Food production and distribution

The value of agricultural production in India is $1000 billion.........employing maybe 350 million people, depending on what one terms employment...children, mothers etc.

The primary problem of agriculture in India is twofold:

There are not enough food processing factories to package and take them to the customers........an awful lot of food in India rot and are wasted due to lack of food processing. India needs at least 10,000--20,000 food processing factories IN or near the actual sites for agricultural production. But this has never been a priority for any government....especially Congress.

The other problem is related to INFRASTRUCTURE........transporting the agricultural products to the cities and other such venues. India needs a vast fleet of refrigerated VANS and TRAIN COMPARTMENTS to take the food in hot India to their destinations in fresh pristine conditions....so better rail and road systems with the compliment of more Tata refrigerated vans and train compartments.
Finally India needs more supermarkets and mass food market outlets in cities where food is more readily available.

It is a sad cruel irony that in a country that is such a huge successful food producer, a significant percentage of its food is exported (a low value export of mostly under developed countries).....whilst another significant percent rot, whilst 400---850 million Indians eat only one meal of white rice per day.

I understand that self sacrifice and fasting is strong in India, but this takes the cake of logic and cruelty.


India is a major agricultural products exporter but children here remain stunted, experts say