inside India?

Not a gimmicky slogan government, but an effective efficient government which delivers on what it says.

India is a fabulously rich country, which for much of history, before the evil British Empire arrived was either the richest nation on earth or the second richest behind China. 25% of global manufacturing took place in India up until 1750....China 38%.

India now is the third richest nation on earth with a PPP GDP of $5.5 trillion (2014)........behind both the USA at $18 trillion and China.

But there are an awful lot of Indians who are very poor...850 million of them....you see them every where. Government statistics cannot hide them. RELIGION has nothing to do with this.

Cries of belt up around the tricolour....Hindutva ......and Vande Mataram isn't enough.....if only it was that easy.

Going back to the British, I know an awful lot of Hindus are grateful for delivering them from the clutches of the so called 1000 year old Muslim rule....but this is misguided and its an over propagandized MYTH. The majority of India at least over 60% was under Hindu rule when the Evil British empire arrived on the scene. Yes the British Empire did loot the country of between $1--2 trillion. But that was not all. They destroyed Indian industry, and large parts of the traditional Indian society............they produced an elite of Anglophile Macauley Brown Sahibs who have been the MAIN CAUSE of India's failure....their bodies are in India, but their Soul, heart and MONEY is in the West.

Vivekanda addressed this issue as I recall in relation to the nature and quality of Indian education...when you do not know yourself, your culture, your history.....but only pay lip service to it...then you are LOST.

The Japanese would never celebrate the evil British empire..... through association with the Commonwealth.... Even though they are managed by the USA, especially the elections which brought the LDP to power within a defacto one party state...but officially they don't bow to the American empire in the same way as 'Independent' India does to the British Empire.

Japan does not beg for money but gives out $10 billion each year............India begs for money $4 billion, despite being the third richest nation on earth. No great nation has developed through begging...which lines the pockets of corrupt government officers mostly.

It is not the masses of India who are wanting, but the Anglophile elite of India. The hard working honest masses of India don't need lofty, platitudes of Pabulum to sooth the troubled ear.

Tagore said LOOK EAST.......Look to Japan for Inspiration, but I say that India must find direction and inspiration from within itself. India must know its own strengths.


India should follow Japan, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat says

What's with Japan and the right-wing's fascination with it? It is not just PM Narendra Modi who has been cozying up to the eastern nation ever since his chief ministerial days. Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat, too, believes India can grow "only when it will follow the Japanese".

Addressing around 5,000 students and RSS workers on the last day of the three-day "Yuva Sankalp Shivir" in Agra, Bhagwat referred to a book titled 'The Incredible Japanese' and said, "Even if all Indians just read the nine points, on the book's last page, about the character of the Japanese, no one will be able to defeat them (Indians)."

"United States ruined Japan with nuclear weapons (in 1945). The country suffered huge losses of wealth and manpower. Still, it rose (back to its former glory) in just 30 years. Indians were only plundered by the British 70 years ago. We had the manpower but we could not rise in the absence of a common goal. If we want to rise, we must take lesson from Japan," sarsanghchalak Bhagwat said.
  "Indians don't have unity. We have many languages, many religions and many gods. Look at Englishmen, they speak one language, worship one god and believe in one religion. Indians must remember that it is Hindutva which gave birth to Indian culture and those who ridicule Hinduism will never be able to rise."

    Bhagwat urged all students at the camp to read 'The Incredible Japanese' and learn from it.

Elaborating on the nine points in the book, Bhagwat said, "The book says Japan rises as the common man of the country is patriotic. It rises as he is ready to serve the nation. It rises as the common man is ready to bear losses for his or her country. The Japanese society is disciplined and they think for the development of others along with their own."

    The RSS chief said that the organization was inculcating patriotism among youths, who are the backbone of the country. He also appreciated PM Narendra Modi's "Swachh Bharat" campaign and said that small things lead to bigger changes.